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Every week we feature interviews with interesting or newsworthy authors, pundits, experts, politicians and celebrities, from Pittsburgh Tribune-Review columnist Bill Steigerwald. Bill gets right to the point with a crisp question and answer format that sets him apart from other columnists.

Bill Steigerwald, born and raised in Pittsburgh, is a former L.A. Times copy editor and free-lancer who also worked as a docudrama researcher for CBS-TV in Hollywood before becoming an associate editor and columnist for the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. A father of five and a long-time libertarian, he once identified himself at the end of a column as a lapsed Catholic who believes peaceful individuals, markets and society should be as free as possible and governments should be so small, poor and weak that no one interested in money or power would want to enter politics. He's against the War on Drugs, the War on Poverty and the War on Iraq. And he tries to stay out of bars and government buildings as much as he can. He can be reached at

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5/2/2013 The LA Times -- Before it Became The Titanic
12/28/2012 America The Mostly Beautiful
12/13/2012 Telling the Truth About Charley
10/17/2012 Two Big Government Guys Debate
12/16/2009 GP Bear Goes to Washington – Parts 1 through12 the end
12/14/2009 GP Bear Goes to Washington – Parts 1 through 8
12/13/2009 GP Bear Goes to Washington – Parts 1 through 6
12/12/2009 GP Bear Goes to Washington – The True Story of a Freedom Loving Carnivore
12/12/2009 GP Bear Goes to Washington -- The True Story of a Freedom-Loving Carnivore
12/11/2009 “GP Bear Goes to Washington -- Part 1”
9/21/2009 Sticking Pittsburgh With the G-20 -- Opinion
8/18/2009 Remembering Robert Novak -- Interview
8/15/2009 Polar Bear BS -- Opinion
7/20/2009 Cronkite and Me -- Opinion column
6/20/2009 It's Time for Social Security Choice -- Opinion
6/6/2009 Chasing Old Ghosts Through the New South
5/15/2009 Good Luck on Sweeping Health Care Reform Mr President -- Interview
5/8/2009 Arnold's Brave Call for a Pot Debate -- Interview With Ethan Nadelmann
5/2/2009 Larry Kudlow Resists Obama's War on Capitalism -- Interview
4/24/2009 Anatomy of a 'Meltdown' -- Interview With Thomas Woods
4/21/2009 Talking Climate Change With Anthony Watts -- Interview
4/10/2009 Life and Death in the Google Age -- Interview With Jeff Jarvis
4/3/2009 Can Obama Win in Afghanistan -- Interview
3/30/2009 How to End Drug Violence -- Interview With Jeffrey Miron
3/15/2009 My Last Words -- Opinion
3/13/2009 Catching Up With Karl Rove -- Interview
3/6/2009 George Will -- Cool on Warming hot on baseball Interview
3/2/2009 Mr 'Total Conservative' -- Interview With Mike Huckabee
2/27/2009 Rushmore Redo -- Interview With Ivan Eland
2/20/2009 Missile defenses in Eastern Europe -- Interview with Baker Spring
2/13/2009 The Future of Health Care -- Interview With John Goodman
2/11/2009 Teresa Heinz Kerry's Radical Giving -- Interview With Ben Johnson
2/6/2009 A Nation Immune to Global Warming Hysteria -- Opinion
1/30/2009 We Don't Need No Stinkin' Bailout -- Interview with Fox's Cody Willard
1/25/2009 Liberals in Love -- Interview With Bernie Goldberg
1/23/2009 What Republicans Must Do -- Interview with Andrea Tantaros
1/19/2009 California bleedin' -- Opinion
1/16/2009 Ted Sorensen offers Obama advice -- Interview
1/13/2009 BHO should crib from RWR's inaugural not FDR's -- Opinion
1/9/2009 Inaugural Hits Misses -- Interview
1/2/2009 The Gamble in Gaza -- Interview With Aaron David Miller
12/30/2008 Getting Books Right – Interview With Marji Ross President of Regnery Publishing
12/26/2008 The Year in Quotes -- Interviews from 2008
12/19/2008 Dishonest Abe -- Interview with Thomas DiLorenzo
12/17/2008 Six Books for Christmas
12/8/2008 Bring on the Organ Market Mr Obama - Opinion column
12/5/2008 Handicapping Obama -- Interview with Bill Sammon of Fox News
11/28/2008 Memories of a neocon -- Interview with Ben Wattenberg
11/21/2008 Bill Bennett to GOP Let's Get to Work -- Interview
11/14/2008 Don't Bail Out the Big 3 -- Interview With Dan Ikenson
11/8/2008 Yes You Can Try -- Opinion
10/25/2008 Our Laughable Elections System -- Interview With John Fund
10/21/2008 Handicapping the Race in Western Pennsylvania -- Opinion
10/17/2008 The Price of Excess -- Interview with Russell Roberts
10/17/2008 Joe the Plumber Doesn't Need a License -- Opinion
10/10/2008 John McCain Can Still Win -- Interview With Pat Buchanan
10/3/2008 Why the Bailout Is a Crock -- Opinion
10/3/2008 The Government Failed Us -- Interview With Glen Meakem
9/30/2008 Supreme Satire -- Interview With Christopher Buckley
9/26/2008 No Cheers for the Bailout -- Ron Paul Interview
9/21/2008 Bill Maher's Nasty Circus of the Stars -- Opinion
9/19/2008 Greed Is Not Good -- Interview with MSNBC's Erin Burnett
9/13/2008 Why Team Obama Won't Win Pennsylvania -- Opinion
9/12/2008 Chatting up Tucker Carlson -- Interview
9/5/2008 Executive Experience Is a Joke -- Opinion
9/5/2008 McCain Palin Can Join the Club -- Interview with Pat Toomey
9/2/2008 Barack Obama for Real -- Interview with David Freddoso
8/29/2008 Michelle Bernard Looks for the Right McCain -- Interview
8/25/2008 America the Spoiled -- Opinion
8/22/2008 Is Denver Ready for the Dems -- Interview
7/28/2008 The Great Garet Garrett -- Interview with Bruce Ramsey
7/25/2008 Government Is Our Problem -- Opinion
7/18/2008 Our Sorry Economy -- Interview with Allan Meltzer
7/14/2008 Unhappy 35th Birthday, DEA -- Opinion Column
7/12/2008 Explaining Fannie Freddie -- Interview
7/8/2008 A Page of Books - NEW BOOK REVIEWS
7/3/2008 Our 'Founding CEO' -- Interview With Richard Brookhiser
6/27/2008 Your Right to Bear Arms -- Interview with Bob Levy
6/13/2008 The Boilerplate and Brilliance of Barack Obama -- Interview
6/9/2008 Big Oil Fights Big Media's Attacks -- Opinion
6/6/2008 Will Big Media Look at Obama and His Leftwing Influences -- Interview With Cliff Kincaid
6/1/2008 Big Media Ignores Young Obama's Leftist Mentors -- Opinion
6/1/2008 The Bankruptcy of Mass Transit -- Interview With Wendell Cox
5/30/2008 A light rail at Big Transit -- Opinion
5/30/2008 Remembering John Galbraith's Attack on Affluence -- Opinion
5/23/2008 Words of War -- Interview with Victor Davis Hanson
5/16/2008 Bob Barr Leaps in as a Libertarian -- Interview
5/9/2008 Taking Out The Junk -- Interview With Steven Milloy
4/28/2008 Good Coalition Bad Coalition -- Interview With Grover Norquist
4/25/2008 Lessons from the Mortgage Mess -- Interview
4/18/2008 John Zogby Polls Pennsylvania's Primary -- Interview
4/11/2008 The 3 Trillion $ War -- Interview
4/8/2008 If Al Gore Had Won in 2000 -- A Column
4/4/2008 Hillary's Last Chance -- Interview With Howard Fineman
4/3/2008 Al Regnery Conservative Idea Man -- A Column
3/31/2008 Memo to Barack -- How to Win the Pa Primary
3/28/2008 The Spies Among Us -- Interview with Pete Earley
3/21/2008 Second Amendment Optimism -- Interview with Robert Levy
3/14/2008 Mother Russia Is a Bear -- An Interview with Edward Lucas
3/14/2008 Steve Forbes Says Stop the Dollar's Free Fall -- An Interview
3/14/2008 Bringing John Adams Back to Life
3/9/2008 HBO's 'John Adams' Doesn't Go Hollywood -- Interview With David McCullough
3/9/2008 Elizabeth Kolbert's Alarming Global Warming Sermon -- Opinion
3/3/2008 Cool News About Global Warming
2/27/2008 William F Buckley -- A Nov 14 2007 Interview
2/22/2008 Brian Wesbury Sees No Recession Ahead -- Interview
2/15/2008 Health care its cure -- Interview with Regina Herzlinger
2/10/2008 Seeing the Reagan in Obama -- Opinion
2/8/2008 The Last Contested Convention -- Interview With Ed Meese
2/3/2008 Lunch With Three Polar Bears - Opinion
1/31/2008 Economic Fallacies - Interview with Thomas Sowell
1/25/2008 David Frum Says Conservatives Can Make a Comeback -- Interview
1/23/2008 Step Up Barack and Oppose the Drug War - Opinion Column
1/18/2008 Why the Sky Is Not Falling -- an Interview
1/11/2008 John Norquist and the Lessons of School Choice -- Interview
1/4/2008 Ron Paul Before He Became Famous -- An Interview
1/4/2008 Pakistan's Crucial Election -- An Interview
12/31/2007 Ron Paul's Glorious Drive for Freedom
12/28/2007 The Best of 2007 -- Interviews
12/14/2007 Out of Traffic Chaos Safety and Sanity -- Opinion
12/7/2007 Why We Shop -- An Interview With Paco Underhill
12/1/2007 We Need More Agendas Amateurs and Plants at the Debates -- Opinion
11/30/2007 Pat Buchanan Reckons There's Trouble Ahead -- an Interview
11/29/2007 Chasing the Ghost of Anya -- An opinion Feature
11/23/2007 When the Cold War Came to Los Angeles -- opinion column
11/18/2007 William F Buckley Jr on Conservatism -- an Interview
11/11/2007 Good Hunting --- An Interview
11/2/2007 Meet the Anti-Planner -- Interview With Randal O'Toole
10/30/2007 Big Media Can Only See Green on Global Warming -- Opinion
10/26/2007 Behind the California Wildfires with Dr Reese -- An Interview
10/19/2007 Global Warming's Inconvenient Truths -- an Interview with Fred Singer
10/15/2007 Stop the Failed Drug War -- Opinion Column
10/12/2007 Fixing Up the Constitution -- an Interview
10/9/2007 Mary O'Grady Keeps an Eye on the Americas -- an Interview
10/5/2007 Welome to the Nanny State -- an Interview
10/1/2007 The Incredible James Hansen -- Opinion Column
9/28/2007 'Indoctrinate U' -- Interview With Producer Thor Halvorssen
9/21/2007 Why LOST Should Be Stopped -- An Interview
9/14/2007 Capturing Don Rumsfeld -- An Interview
9/13/2007 How The Swiss Do Health Care - Opinion Column
9/7/2007 Are Our 37 Million Poor Really Poor?
8/31/2007 Uh-oh Canada - Opinion Column
8/31/2007 Joel Kotkin Debunks the Myth of Deindustrialization - Interview
8/24/2007 Consulting With Allan Meltzer an Interview
8/17/2007 John Lott Loves Markets
8/13/2007 Cool It - Interview with Bjorn Lomborg
8/7/2007 Watts Rattles Global Warming Theologians
8/6/2007 It's The Sun Stupid - Opinion Column
7/27/2007 The Key to Winning Iowa Is Electability
7/23/2007 Light from the 'Prince of Darkness' -- Interview
7/14/2007 Peak Al Gore - Opinion Column
7/13/2007 Myron Cope on Sports - An Interview
7/8/2007 The Wall Street Journal's Take on Immigration
6/29/2007 A Supreme Victory for Fairness - An Interview
6/22/2007 The State of Our Airline Industry - An Interview
6/18/2007 How Hot Was It -- Really
6/15/2007 Remembering the Great Depression - An Interview
6/8/2007 Why Not Global Free Market For Workers Opinion Column
6/8/2007 Carl Bernstein and the Real Hillary Clinton -- An Interview
6/1/2007 Standing Up For Big Oil - opinion column
6/1/2007 None Dare Call It Amnesty - interview
5/30/2007 The Gipper Would Know What To Do - Opinion Column
5/25/2007 It's Amnesty Folks - Interview
5/21/2007 Principled Paul - Opinion Column
5/18/2007 Michael Barone Finds Americans on the Move - Interview
5/11/2007 Why Voters Vote the Way They Do
5/10/2007 Detoxifying DDT - Opinion Column
5/3/2007 Derby Day - Interview
4/30/2007 Ayaan Hirsi Ali -- Defiant Infidel Interview
4/27/2007 Taking a Multimedia Road to Freedom - Interview
4/20/2007 R Emmettt Tyrrell's 'Clinton Crack-Up'
4/13/2007 Martyn Burke Strikes Back Against PBS
4/6/2007 India Rising
4/2/2007 Getting the GOP Back to Basics
3/23/2007 Brent Bozell’s Sense of Balance
3/16/2007 Talking Freedom With Neal Boortz
3/9/2007 New Hampshire Is Ready
3/2/2007 Dinesh D'Souza Takes Hits Left and Right
2/24/2007 Rise of the Radical Libertarians
2/16/2007 Revitalizing Republicans
2/9/2007 A Skeptic's Take on Global Warming
2/2/2007 'Crusader' Reagan
2/2/2007 Bankers vs Terrorists
1/26/2007 Decongesting America
1/19/2007 The Busy World of Newt Gingrich
1/12/2007 Michael Beschloss Knows His Presidents
1/5/2007 PJ O'Rourke's Adam Smith for Dummies
1/5/2007 Major Garrett Assesses Nancy Pelosi's New House
1/2/2007 Quotes of 2006
12/22/2006 Father Sirico's gift-giving tips
12/15/2006 Rebuilding the GOP's House
12/8/2006 Time Magazine's Man in Cairo
12/8/2006 Jeane J Kirkpatrick Looks Askance at the UN
12/1/2006 Back to Socialism in Central Europe
11/24/2006 Beware the United Nations
11/17/2006 Milton Friedman's Lifelong Fight for Freedom
11/10/2006 Tales of Mass Transit Boondogglery
11/3/2006 Joe Trippi Predicts a Bad Day for the GOP
10/31/2006 Lou Dobbs Is Hopping Mad
10/20/2006 Debriefing Liam Fox Britain's 'Shadow Defense Minister'
10/13/2006 Richard Allen Says It'sTime to Get Tough in Korea
10/6/2006 It's a bad year to be a Republican
10/2/2006 Conservatives Take Wrong Turn On Education - McCluskey Interview
9/22/2006 Juan Williams Has Had 'Enough'
9/15/2006 Ruth Reichl on the Politics of Food
9/8/2006 Lee Hamilton and the Lessons of 9/11
9/1/2006 Eric Burns Watches the News
8/25/2006 Pat Buchanan's Plan to Save American Civilization
8/18/2006 How Goes the War on Terrorism
8/4/2006 What's Next for Cuba
7/28/2006 David Horowitz Illuminates the Shadow Party
7/21/2006 The State of World Affairs
7/14/2006 Peter Beinart Says Only Liberals Can Win the War on Terror
7/7/2006 What's Up With North Korea
6/30/2006 Debriefing Ollie North
6/23/2006 Ed Klein re-Exposes Hillary
6/16/2006 Dan Senor Says It's No Time to Leave Iraq
6/9/2006 Larry Kudlow CNBC's Happy Economist
6/2/2006 My Brother the Israeli Prime Minister
5/26/2006 Securing the Texas Border Is Not Easy
5/19/2006 John Stossel Myth-buster
5/12/2006 Graduation Non-Advice From Penn Jilllette
5/5/2006 Unions Want Congress to End Secret Ballot
4/26/2006 Remembering the Great Jane Jacobs
4/26/2006 When Tony Snow Was a Pundit
4/21/2006 What Would Donald Rumsfeld Do?
4/21/2006 Global Confusion
4/14/2006 Kevin Phillips and 'American Theocracy'
4/7/2006 An insider's look at immigration with Steven Camarota
3/31/2006 Daniel Pipes on the War in Iraq
3/24/2006 It'sTime to Partition Iraq
3/22/2006 Global Warming Journalism
3/17/2006 David Horowitz profiles Big Lefties on Campus
3/10/2006 Back To Conservatism With Ed Feulner
3/3/2006 Bay Buchanan at the Border
2/17/2006 Catching up with Sean Hannity
2/10/2006 T Boone Pickens and the Myth of Oil Independence
2/7/2006 Wising Up Journalists To Econ 101
2/3/2006 The Wage Gap Is Relative
1/28/2006 Expect Nothing New - State Of The Union
1/27/2006 State of the Noonan
1/20/2006 John Murtha Bush should listen more
1/16/2006 Global Warming Agitprop
1/13/2006 Inside the Beltway with Kate O'Beirne
1/11/2006 Ben Franklin turns 300
1/6/2006 Christopher Hitchens and the War in Iraq
12/30/2005 Munich Is No Schindler's List
12/30/2005 Tom Bethell Takes on Bad Science
12/23/2005 Highlights of 2005
12/19/2005 Iran Is The Real Threat To Peace- Corrected
12/16/2005 Iran is the Real Threat to Peace
12/9/2005 Talking with Tony Snow
11/25/2005 Max Boot On the right track in Iraq
11/18/2005 The Drill on ANWR from Interior Secretary Norton
11/11/2005 Talking markets with West Winger Lawrence O'Donnell
11/4/2005 Election Report with Michael Barone
10/28/2005 Inside the Constitution with Ed Meese
10/21/2005 Meet Mallard Fillmore's Father
10/14/2005 Arnaud de Borchgrave's Big World
10/13/2005 It's Not Easy Being Libertarian
10/7/2005 Judge Napolitano: Civil libertarian in the Fox house
9/30/2005 Geography Matters
9/23/2005 Star Parker: New Orleans And The Welfare State
9/20/2005 Potter For Peace Does Business In War Zone
9/16/2005 Celebrating Constitution Week
9/9/2005 The War According to Michael Yon
9/2/2005 An Unhappy Day for Labor
8/26/2005 The Enduring Influence of Hayek
8/22/2005 Larry Diamond -- Our 'Squandered Victory' in Iraq
8/14/2005 Arthur Laffer -- The Happy Supply-Sider
8/5/2005 Jeff Flake Passing Up the Highway Pork
7/29/2005 Joel Kotkin The State of Our Cities
7/22/2005 Pennsylvania Politics Bill Scranton Wants to be Governor in 2006
7/22/2005 Cooling it on Global Warming
7/15/2005 Separating News and State
7/14/2005 Tucker Carlson Talks
7/14/2005 Ed Klein throws the book at Hillary
7/14/2005 Explaining the Holocaust
7/14/2005 Manny Miranda On The Court
7/14/2005 South Park Conservatives

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