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Ron Paul has always stood out. He was a star athlete as a Green Tree, Pennsylvania, high-school student, winning state championships in track. He worked his way through Gettysburg College with three simultaneous jobs, and was a straight-A student as well. He earned similar grades at Duke Medical School, and after serving as an Air Force flight surgeon, set up a successful OB/GYN practice in Lake Jackson, Texas, where he delivered more than 4,000 babies.

Dr. Paul began his life-long interest in Austrian economics, libertarianism, and non-interventionism in medical school, and when Richard Nixon imposed price and wage controls, and severed the remaining tie between the dollar and gold in 1971, Dr. Paul determined to become a public intellectual, running for Congress and speaking out and writing in defense of his ideals, winning a reputation as the entirely principled member of the House, and an expert in economics, history, and political philosophy. He was chairman of the Domestic Monetary Policy Subcommittee, and was also known as the one Member who really understood central banking, and a feared opponent of the policies of Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke.

Dr. Paul is the author of 10 books: Gold, Peace, and Prosperity, Abortion and Liberty, The Case for Gold, Mises and Austrian Economics, Freedom Under Siege, A Foreign Policy of Freedom: Peace, Commerce, and Honest Friendship, Pillars of Prosperity, The Revolution, End the Fed, Liberty Defined, and The School Revolution.

He ran for president in 1988 as a Libertarian, and in 2008 and 2012 as a Republican, gaining nationwide and worldwide support for the ideas of freedom, peace, and prosperity, especially among the young, despite a media-wide campaign to ignore him, and then distort him. He is looked to as the leader of the freedom movement in a host of countries.

Dr. Paul and his high-school love and wife of more than 55 years, Carol, have five children, 19 grandchildren, and six great-grandchildren. He is the president of the FREE Foundation, president of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity, chairman of the Campaign for Liberty, and distinguished counsellor to the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He has over one million followers on Facebook, and over four-hundred thousand on Twitter.

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3/13/2017 Why Trump's Syria 'Surge' Will Fail
3/6/2017 Arizona Challenges the Fed's Money Monopoly
2/27/2017 On Military and Spending, It's Trump Versus Trump
2/20/2017 Trump's ISIS Plan: Another US Invasion?
2/13/2017 Will Congress Stop Forcing Americans to Subsidize Abortion?
2/7/2017 Don't Just Reform Taxes, Cut Them
1/30/2017 A Better Solution Than Trump's Border Wall
1/23/2017 Trump's Foreign Policy: An Unwise Inconsistency
1/16/2017 Will Trump Continue the Bush-Obama Legacy?
1/9/2017 Will Obama's 'Good War' in Afghanistan Continue?
1/2/2017 Good News: Washington Frozen Out of Syria Peace Plan
12/27/2016 New Year's Resolutions for Donald Trump and Congress
12/19/2016 After Aleppo: We Need a New Syria Policy
12/12/2016 War on 'Fake News' Part of a War on Free Speech
12/5/2016 Trump Must Abandon Regime Change for Iran
11/28/2016 To Really 'Make America Great Again,' End the Fed!
11/21/2016 Education System Broken: Let's Try 'Ed-Exit'
11/14/2016 A Memo to the Trump Administration on Defense Spending
11/7/2016 Americans Want a Different Foreign Policy
10/31/2016 Blame Government, Not Markets for Monopoly
10/24/2016 Obama's Pivot to Asia Hits a Roadblock in the Philippines
10/18/2016 Iceland Today, the US Tomorrow?
10/10/2016 Fifteen Years Into the Afghan War, Do Americans Know the Truth?
10/3/2016 After Peres Is Peace Possible in the Middle East
9/26/2016 Wells Fargo or the Federal Reserve: Who's the Bigger Fraud?
9/19/2016 Why Are We Sending 38 Billion to Rich and Powerful Israel?
9/12/2016 The Fed Plans for the Next Crisis
9/6/2016 How to Solve the Illegal Immigration Problem
8/29/2016 The Right Lessons from Obamacare's Meltdown
8/22/2016 What Should We Do About Crimea?
8/17/2016 Election 2016: Liberty Loses No Matter Who Wins
8/2/2016 Americans Are Going to be Disappointed in Election Outcome
7/26/2016 The Path to Fed-Exit
7/19/2016 Don't Reform the Fed, Fed-Exit!
7/12/2016 The Longest War in US History Just Got Longer
6/28/2016 After 'Brexit,' Can We Exit a Few Things Too?
6/21/2016 Using Orlando to Rob Us of Our Liberties
6/14/2016 Fascism: A Bipartisan Affliction
6/7/2016 The Keynesians Stole The Jobs
6/1/2016 Government Can't Help; It Can Only Hurt
5/25/2016 Much Ado About Restrooms
5/16/2016 New Defense Bill Will Boost War and Tyranny
5/10/2016 What Happened to the Revolution?
5/3/2016 Drafting Women Means Equality in Slavery
4/26/2016 Yes Prince Faisal, We Need to 'Recalibrate' Our Relationship
4/19/2016 What Did Fed Chairman Yellen Tell Obama?
4/12/2016 As Ukraine Collapses, Europeans Tire of U.S. Interventions
4/5/2016 50 Years Later, We've Learned Nothing From Vietnam
3/28/2016 A European PATRIOT Act Will Not Keep People Safe
3/15/2016 The Government's War on Free Speech
3/7/2016 Do We Really Need To 'Rebuild The Military'
3/1/2016 First They Came For the iPhones...
2/23/2016 Intervention Fail: Back to Libya
2/15/2016 What Markets Are Telling Us
2/8/2016 Mandatory Depression Screening a Depressing Thought
1/31/2016 Is Congress Declaring War on ISIS... Or On You?
1/25/2016 Congress is Writing the President a Blank Check for War
1/18/2016 When Peace Breaks Out With Iran...
1/10/2016 Oregon Standoff a Sign of Things to Come?
1/5/2016 Purism is Practical
12/29/2015 What Are The Chances For Peace in 2016?
12/21/2015 Do We Need the Fed?
12/14/2015 If You Want Security, Pursue Liberty
12/7/2015 Will the IRS Take Your Passport?
12/1/2015 War on Terror is Creating More Terror
11/23/2015 Who Should Pay For the Syrian Refugees?
11/16/2015 Paris and What Should Be Done
11/9/2015 Does the Bell Toll for the Fed?
10/27/2015 Missing the Real Problem on Benghazi
10/20/2015 Debt Ceiling Debate Ignores Warfare-Welfare State
10/12/2015 Politicians Exploit School Shooting, but Ignore Bombing Victims
10/5/2015 I Wish Nobody Was Bombing Syria
9/28/2015 Congress and the Fed Refuse to Learn From Their Mistakes
9/21/2015 Blame America? No Blame Neocons!
9/13/2015 Congress Fiddles While the Economy Burns
9/7/2015 The Real Refugee Problem - And How To Solve It
8/30/2015 Blame the Fed for Stock Market Crash
8/23/2015 For Immigration Answers, Look to Liberty
8/2/2015 Politics Is Not the Path to Pro-Life Victory
7/27/2015 Do We Really Need to Bring Back Internment Camps?
7/20/2015 Iran Agreement Boosts Peace, Defeats Neocons
7/13/2015 Greece Today, America Tomorrow
7/6/2015 For Normal Relations With Cuba, End U.S. Interventionism
6/29/2015 Obamacare's Best Allies: The Courts and the Republicans
6/22/2015 Will Seizure of Russian Assets Hasten Dollar Decline?
6/15/2015 Death Penalty is Big Government at its Worst
6/8/2015 Soros Pushes U.S. Bailouts, Weapons for Ukraine
6/1/2015 Welfare for the One Percent
5/18/2015 New Military Spending Bill Expands Empire
5/11/2015 Will Congress Save Illegal NSA Spying Program?
5/4/2015 USA FREEDOM Act: Just Another Word for Lost Liberty
4/28/2015 The Real War on the Middle Class
4/20/2015 American Double Standards on Display in Ukraine
4/13/2015 The New Militarism: Who Profits?
4/5/2015 IRS, Congress Hold Our Liberty in Contempt
3/29/2015 Repeal, Don't Reform the IMF!
3/23/2015 After a Twelve Year Iraq Mistake, Time to March Home
3/16/2015 Iran Fighting ISIS - Is it Really a Problem?
3/9/2015 Don't Be Fooled by the Fed's Anti-Audit Propaganda
3/1/2015 Department of Homeland Security: What is it Good For
2/23/2015 Interventionism Kills: Ukraine One Year Later
2/16/2015 How Many More Wars?
2/9/2015 Vaccine Controversy Shows Why We Need Markets, Not Mandates
2/1/2015 The Failed 'Yemen Model'
1/25/2015 Education is Too Important Not to Leave to the Marketplace
1/18/2015 If the Fed Has Nothing to Hide, It Has Nothing to Fear
1/12/2015 Lessons from Paris
1/5/2015 Ten New Year's Resolutions for Congress
12/28/2014 The Real Meaning of the 1914 Christmas Truce
12/15/2014 All I Want for Christmas is a (Real) Government Shutdown
12/8/2014 House Chooses New Cold War With Russia
12/1/2014 Who Wants to be Defense Secretary?
11/24/2014 Defeat of NSA Bill a Victory for Freedom
11/16/2014 Internet Gambling Ban a Losing Bet
11/10/2014 Did the Mid-Terms Really Mean That Much?
11/3/2014 More Guns Plus Less War Equals Real Security
10/27/2014 Once-Peaceful Canada Turns Militaristic
10/20/2014 National Service is Anti-Liberty and Un-American
10/13/2014 Liberty, Not Government, Key to Containing Ebola
10/6/2014 The Real Status of Forces in Afghanistan and Iraq
9/28/2014 Scottish Referendum Gives Reasons to be Hopeful
9/21/2014 Congress Votes for More War in the Middle East
9/14/2014 Will The Swiss Vote to Get Their Gold Back?
9/7/2014 Nixon's Vindication
9/1/2014 Obama Has No Middle East Strategy? Good!
8/24/2014 Ferguson: The War Comes Home
8/17/2014 What Have We Accomplished in Iraq?
8/10/2014 US Sanctions on Russia May Sink the Dollar
8/4/2014 Why Won't Obama Just Leave Ukraine Alone
7/27/2014 End Torture, Shut Down the CIA
7/21/2014 What the Media Won't Report About Flight MH17
7/14/2014 What's Missing in the Current Immigration 'Crisis' Debate
7/7/2014 Hobby Lobby Decision Creates Small Island of Freedom in Ocean of Statism
6/29/2014 Celebrate Independence Day by Opposing Government Tyranny
6/23/2014 Opt-Out of Common Core, Opt-In to The Ron Paul Curriculum
6/15/2014 Haven't We Already Done Enough Damage in Iraq?
6/8/2014 Obama's Foreign Policy Rhetoric Does Not Match US Actions
6/2/2014 Mental Health Screening a Good Way to Decrease Liberty
5/26/2014 The VA Scandal is Just the Tip of the Military Abuse Iceberg
5/19/2014 Tax Reform Useless Without Spending Reform
5/11/2014 What Does The U.S. Government Want in Ukraine?
5/4/2014 Why We're No Longer Number One
4/28/2014 Obama's Drone Wars Undermine American Values

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