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Michael Reagan

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Michael is the son of former President Ronald Reagan and Academy Award Winning Actress Jane Wyman. He authored many successful books including his best-selling autobiography, "On the Outside Looking In," and "The Common Sense of An Uncommon Man: The Wit, Wisdom and Eternal Optimism of Ronald Reagan." His book "Twice Adopted" is based on his personal story. His newest book, “Lessons My Father Taught Me: The Strength, Integrity, and Faith of Ronald Reagan” is in book stores now. He is a popular national speaker on issues related to conservative politics, adoption, and the life lessons he learned from his father Ronald Reagan and his mother, actress Jane Wyman. Michael hosted a live radio show for over 26 years, which was the first nationally syndicated long form political talk show presented by Premiere Radio Networks. Michael is also the founder and chairman of The Reagan Group. All of his activities are brought together at

Throughout his career, Michael has taken time to support numerous charitable organizations. In addition to his role as president of The Reagan Legacy Foundation, he serves on the board of The John Douglas French Alzheimer's Foundation and is a board member and the national spokesperson for My Stuff Bags Foundation, a unique program that addresses some of the immediate physical and emotional needs of children rescued from abuse and neglect. In 2005, he established the Michael Reagan Center for Advocacy and Research in partnership with Arrow Child and Family Ministries. The center operates from a Christian worldview and conducts research in order to effectively advocate for public policies that benefit the safety, stability and well-being of children and families, particularly those served by public and private child welfare systems. Michael has raised millions of dollars for many other notable charities including United States Olympic Team, Cystic Fibrosis, Juvenile Diabetes Foundations, the Statue of Liberty Restoration Fund, the Santa Barbara and San Diego Navy Leagues, and the San Diego Armed Services YMCA.

Michael has been married for 35 years to Colleen and they have two children – daughter Ashley, a third grade teacher and son Cameron, who is a travel agent.

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3/22/2019 Attack of the Desperate Democrats
3/14/2019 The Cheating Parents of California
3/8/2019 Illegals Hurt Latinos Most
2/28/2019 Michael Reagan on Vacation
2/21/2019 Jussie Smollett's Bad Acting
2/15/2019 Damning the Do-Nothings of Congress
2/8/2019 Some Good Reasons to Chuckle
1/31/2019 Sex Trafficking at the Super Bowl
1/24/2019 President Ocasio-Cortez? No Chance
1/17/2019 Avoiding the shutdown - for fun and laughs
1/11/2019 Trump vs the Crazies
1/3/2019 Son of Flake
12/27/2018 Blame Congress, Not the Border Patrol
12/21/2018 Trump's Last Chance for a Wall
12/13/2018 All is Fair in the War on Trump
12/6/2018 Worthy Asylum Seekers - Or Not
11/29/2018 Bad News From California
11/23/2018 Michael Reagan on Vacation
11/15/2018 Escaping the Politics of Anger
11/9/2018 American Politics and Tragedy
11/1/2018 Birthright Citizenship is Wrong for America
10/25/2018 The Democrats Run on Hate
10/18/2018 Vote Against America, Vote Democrat
10/11/2018 The Party of Evil
10/4/2018 Kavanaugh and the President's Big Mouth
9/28/2018 Assaulting Kavanaugh
9/21/2018 Media Ignores Trump's Economy
9/13/2018 Resistance in the White House
9/6/2018 The Democrats' Sad Circus
8/30/2018 Mr Trump's Good Friend Jeff
8/23/2018 Purging the Church's Predatory Priests
8/16/2018 The Media's Trump Crisis of the Week
8/6/2018 Tweet Presidentially, Mr Trump
8/2/2018 Michael Reagan on Vacation
7/26/2018 A Man of God Sins Against My Father
7/19/2018 Putin Wins, Trump Second, Dems Still Nuts
7/5/2018 The Democrats' Socialist Meltdown
6/28/2018 The Crying Kids Game
6/21/2018 Congress is Broken... and Spineless
6/14/2018 Why Fox News is Number One
6/7/2018 A Chance to Save California?
5/31/2018 Roseanne's Dumb Tweet
5/25/2018 The Democrats' Unimpeachable Stupidity
5/17/2018 They Hate, Trump Wins
5/10/2018 The Deal with Singapore
5/3/2018 Who to Crucify? Trump or Barabbas?
4/26/2018 Presidential Morals
4/19/2018 The Sad State of My California
4/12/2018 Getting Assad's Attention, Reagan Style
4/6/2018 To Opioid Hell and Back
3/30/2018 No Michael Reagan column this week
3/22/2018 Fake Storm
3/15/2018 Trumping the North Korea Naysayers
3/8/2018 Trump's Worst Enemy Strikes Again
3/1/2018 Gun Control Starts at Home
2/22/2018 More Love, Not Gun Control
2/15/2018 It's Still Not Guns
2/9/2018 Obsessed with Trump
2/1/2018 I'm Still Cheering For Trump
1/26/2018 Michael Reagan on vacation
1/11/2018 The GOP Can't Get Burnt on DACA Deal
1/4/2018 Calling Out Congress
12/29/2017 Michael Reagan on vacation
12/21/2017 A Holly Jolly Tax Bill
12/14/2017 Alabama Stupidity
12/7/2017 Crashing the DC Men's Club
11/30/2017 ATT, CNN Merger Doesn't Worry Me Like Sinclair
11/9/2017 Fake News from Virginia
11/2/2017 Cut Taxes, Reagan-style
10/26/2017 Hail, the Queen of Collusion
10/20/2017 Outing the Weinsteins
10/16/2017 Trump Is Right About NBC and Comcast
10/12/2017 Anger in America
10/5/2017 Guns & Politics
9/28/2017 Our Jimmy Kimmel President
9/21/2017 Loving Trump's U.N. Speech
9/14/2017 Why NFL Games are Unwatchable
9/8/2017 Michael Reagan on Vacation This Week
9/1/2017 Helping Houston the American Way
8/25/2017 Trump the Future Democrat
8/17/2017 Learn When to Shut Up, Mr President
8/10/2017 The Follies of Appeasement
8/3/2017 Discipling Trump
7/20/2017 Fake Republicans
7/13/2017 Years of Dishonesty Cost the GOP
7/7/2017 Michael Reagan on Vacation
6/29/2017 Tuning Out the Fake News Media
6/22/2017 I Guess Donald Trump Was Right
6/15/2017 Put the Blame on the Trump Haters
6/8/2017 The White House Needs Office Help
6/2/2017 History Lessons for Hillary and the Anti-Trump Media
5/25/2017 American Tourist Dollars Are Feeding Castro's Human Zoo
5/18/2017 Since Day One, Trump Has Hurt Himself
5/11/2017 Changing the Channel on Congress
5/4/2017 A Dirty Late-Night Joke
4/27/2017 Patience is a (Political) Virtue
4/20/2017 Advice for President Trump
4/13/2017 A Subject the Media Should Cover
3/31/2017 Michael Reagan on vacation
3/23/2017 Ratholes of Washington
3/16/2017 Make the Democrats Own Obamacare
3/9/2017 Making American Sausage
3/2/2017 Channeling Donald Trump
2/24/2017 Lessons My Father Could Teach President Trump
2/16/2017 Rookies in the White House
2/9/2017 Relax, Mr President
2/2/2017 Derailing the Trump Express
1/26/2017 Mr Trump, Don't Build That Wall
1/19/2017 Crashing the Inauguration
1/12/2017 Obama's Lost Legacy
12/29/2016 Cleaning up after 'Third Term' Obama
12/22/2016 To the Old Media - Bah Humbug!
12/15/2016 Why Even Have a Border?
12/8/2016 Trump Right to Worry About AT&T, Time Warner Merger
12/1/2016 A Week of Trumpisms
11/17/2016 The Trump Transition Tizzy
11/11/2016 Get a Grip, Losers
11/3/2016 A Vote for Trump
10/27/2016 Criminal-in-chief Hillary
10/20/2016 Trump Trumps Trump
10/13/2016 Trump vs Hillary - Embarrassment vs Evil
10/6/2016 Perfect Pence
9/29/2016 The Not-so Great Debate
9/22/2016 Let Trump Be Trump
9/15/2016 Hillary and Bill - The Old Couple
9/8/2016 Trump or Hillary or ?
9/1/2016 Helping Trump Isn't Easy
8/25/2016 Trump's Bathwater vs Hillary's
8/18/2016 Trump Needs More Votes, Less Applause
8/11/2016 Trump Blows Himself Up Again
8/4/2016 Shut Up For a Month, Donald
7/28/2016 Forgiving John Hinckley
7/27/2016 Donald Trump, the ADHD Candidate
7/21/2016 We Can't Elect a Liar in Chief
7/14/2016 It's Not the Gun's Fault
7/7/2016 The Clinton Curve
6/30/2016 Job Number One — Destroy ISIS
6/22/2016 Hillary's Expensive Jacket
6/9/2016 Bernie's Army of Freeloaders
6/2/2016 Trump Hits on the Media
5/26/2016 Look Who's Crying Now
5/19/2016 Reagan on Vacation
5/12/2016 Trump Still Needs the GOP
5/5/2016 Lots of Luck, Donald Trump
4/28/2016 Going for Broke with Obamacare
4/21/2016 What Trump People Don't Get
4/14/2016 Paul Ryan's 20-20 vision
4/7/2016 Can Donald Close the Deal in Cleveland?
3/24/2016 Don't Dump on the Primary Process
3/17/2016 Reagan on Vacation
3/3/2016 'Soul Murder' in Altoona
2/25/2016 Get Real Angry Trump Voters
2/17/2016 Party of Reagan or Party of Trump?
2/11/2016 The Trump Lane or the Conservative Lane
2/4/2016 The GOP Did Good in Iowa
1/28/2016 It's the Negativity, Stupid
1/21/2016 The White Actors Matter Academy Awards
1/14/2016 The State of the Union - As Usual
1/6/2016 Joking About Gun Control
12/23/2015 Trumpy Christmas
12/17/2015 Watching the Tuesday Night Fights
12/9/2015 No Such Thing as a Trump Republican
12/3/2015 Wimping Out in Paris
11/25/2015 A Country to Give Thanks For
11/18/2015 Winners, Losers and Leaders
11/12/2015 A Good Republican Slugfest
11/5/2015 Cruel Apprentice Where the Boss Is Fired
10/29/2015 Primary Losers
10/22/2015 It's Choosing Time for the GOP
10/7/2015 Time for Sensible Background Checks
9/30/2015 GOP Can't Win in 2016 by Losing Now
9/23/2015 The Pope's Problem
9/17/2015 Scoring the Great Debate
9/10/2015 Huckabee Plays the Fool
9/2/2015 School Days, School Days
8/27/2015 Trump is All Talk
8/20/2015 It's Time to Take on Trump
8/13/2015 Trump, Trumpies & RINOs Trouble the GOP
8/6/2015 No Sale, Mr. Obama
7/30/2015 Dumb as Trump
7/22/2015 No Outrage From Environmentalists About Pot?
7/16/2015 Donald Trump, Fake Conservative
7/8/2015 Trump Towers in 'First Debate'
7/2/2015 The Confederate Flag Flap
6/25/2015 Whining is For Duffers, Not Pros
6/18/2015 Donald Trump's Circus Act
6/11/2015 Clueless & Planless
6/3/2015 What You Need to Know About Child Molesters
5/28/2015 Conservative Christians Miscount
5/14/2015 Escaping Poverty in Kenya and Baltimore
5/6/2015 Why Baltimore Burned
4/29/2015 Another Cover-Up for the Religion of Peace
4/22/2015 Hillary this. Hillary that. All day long.
4/16/2015 Hillary for America? Why?
4/9/2015 Slow-Motion Justice
4/1/2015 The Democrats Win in Indiana
3/26/2015 Republicans Versus Republicans
3/18/2015 Think of the Children!
3/12/2015 The GOP's Stupid Letter
3/6/2015 Do Citizens Have a Lobby?
2/18/2015 Dumb, Dumber and Dumbest
2/11/2015 Living in Obama World
2/5/2015 The Consequences of Your Vaccination Decision
1/29/2015 Quit Wasting Time on Moore, Maher & Dean
1/22/2015 The State of the Bubble Address
1/15/2015 Monsieur Obama MIA
1/7/2015 Quarterbacking Congress
12/17/2014 A Time for Torture
12/10/2014 It's Not About Race
12/3/2014 Ferguson Won't Go Away
11/25/2014 A 'Do-Nothing' Plan for Republicans
11/19/2014 Pipeline Politics
11/13/2014 The American Public Gets Smart
11/6/2014 Riding the Wave
10/29/2014 Quarantine Questions
10/23/2014 Profile, or Die
10/15/2014 Government Malpractice
10/8/2014 Don't Scare Us, Prepare Us
10/2/2014 'Security Breaches 'R Us'
9/25/2014 Homeland the Beautiful
9/18/2014 Piling on the NFL
9/11/2014 The Media's Lynching of Ray Rice
9/3/2014 Decide Something, Mr President
8/27/2014 Rev. Al Gets It Right
8/20/2014 Over-Covering Ferguson
7/23/2014 Hollywood Liberals Stand Down for Israel
7/16/2014 Honoring Our Fathers
7/9/2014 Stinking Border Politics
7/2/2014 Getting Hobby Lobby Right
6/25/2014 The Obamification of America
6/18/2014 The Hard Lessons of Iraq
6/11/2014 Dear Hillary: Run
6/5/2014 It's Time to Say Thank You to Those that Saved the World
5/28/2014 Mass Murder Knee-Jerks
5/21/2014 Innocence Stolen and Unbridled Abuse
5/15/2014 Angry Conservative Birds Need to Flock Together
5/7/2014 Saving the Children – For Real
4/26/2014 Light of Hope Gala Recognizes Heroes of Child Abuse
4/23/2014 American Proud
4/16/2014 Don't Dump Pennsylvania's Governor
4/9/2014 The Talk Radio Party
4/2/2014 The ObamaMedia High-fives ObamaCare
3/26/2014 Travels with POTUS, FLOTUS and the 'Riddler'
3/21/2014 Swallowed by the Streets: A Child's Innocence in Danger
3/19/2014 Deception 1342 of the Affordable Care Act
3/12/2014 Rand Paul Gets It
3/5/2014 Putin, Petroleum and Pantyhose
2/26/2014 It's the Desert, Stupid
2/19/2014 The Bill & Hillary Blame Game is For Losers
2/12/2014 Obamacare and Work Ethic
1/31/2014 Monsters Hiding in Plain Sight
1/29/2014 Lots of Laughs but Sad Commentary
1/21/2014 The Super Bowl and Sex Trafficking
1/15/2014 Our Clueless President
1/8/2014 Our Irrational Immigration System
12/18/2013 Focus on Winning
12/11/2013 The Truth About Ronald Reagan and South Africa
12/4/2013 Earning Our Trust
11/27/2013 Giving Thanks, Keeping Hope
11/20/2013 Oprah Take Off Those Black-and-White Glasses
11/13/2013 Take Advantage of Obama's Great Gift
10/30/2013 United Against Obamacare
10/23/2013 Take Aim at the Real Enemy
10/16/2013 Weaker by the Week
10/9/2013 Government by Tantrum
10/2/2013 A Blessing for the GOP
9/25/2013 The Cynical Budget Game
9/18/2013 Idiots Against Guns
9/11/2013 A Case of National Whiplash
9/4/2013 Presidential Dithering
8/28/2013 Obama's Blundering Incompetence
8/21/2013 The Butler from Another Planet
7/31/2013 Evil Never Sleeps
7/24/2013 Honest Discussion Needed
7/17/2013 The Zimmerman Soap Opera
7/10/2013 Pay Attention to Egypt
7/3/2013 A Nation of Dummies
6/26/2013 The Race Card
6/19/2013 Mexico Held Back by Corruption
6/12/2013 Father's Day Message
6/5/2013 Reform the Tax Code
5/29/2013 Underreporting in Obamaland
5/22/2013 Weathering the Politicians
5/15/2013 Imagine
5/8/2013 Learn from History
5/1/2013 Out of the Closet and into Identity Politics
4/24/2013 Lessons Learned in Boston
4/17/2013 Gosnell's Clinic of Horrors
4/10/2013 Remembering Margaret Thatcher
4/8/2013 Provocative? Yes. Hateful? No.
4/3/2013 Renew our Founding Principles
3/27/2013 Churches:Time to Fight!
3/20/2013 New Song, New Singers
3/13/2013 A Catholic Pope, Revisited
3/6/2013 Getting Wise to Government Lies
2/27/2013 Get Out of the Weeds
2/20/2013 The Real Answer to the Immigration Question
2/13/2013 State of the Union : Failure
2/6/2013 Pedophilia is the Problem
1/30/2013 Arrogance isn't the Answer
1/23/2013 Mickelson Chokes
1/16/2013 Obama Ignores the Rational Answer
1/9/2013 Junk Laws
1/2/2013 Waiting for the Sequel
12/19/2012 Gun Control Won't Prevent Tragedy
12/12/2012 Misdirected Anger
12/5/2012 Restoring Confidence
11/28/2012 Republican Suckers
11/21/2012 Reaching Out
11/14/2012 GW was MIA
11/7/2012 GOP Turns Sure Victory into Defeat
10/31/2012 A Tale of Two Presidents
10/24/2012 The Me-Me President
10/18/2012 Choose Success
10/10/2012 Romney Can Close the Deal
10/3/2012 The First Debate
9/26/2012 Time to Get Mad
9/19/2012 The Blamer in Chief
9/12/2012 Chevy Volt : Solyndra on Wheels
9/5/2012 Four More Years of Failure?
8/29/2012 Let's Agree to Win
8/15/2012 Paul Ryan : A Bold Smart Choice
8/6/2012 Michael Reagan - God Save Us from King Obama
8/1/2012 Want Hope? Make a Change.
7/18/2012 Don't Eat Campaign Dirt
7/11/2012 There You Go Again
7/4/2012 Where Will Washington Stop?
6/27/2012 Rubio's Time Will Come
6/20/2012 It's Nice to be Emperor
6/13/2012 The Designated Leaker
6/6/2012 GOP Has Latino Options
5/30/2012 The Great Obama Blunder
5/23/2012 White House Website Gone Wild
5/15/2012 Businesses Must Fight
5/9/2012 Only Obama is Better Off
5/2/2012 Destroying the California Dream
4/24/2012 Backward Banking
4/17/2012 Blame Congress for the GSA Scandal
4/10/2012 Not So Fast There, Mr. Obama
3/27/2012 Isn't That Nice?
3/21/2012 Gong, Gong, Gong!
3/14/2012 Saving California
3/7/2012 Cool It, America
2/29/2012 When Will it Stop?
2/21/2012 Whitney's Death Should be a Lesson
2/14/2012 Make a Difference for Foster Children
2/8/2012 A Little More Heat
1/30/2012 Savaging Newt
1/23/2012 They Pick and Choose Which Ox to Gore
1/17/2012 The Emperor Barack
1/11/2012 Some Inconvenient Facts
1/4/2012 Iowa Votes
12/20/2011 Americans Angry at Senate Sycophants
12/13/2011 Has the Right Gone Mad?
12/7/2011 Newt is Right
11/29/2011 Barney Frank : Good Riddance
11/18/2011 Child Rape Deserves the Ultimate Punishment
11/14/2011 Don't Be a Paterno : When a Child is Abused, Here's What to Do
11/8/2011 GOP Field in Flux
11/1/2011 No Shame
10/26/2011 Flat Tax or Flat-Out Dead
10/19/2011 Are They Crazy?
10/12/2011 Pampered Protesters
10/4/2011 Amanda Knox A Cautionary Tale
9/27/2011 Get Serious!
9/20/2011 Hang Together or Hang Alone
9/13/2011 The Truth Will Out
8/31/2011 Professors Don't Have All the Answers
8/24/2011 United States Must Lead in Libya
8/16/2011 Obama Could Learn From Ronald Reagan
8/9/2011 Blame Obama
8/5/2011 Obamanomics :The Gift that Keeps on Giving
7/26/2011 Legal Guns Would Make Norway Safer
7/14/2011 Stop Obama's Attack on Christianity
7/6/2011 History Books Get Gay Makeover
6/29/2011 "Now is Not the Time to Go Wobbly"
6/23/2011 Jon Who?
6/16/2011 The 11th Commandment is Alive and Well
6/8/2011 Anthony Weiner, Hypocrite
6/2/2011 Mr Obama, Stop Your Holy War Against Christian and Jews
5/23/2011 Memo to Arnold and the Media -- There Are No Illegitimate Kids, Just Illegitimate Parents
5/17/2011 An Honored Guest
5/10/2011 NLRB vs Boeing -- Tyranny vs Freedom
5/2/2011 The Day of Reckoning Arrives
4/26/2011 Obama: Running on an Empty Tank
4/19/2011 Ryan vs. Obama
4/12/2011 No CRs in 2012
4/6/2011 The Great Budget Train Wreck
3/29/2011 A So-So Presidential Speech
3/22/2011 Mad Dog of the Middle East
3/8/2011 Mr. President: Lead or Get out of the Way!
3/2/2011 This Isn’t Mere Duplication; It’s Unbridled Idiocy
2/22/2011 Remember PATCO!
2/16/2011 Budget or Card Trick?
2/8/2011 Where the Liberal Money Goes
2/1/2011 Super Bowl:The Untold Story
1/26/2011 Platitudes Platitudes Platitudes
1/19/2011 Ronald Reagan -- Our First Black President?
1/11/2011 A Fool With a Badge is Still a Fool
1/5/2011 Turnabout is Fair Play
12/29/2010 Uncle Sam : Hands off the Internet!
12/22/2010 The Real Outrages
12/16/2010 Kitchen is not a Dirty Word
12/8/2010 Stop, Don't START!
11/30/2010 Call it Treason
11/23/2010 Hands Off
11/17/2010 Off To a Good Start
11/10/2010 Saving the Golden State
11/2/2010 Repeal It Now!
10/27/2010 Ronald Reagan was the Tea Party
10/20/2010 Don't Call Me Madam
10/12/2010 Why Did I Bother?
10/5/2010 It Takes More Than Speechifying
9/27/2010 Lights Out
9/21/2010 Why Does Obama Hate Tax Cuts?
9/15/2010 A Great Awakening
9/8/2010 Got A Problem? Just Spend More Money You Don't Have
8/30/2010 Thanks for the Reminder, Glenn
8/24/2010 Obama Making Everybody Angry
8/17/2010 Obama's Choice: Boy Scouts or Islam
8/11/2010 Let 'Em Eat Soup
8/4/2010 Michael Reagan
7/28/2010 Behind the Leaked Documents
7/21/2010 Anywhere But Here
7/8/2010 The Science of Stupidity
7/1/2010 A Summer of Discontent
6/23/2010 The Hypocrisy of the Left -- A General Crisis
6/20/2010 A Father's Day Message
6/10/2010 An Administration Adrift
6/2/2010 A New Red Storm Rising?
5/27/2010 The Politics of the Gulf Oil Spill
5/19/2010 How Would You Like Your Tea -- Sweetened or Unsweetened?
5/13/2010 The Power of Incumbency ... No More
5/5/2010 Loose Lips Can Still Sink Ships
4/29/2010 Public Pensions -- The Quietly Growing Unfunded Mandate
4/22/2010 Another Assault on Capitalism
4/14/2010 The Diplomacy of Change is Failing America
4/7/2010 Time to Pay the Piper? The First Hint of a European-Style VAT
3/31/2010 Appeal to our Sensibilities
3/24/2010 Game On!
3/18/2010 Life Before Politics
3/10/2010 America's Security Put in Peril by Failing Schools
3/3/2010 Reconciliation -- Playing Parliamentary Games with America's Future
2/24/2010 The Promise of Scott Brown Gone Bad? Not Really ...
2/17/2010 A Grassroots Movement Ronald Reagan Would be Proud Of
2/10/2010 Time to Revolt Against the Revolution
2/3/2010 The Winds of Political Change
1/27/2010 The Second American Tax Revolt
1/20/2010 Today, Brown is Golden
1/13/2010 Haiti : A Country in Need of Our Help
1/6/2010 Terror in the Skies Requires Real Action on the Ground
12/30/2009 A 2010 New Year's Resolution for My Fellow Republicans
12/23/2009 Passage by Pork Rather than Good Public Policy
12/17/2009 The Haze of Copenhagen
12/9/2009 Harry Reid, Uncensored
12/2/2009 Getting it Right? A Half-Hearted Afghanistan Strategy Revealed
11/25/2009 Louisiana Purchase, Part Deux
11/19/2009 Stimulus Equals Deception
11/11/2009 A Lost Message and a Lost Opportunity
11/4/2009 What a Difference a Year Makes!
10/30/2009 Fall of The Berlin Wall Celebration
10/28/2009 A Fresh Change and a New Beginning? The November 2009 Elections
10/21/2009 Afghanistan Guantanamo Bay -- An Administration Without a Plan
10/14/2009 A Prize for Hope
10/8/2009 An Overlooked Crisis
9/30/2009 Time for President Obama to Get Behind the General Consensus on Afghanistan
9/23/2009 Newspaper Profitability -- Is it Critical to our Democracy
9/16/2009 The Politics of Race -- Flames Fanned by a Former President
9/9/2009 When Should a Thousand Words Give Way to Silence
9/3/2009 New Coalitions for a New Age
8/26/2009 The Failure to Administer Justice -- Another Lockerbie Tragedy
8/19/2009 The Passing of a Legend
8/11/2009 America's Wounded Warriors -- Honor Courage and Sacrifice
8/5/2009 Funding the President's Healthcare Program Plans to Increase Middle-Class Taxes
7/30/2009 Acting Without the Facts -- A Presidential Pattern Emerges
7/21/2009 Mr President Keep the Change
7/15/2009 The Upcoming Fight for Life
7/7/2009 Mission Now Accomplished
7/1/2009 New Independence Push -- 233 Years Later
6/24/2009 Mr Gorbachev Would You Please Consider Tearing Down This Wall
6/17/2009 Nationalized Health Care The Tax Shuffle
6/10/2009 Efficient Nationalized Health Care Not So Fast
6/3/2009 The Fight for Life
5/27/2009 The Future of Affirmative Action
5/20/2009 Terminating the Terminator
5/13/2009 Tax Increases -- Coming Soon to a Theater Near You
5/6/2009 Forget Bush, Not Reagan
4/29/2009 Once a Democrat Always a Democrat
4/22/2009 A Couple of Book Reviews
4/15/2009 The Obama Administration Says We're Dangerous Rightwing Extremists
4/8/2009 Mr Obama's Traveling Circus
4/1/2009 Killing The Goose That Lays The Golden Eggs
3/25/2009 Don't Get Angry Get Even
3/18/2009 A World Gone Mad
3/11/2009 Obama's Stem Cell OK Can Kill
3/5/2009 This Tiger Is Not Dead
2/25/2009 Where's the Beef?
2/19/2009 Where the Money Isn't
2/11/2009 Requiem for a Republic
2/3/2009 When Crimes Become Mistakes
1/28/2009 Unclogging the Liberal Pipeline
1/21/2009 Great Orator Poor Speech
1/14/2009 Smart Power or Just Dumb Policy
1/7/2009 Stimulating Bankruptcy and Chaos
12/31/2008 Barack in Limbo
12/23/2008 Hissy Fits from the Left Grumbling from the Right
12/17/2008 If I Were President
12/11/2008 The Daley Machine Goes National
12/3/2008 Christmas is Not a Holiday -- It's a Birthday
11/28/2008 Change is Changing
11/20/2008 Quo Vadis GOP
11/13/2008 The Republican Party is a Grass-Roots Party
11/6/2008 Why McCain Lost
10/29/2008 You Can't be Half-Socialist
10/22/2008 Not The Time For On-The-Job Training
10/16/2008 If The Reagan Era is Dead - Who Killed it?
10/9/2008 Why Ayers Matters
10/1/2008 Whodunit ?
9/24/2008 Get It Right
9/18/2008 Pinning the Tail on the Donkey
9/10/2008 Obama Implodes
9/4/2008 Welcome Back Dad
8/28/2008 A Gathering of Clowns Acrobats and Con Men
8/20/2008 Governing is Above Obama's Pay Grade
8/14/2008 Dreamers vs Realists
8/7/2008 Fight or Die
7/31/2008 It's Mea Culpa Week
7/24/2008 Bush Should Strip Sanctuary Cities of Federal Funds
7/17/2008 The Real Party of Special Interests
7/10/2008 Bye-Bye Jesse
7/3/2008 It's Time for Rage
6/26/2008 Liberty Wins a Big One
6/19/2008 Tear Down That Wall
6/12/2008 McCain Four More Years of Mumbling?
6/4/2008 Is This Our Future?
5/28/2008 A Matter of Loyalty
5/21/2008 Playing the Victim Card
5/14/2008 To The Democrats You're Just a Groupie
5/8/2008 The Other Obama
5/1/2008 Put The Blame Where It Belongs
4/24/2008 Jimmy Carter A National Embarrassment
4/17/2008 Saving the Children is Our Job
4/10/2008 Congressional Democrats The Other Insurgents
4/2/2008 Haditha The Collapse of a Liberal Fiction
3/27/2008 When Travel Is Experience
3/19/2008 It's Not Compassion -- It's Wright-Wing Racism
3/13/2008 We're Picking on the Wrong Perp
3/6/2008 The Emperor Has No Clothes
2/28/2008 McCain Cold-Shoulders Warm-Up Host
2/21/2008 Times Executes a Well-Timed Ambush
2/13/2008 Ronald Reagan Would Back McCain
2/7/2008 Show Us The Shining City On The Hill
1/31/2008 John McCain Hates Me
1/24/2008 Newt A GOP Dark Horse
1/17/2008 Environmental Terrorism and the Price of Oil
1/10/2008 A Party Turned Upside-Down
1/3/2008 Why Huckabee Stumbles and McCain Surges
12/27/2007 Memo to Reid Pelosi Co
12/20/2007 Smart Strategy is No Accident
12/13/2007 Primary Nonsense
12/6/2007 Where's The Shining City
11/28/2007 Child Abuse Worsens as Families Change
11/21/2007 Speak English Get Ahead
11/15/2007 Waving the White Flag
11/9/2007 To Pat Robertson, Rudy Giuliani is the Lesser of Two Evils
10/31/2007 Democrats Get Off Hillary's Back She's All Ours
10/25/2007 Playing the Blame Game
10/18/2007 Promises Promises
10/10/2007 Where's the Fire
10/5/2007 People of Deceit
9/28/2007 It's All About Money
9/20/2007 It's Not Hillarycare It's Hillarycon
9/12/2007 Tough Love -- Remembering My Mom Jane Wyman
9/6/2007 A Few Questions for Fred Thompson
8/29/2007 The Craig Affair Rampant Hypocrisy
8/23/2007 Just Shut Up Go Home and Take Your Kid with You
8/8/2007 The Other Reagan Doctrine Keeping the Lid On
8/2/2007 In The Company of Heroes
7/27/2007 The Hollywood Culture Takes Over
7/19/2007 Danger Democrats at Work
7/12/2007 A Culture War of Words
7/5/2007 Pardon Me But
6/28/2007 Don't Trust Washington
6/21/2007 Be Careful Crossing Kennedy's Bridge
6/14/2007 Going Down with the Ship
6/7/2007 Don't Just Pick A Champion Stand With Him
5/31/2007 Pandermania On The Left
5/24/2007 The Real Ronald Reagan
5/16/2007 Onward Christian Soldiers -- The Jerry Falwell Legacy
5/10/2007 Going Wobbly
5/3/2007 Profiles in Cowardice
4/26/2007 None Dare Call it Sabotage
4/19/2007 Gun Laws Kill
4/12/2007 The Walls Between Thompson and the White House
4/5/2007 National Health Care Can Kill
3/28/2007 Bill Clinton Weakened America
3/22/2007 The Imperial Mr. Gore
3/15/2007 Who Hates America
3/8/2007 Politics Should be a Kid-Free Zone
3/1/2007 An Inconvenient Fraud
2/21/2007 Voyeurism Unleashed
2/15/2007 Casting the First Litmus Stone
2/8/2007 Who Is Blocking What
1/24/2007 Now it's Shawn Hornbeck's Parents Abusing Him
1/18/2007 The Reason Why
1/11/2007 Iraq Getting Down and Dirty
1/4/2007 Wrong Answers
12/28/2006 Death Does Wonders for Legacy
12/21/2006 Running Against the Right Hillary
12/13/2006 Bush Winning or Saving a Legacy
12/7/2006 Feeding the Alligator
11/30/2006 Democrat Iraq Weakness is Bush's Strength
11/24/2006 It's Not a Quagmire It's a Muddle
11/16/2006 Democrats' Suicide Impulse Emerging
11/9/2006 Republicans Lost Because They Lost Their Way
11/1/2006 John Kerry The Kamikaze Kid
10/26/2006 Stem Cell Research - A Little Truth Wouldn't Hurt
10/19/2006 The Outing Game
10/12/2006 Go to the Source for the Facts About the Border Fence
10/5/2006 All Is Not Lost For The GOP
9/27/2006 Let's Dare Call it Treason
9/21/2006 How Many Divisions Has the Pope
9/13/2006 Iraq It's Kill or be Killed
9/6/2006 A Little Straight Talk Wouldn't Hurt
8/29/2006 Katrina Revisited
8/24/2006 English - The Vanishing Language
8/16/2006 A Comedy of Errors
8/9/2006 Decent Men Need Not Apply
8/2/2006 Had Enough
7/26/2006 Shilling for the Enemy
7/19/2006 A Time to Crow
7/13/2006 Democrats Using Dead Americans as Campaign Props
7/6/2006 Stem Cell Research Science or Politics
6/29/2006 Treason on West 43rd Street
6/22/2006 A Time for Rage
6/13/2006 Brothers Under the Skin
6/7/2006 A Message To GW From San Diego Voters
5/31/2006 Replaying Vietnam
5/25/2006 The Divine Right of Congress
5/17/2006 No
5/11/2006 GOP Better Hope It's The Economy Stupid
5/4/2006 Pumping Gas
4/27/2006 Filling Demagogues' Tanks
4/19/2006 It's All Jimmah's Fault
4/12/2006 Illegal Immigration - The Poison Fruit
4/6/2006 The USA - Love It Or Head South
3/29/2006 American Tax Payers Will Pay Any Earthquake Bill
3/22/2006 Let Bush Be Bush
3/15/2006 Don't Do That To Children
3/9/2006 Let's Play Ball
3/1/2006 Who Is A Xenophobe
2/22/2006 Riding Toward A Fall
2/15/2006 Bruised Egos
2/8/2006 Funeral Or Hate Fest
2/2/2006 Congressional Pork and Swinish Behavior
1/25/2006 Driven To Madness
1/18/2006 How To Be Losers
1/11/2006 Stop Talking About Ronald Reagan and Start Acting Like Ronald Reagan
1/4/2006 Jack In The Box
12/29/2005 Democrats Barking Up The Wrong Tree
12/21/2005 Pull A Reagan Mayor Bloomberg
12/15/2005 December 15 2006 - A Time For Rejoicing
12/7/2005 Another Sneak Attack
12/1/2005 Disabled Vets Face a New War
11/23/2005 GOP Thanksgiving Turkey
11/16/2005 Bush Needs To Slug It Out
11/11/2005 Win Lose or Draw
11/2/2005 Let's Play The Liberals' Game
10/28/2005 Put On The Gloves Mr President
10/19/2005 It Wasn't Racism in Toledo; It Was a Thugfest
10/13/2005 Whose Side Are We On
10/5/2005 Farrakhan Ignores The Real Racists
9/29/2005 Stop The Spending - Stop It Now
9/21/2005 The Real Clinton Legacy Chinese Condoms
9/14/2005 A Memorial to Political Correctness
9/7/2005 Will Somebody Say Thank You
8/31/2005 The Blame Game
8/24/2005 Who Does Cindy Really Hate?
8/17/2005 The Chickens Come Home To Roost
8/11/2005 Hatefest In America
8/4/2005 They Do Not Speak Ebonics In Africa
7/28/2005 ACLU vs America
7/21/2005 The Lowdown on a High Court Nomination
7/1/2005 Winning Elections Trumps Winning Wars
6/22/2005 Durbanism At Work
6/16/2005 Michael Jackson Star Power Wins Again
6/9/2005 Not So Fast John Edwards
6/2/2005 A Year Of Memories
5/24/2005 Betrayed By A Gang of Seven
5/18/2005 It Depends On Whose Ox Is Being Gored
5/11/2005 A Word To The Unwise
5/5/2005 It Is Not About Filibustering
4/28/2005 The Mainstream Media : America's Fifth Column
4/21/2005 A Catholic Pope
4/14/2005 Democrats In Denial
4/8/2005 The Timing Was Off In 1976
3/30/2005 Astonishing News Liberal Paper Admits Liberals Dominate US Campuses
3/24/2005 Killing Terri
3/16/2005 Death Wish
3/10/2005 The Rule Of Judges Vs. The Rule Of Law
3/2/2005 Making Heroes Out Of Felons
2/24/2005 Legalized Murder Looms In Florida
2/16/2005 Time For A Few Astericks
2/10/2005 Hitting The Ground Running
2/4/2005 The Democrats Are Dead
2/2/2005 The High Price Of Freedom
1/26/2005 Where Is The Excitement
1/19/2005 Another Day Another Inauguration Another Memory
1/13/2005 In Denial And In Peril
1/6/2005 Touching The Third Rail
12/29/2004 Take That George Bush
12/23/2004 Endurance Wins Wars
12/15/2004 Pencils And Other Lethal Weapons
12/8/2004 The Problem Isn't Kofi Annan - It's The United Nations
12/2/2004 Note To The NAACP - Draft Bill Cosby
11/24/2004 Let's Just Be Correct
11/18/2004 Get Off Their Backs
11/11/2004 Through The Looking Glass
11/4/2004 Stop The Flood
10/27/2004 An October Surmise
10/21/2004 The Lady Of The House Counts Too
10/14/2004 Seeing Dead People
10/7/2004 Iraq/al Qaeda - The Connection
9/29/2004 Mission Impossible
9/22/2004 The Death Of Media Monopoly
9/15/2004 Big Media Get Smaller
9/9/2004 Choosing The Battleground
9/1/2004 Profaning The Pulpit
8/26/2004 A New Low In Democrat Hypocrisy
8/18/2004 Democrats and Double Standards
8/11/2004 Selling America Out To 13 Democrats
8/4/2004 The Implosion Of The Kerry Campaign
7/28/2004 The Sesame Street Convention
7/21/2004 Berger Fries And Wilson Stews
7/15/2004 Chopping Off Their Noses
7/7/2004 Isolate Internet Porn
6/30/2004 It's Not A Campaign It's A Hate Crime
6/21/2004 I'm With My Dad On Stem Cell Research
6/16/2004 Thank You America
6/7/2004 The Long Goodbye Is Over
6/3/2004 Where Are America's Churches
5/26/2004 Making Sausage
5/21/2004 Send Out The Clowns
5/19/2004 The WMDs Found Us
5/13/2004 Democrats Misdirecting Outrage
5/7/2004 Top Democrats Wouldn't Praise American Troops
5/5/2004 The High Price Of Torture
4/28/2004 War Against Whom?
4/23/2004 The Power of Prince Bandar - A Gift From Kerry
4/15/2004 Barking Up The Wrong Tree
4/12/2004 The Shame Game
4/7/2004 The Brave Do Not Wobble
4/2/2004 Liberal Talk Radio Subsidized Propaganda
3/30/2004 The Blame Game Scam
3/24/2004 Chasing Our Tails
3/13/2004 What Is John Kerry Afraid of
3/10/2004 The Making Of A Homophobe
3/3/2004 Not So Fast
2/25/2004 It's Time For Bush Tough
2/17/2004 Immigration Without Borders?
2/12/2004 Loyalty Is A Two Way Street
2/4/2004 Lies And Slander
1/28/2004 It's Time To Strike Back
1/20/2004 Primary Lessons
1/14/2004 It's Not A Campaign It's A Temper Tantrum
1/7/2004 What Makes Democrats Unhappy
12/31/2003 Micheal Jackson Needs Help Lots Of It
12/23/2003 A Malibu Christmas
12/17/2003 The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy Nuts
12/11/2003 Free Speech Is Now Unconstitutional
12/10/2003 What Republicans Want in 2004
12/3/2003 ATale of Two Vists
11/26/2003 It Really Is The Economy Stupid
11/20/2003 If It Feels Good Do It - It's Now Probably Legal
11/13/2003 Free Colonel Allen West
11/5/2003 Americans 1 CBS 0
10/29/2003 Greens Turn California Black
10/22/2003 The Heart of Ronald Reagan
10/15/2003 Warning Signals
10/8/2003 California Speaks Loud And Clear
10/4/2003 An Attempted Assasination
9/24/2003 Family Feud California Style
9/19/2003 Ronald Reagan Lost Iowa and Arnold Can Lose California
9/10/2003 McClintock Should Hang Tough
9/4/2003 Giving Credit Where Credit Isn't Due
8/27/2003 The Faith of Our Fathers
8/20/2003 A Democrat Election; A Republican Primary
7/29/2003 It's Not a Recall, It's a Circus
7/23/2003 The Family
7/16/2003 Justice Department Trashing The Constitution
7/10/2003 Somebody On The Right Screwed Up And Gave The Left An Anti-War Issue To Exploit
7/3/2003 Trashing America
6/26/2003 Why The Forests Burn
6/18/2003 A Church In Disarray
6/11/2003 The Endless Saga of Hillary Clinton
6/3/2003 Road Map To Peace Could Cost US Our Best Friend And Ally
5/28/2003 Who Says We Don't Need A Tax Cut?
5/21/2003 Symbolism Over Substance Kills
5/17/2003 Putting Gay Foxes Into the Boy Scout Chicken Coops
5/15/2003 The Fear Peddlers
5/9/2003 Democrats' Panic Getting Out of Hand
5/5/2003 Media Attack Dogs Shocked, Shocked At Bennett's Gambling
4/30/2003 This Time Around Let's Not Be Stupid
4/23/2003 Oil For Corruption
4/17/2003 Listen To Tim Robbins Whine
4/13/2003 CNN The Mother of All Cover-Ups
4/9/2003 A Statue Came Down and Liberal Lies Along With It
4/3/2003 It's Time To Say We're Sorry
3/28/2003 The US Media - Saddam's Last and Best Hope
3/25/2003 Call it Hate and Blame the Haters
3/21/2003 Demonstaring For Karl Marx
3/14/2003 A Show About Nothing
3/9/2003 Jimmy Carter Bane of US Presidents
3/5/2003 Profiles In Stupidity
2/27/2003 The Axis of Idiocy
2/20/2003 Liberal Talk Radio - An End Run Around the Law
2/14/2003 No Conservatives May Apply
2/6/2003 On My Father’s 92nd Birthday
2/1/2003 They've Gone Home
1/28/2003 What More Proof Do They Want
1/21/2003 Remembering Two Mothers
1/13/2003 When Governors Play God
1/9/2003 Democrat’s Secret Plan Exposed: Undermine America
1/3/2003 "Shut Up and Keep Driving"
12/19/2002 "It's Not About Lott"
12/16/2002 Gore Read The Handwriting on the Wall – It said “Go”

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