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Rick Jensen Biography and Archive

Rick Jensen is Delaware’s Award-Winning Conservative Talk Show Host, and his show streams live on from 1pm – 4pm EST. Contact Rick at

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3/26/2015 Cruz 'Hopey Changey' for Conservatives
3/19/2015 Bibi Reveals Obama's Hypocrisy
3/13/2015 Obama Screws the Middle Class Again
2/26/2015 Secret Benefits to Stupid Comments
2/19/2015 Big Government and Fat Taxes
2/12/2015 The Fall of the Southern Poverty Law Center
2/6/2015 The Left, Right and Middle Case Against Loretta Lynch
1/29/2015 Obama's 529 Tax Break Debacle
1/23/2015 Ted Cruz and Climate Change
1/16/2015 It's Always About Hitler
1/9/2015 Liberal Media Dogs Palin
12/26/2014 Never Take Gun Advice From a Liberal
12/19/2014 GOP Helping Farmers Not Investment Banks
12/12/2014 Cigarette Taxes Killed Eric Garner
12/5/2014 Obama's Lobbyist Problem
11/28/2014 You Did This, Bill Cosby
11/21/2014 Liberal Hypocrisy Begins With XL
11/13/2014 Could Obamacare Architect Be Prosecuted For His Deceit?
11/7/2014 Will Republicans Govern or Squander?
10/30/2014 Democrats Still Hate Dirty, Greedy Businesses
10/23/2014 The Problem with Obama and Czars
10/16/2014 It's Time to Back a Different Team
10/9/2014 President Obama Has Lost Our Trust
10/2/2014 Republicans Need to Think Bigger and Smarter
9/25/2014 Occupy Climate?
9/18/2014 Where Are Obama's War Protesters?
9/11/2014 Hard to Trust Obama on Islamic State
9/4/2014 Do Celebs Really Need the FBI?
8/21/2014 What is Ferguson Really About Now?
8/14/2014 Who is Hillary talking to?
8/7/2014 What Do You Actually Know About ISIS?
7/31/2014 Democrats Want Obama Impeached?
7/24/2014 No Inflation? Another Liberal Lie
7/17/2014 Democratic Scandal Brings Obama to Delaware
7/10/2014 A 'Sudden' Crisis Obama Has Know About for Years
7/3/2014 Forget Hobby Lobby - This is the Real Scandal
6/19/2014 Liberal Media Bias is Alive and Well
6/12/2014 Poor, Poor Hillary
6/5/2014 Obama's Amateurish Trade Could Harm Americans
5/29/2014 Mental Illness and Mass Killings
5/22/2014 Obama's Predictable Response to VA Problems
5/15/2014 Dems Fundraising Off Benghazi, Too
5/8/2014 A New Angle to Benghazi: Gunrunning
5/1/2014 No Room in America for a 'Plantation Mentality'
4/25/2014 Jeb's Awkward Entry into the 2016 Presidential Race
4/17/2014 Baseball Icon Joins the Liberal Echo Chamber
4/11/2014 Fair Pay, Unfair Demagoguery
4/3/2014 The Premature Obamacare Victory Lap
3/27/2014 What Will Unionized Athletes Mean for Colleges?
3/20/2014 Obama Policy Keeping Homeless People on the Street
3/13/2014 The 2016 Candidate the Media Has Forgotten About
3/6/2014 There are Better Ways to Cut Military Spending
2/27/2014 Confronting the Left on Obamacare Premiums
2/21/2014 Washington Looking More and More Like Hollywood
2/13/2014 Fighting Back Against the NSA
2/6/2014 Inequality Hurting Upward Mobility? Not So Much.
1/30/2014 Liberals Say the Funniest Things... Sometimes
1/23/2014 Despite Ridicule, Conservative Ideas Gaining Support
1/16/2014 Yes Virginia There is a Liberal Press
1/9/2014 Talking points to support failing Obamacare
1/2/2014 The Big Puff: Obama's Shrinking Deficit
12/27/2013 Are Statements by 'Duck Dynasty' Patriarch Truly Homophobic
12/19/2013 Is it Time to Shut Down the NSA
12/13/2013 The Liberals who Killed Jimmy Stewart
12/5/2013 Close Enough for Government Work
11/21/2013 You Can Keep Your Lie If You Want To
11/14/2013 The Death of Personal Freedom
11/7/2013 Ideology and the 'Men of Reason'
10/31/2013 President 'I Know Nothing' Obama
10/24/2013 The NFL Sees Green in Pink
10/17/2013 The Epic Failure of Obamacare
10/10/2013 Obama, the Shutdown and 'Rules for Radicals'
10/3/2013 Obamacare's Orthodoxy of Faith
9/26/2013 Obama Tries Out the Clinton Two-Step
9/19/2013 Obama's Problem With Tone
9/12/2013 The Syria Speech President Obama Should Gave Delivered
9/5/2013 Obama Throwing an International Temper Tantrum
8/29/2013 Should the US Engage in Syria?
8/22/2013 Obama's Muslim Brotherhood Problem
7/26/2013 Press Dangerously Distorts Facts About Zimmerman
7/18/2013 Napolitano Lands a Job She's Actually Qualified For
7/11/2013 Praising a Biden on Guns
7/4/2013 The Meaning of Religious Freedom
6/27/2013 Obama Created Edward Snowden
6/20/2013 Why Was Ex-Marine Brandon J Raub Held in a Psych Ward?
6/13/2013 Democrats OK With Obama Spying on You, not Bush
6/6/2013 Institutional 'solutions' to school violence are bureaucratic failures
5/30/2013 Obama and the Media Biting the Hand that Feeds Him
5/23/2013 Richard Milhous Obama
5/16/2013 Obama's History of Intimidation and Duplicitous Behavior
5/9/2013 Do We Still Need the Department of Education?
5/2/2013 The Slippery Slope of Gender Identity
4/25/2013 Liberals Only Seem to Care When Kids Are Killed By Bullets
4/18/2013 Liberal Media Already Knows Marathon Bomber is a 'Right Winger'
4/11/2013 Liberal Media Overlooks Case of Murdering Abortionist
4/4/2013 Has Your State Stolen Money From You Without You Knowing?
3/28/2013 Bipartisan Buffoonery
3/21/2013 Cutting the Budget of the Department of Everything
3/14/2013 Son of Sequester!
3/7/2013 Grief-Stricken Liberals Mourn Hugo Chavez
2/28/2013 Obama's Sequester Two-Step
2/21/2013 Bloomdoggle - 'Green' Energy Company Paid Workers in Pesos
2/14/2013 Delaware Shooting Illustrates Meaningless of Gun Control Laws
2/7/2013 Obama Skeets the Truth
1/31/2013 Amnesty Only Encourages More Illegal Immigration
1/23/2013 Four More Years of Magical Thinking
1/17/2013 Democrats See Political Opportunity in Newtown Deaths
1/10/2013 Media Bias Over Hurricane Sandy Relief Pork
1/4/2013 Paying Down Our Debt
12/27/2012 Charities Need Your Help All Year Round
12/12/2012 In Need Of A Beer Summit Following Assault Of Fox News Correspondent
12/7/2012 The Democratic Party's Ministry of Truth
11/30/2012 The Filibuster and Harry Hypocrite Reid
11/20/2012 Conservative Post-Election Thankfulness
11/15/2012 Liberal Lenny Explains Obama Voter Irregularities

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