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Graham F. West is a political communications professional living in Maryland. He currently serves as the Communications Director for Truman Center for National Policy and Truman National Security Project, though views expressed here are his own.

West can be reached by email at You can also follow him on Twitter at @grahamofarabia.

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3/21/2019 We Deserve the Mueller Report
3/17/2019 Support the 'For the People' Act
3/7/2019 Keep Fighting for Diplomacy
2/21/2019 An Unusual Emergency
1/25/2019 Climate Change Remains a Threat at Home
1/20/2019 Trump's Attorney General Pick Falls Short
1/10/2019 Trump's Ego is Keeping the Government Shutdown
10/3/2018 Rosenstein Remains at Risk
9/20/2018 Just Three Republicans
8/24/2018 All the President's (Former) Men
8/16/2018 Democrats: Don't Root for Crazy
8/8/2018 America First or America Alone?
8/5/2018 Why is Election Security a Partisan Issue?
7/26/2018 Lordy, There Are Tapes
7/19/2018 The Consequences of Groveling Before Putin
7/12/2018 The Benefits of NATO
6/14/2018 Supporting Diplomacy but Opposing Trump's Summit
6/7/2018 Border Separations are Simply Immoral
5/24/2018 A Russia Refresh
5/17/2018 Democrats Fail, Yet Again, To Check Trump's Nominees
5/13/2018 Wider Consequences of Pulling Out From Iran Deal
5/4/2018 So Much for the Threat of Political Correctness
4/26/2018 Finally, a Presidential Speech in Washington
4/19/2018 The Right-Wing Terrorism Threat
4/10/2018 White House Has Taken Almost Every Position on Syria
3/30/2018 Why Stormy's Story Still Matters
3/23/2018 John Bolton is a Danger to the United States
3/15/2018 From Bad to Worse for Trumpworld
3/8/2018 Too Little, Too Late
3/2/2018 Jared Kushner's No Good Very Bad Week
2/22/2018 Support the Kids, Fight the Conspiracy Theorists
2/16/2018 Team Trump's Problem with Security Clearances
2/8/2018 A Parade for the President
2/1/2018 The Dangers of a 'Bloody Nose' Strike on North Korea
1/26/2018 The False Choice Between the Dreamers and the Military
1/18/2018 The Consequences of Our Racist President
1/11/2018 A New Russia Story That's Largely Been Overlooked
1/4/2018 Protests in Iran Require Care and Nuance
12/21/2017 Censorship at the CDC and Beyond
12/14/2017 Republicans Made the Choice as Simple as 'Star Wars'
12/7/2017 The Muslim Ban Persists, But Why?
12/1/2017 Trump Tweets Beneath the Dignity of His Office, Again
11/16/2017 President Trump's Asia Vacation
11/9/2017 On Climate, the United States Now Stands Alone
11/2/2017 The Beginning, Not the End, of the Russia Investigations
10/26/2017 The Performance Art of Republicans Slamming Trump
10/19/2017 Trump's Telling Feud With a Grieving Family
10/12/2017 Iran Deal Decertification Makes Us Less Safe
10/5/2017 Trump's Response to Puerto Rico is Worse than Embarrassing
9/28/2017 Refugees are not a Security Risk
9/21/2017 Trump's UN Address Contained a Dangerous Dogwhistle
9/13/2017 We Should Politicize Harvey and Irma

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