Brown180a.jpgFloyd and Mary Beth Brown Biography and Archive

Floyd and Mary Beth Brown are both bestselling authors and speakers.

Time magazine wrote of Floyd: "Brown has stature among devoted conservatives that almost matches his physical heft (6 ft. 6 in. and 240 lbs.)" Together they write a weekly column about politics, culture and the economy for newspapers all over the USA with Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate. They also blog at

Mary Beth's latest book, Condi: Life of a Steel Magnolia was published by Thomas Nelson. Her book Hand of Providence: the Strong and Quiet Faith of Ronald Reagan appeared on both The New York Times and USA Today bestseller lists in 2004.

Floyd is president of Western Center for Journalism a foundation specializing in training citizen journalists, and investigative journalism.

From 2001 until 2006 he served as the executive director of Young America’s Foundation, which saved Rancho del Cielo, Ronald Reagan’s Ranch and Western White House. As executive director Brown oversaw the preservation of the historic ranch home and the building of the $20 million Reagan Ranch Center in downtown Santa Barbara, California.

In 1988, working from their kitchen table, they formed Citizens United and Floyd served as its President until 2001. Citizens United is the largest and most effective conservative citizens’ action organization in America.

They have both written extensively for many publications including the Washington Times, National Review, Human Events and numerous newspapers.

As commentators they have both appeared on numerous network and cable TV shows including: CNN’s Crossfire, the CBS Evening News, ABC’s Primetime, NBC’s Today Show, FOX News, MSNBC and more. From 1995 until 2000 Floyd hosted his own talk radio show on Seattle’s KVI 570 AM

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1/31/2013 Note to Editors - Floyd and Mary Beth Brown Suspend Columns
1/10/2013 The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down
12/17/2012 Ronald Reagan's Timeless Christmas Gift
12/6/2012 John Boehner Leads Republicans Into Political Little Big Horn
11/29/2012 John Boehner Please Retire
11/16/2012 Dreaming of Obama's Forced Retirement
11/9/2012 Why Romney Lost
11/1/2012 Gay Marriage Limits Freedom
10/25/2012 Will Voter Fraud Taint This Election?
10/18/2012 Anatomy of a Cover-up
9/21/2012 Who's Left Holding The Bag In The Bush Tax Cut Debate
9/14/2012 Behind the Curtin, the Obama Campaign Seeks to Ruin Opposition Supporters
9/6/2012 What Kind of Woman Does Obama Envision?
8/30/2012 What You Don't Know About Janna Ryan May Surprise You
8/17/2012 Obama Uses Intimidation Tactics
8/9/2012 Learned Helplessness And The Problems of American Business
7/31/2012 Politics Cannot Solve Our Economic Problems
7/22/2012 UN Gun Control Treaty Will Kill Second Amendment
7/13/2012 Condi Rice is the Perfect Choice for Mitt Romney
7/5/2012 Can Obama Work With Others?
6/29/2012 Why Obama Keeps an Enemies List
5/24/2012 Barack Obama and Media Stories You Won't Hear
5/14/2012 Is Unity Possible?
5/6/2012 California's Dreaming
4/28/2012 Mitt Romney's Challenge
4/20/2012 If His Head is Bloody Charges Shouldn't Have Been Filed
4/14/2012 Was Fox News Pulling For Romney?
4/5/2012 Why GOP Young Guns Program is Deceptive
3/23/2012 ForgeryGate Is Provoking Us To Outrage
3/15/2012 Obama Team Praying Voter Fraud Will Re-Elect Their Boss
3/9/2012 One of America's Most Powerful Congressmen Suddenly Retires
3/2/2012 Sheriff Joe Arpaio Exposes Forgery of Obama's Selective Service Registration
2/23/2012 Rick Santorum Dances With The Devil
2/14/2012 Burning Down the GOP House
2/3/2012 Marx Jesus or Obama, Who Are You Going to Believe?
1/25/2012 TSA Violates Constitution While Detaining Senator Rand Paul
1/17/2012 Ricky's F-Bomb is a Symptom of Our Sickness
1/6/2012 Ron Paul's Army Won't Be Easily Broken
12/28/2011 Safety Belts Please : 2012 Is Going To Be Rough
12/15/2011 A Predator Drone in the USA Could Be Spying on You
12/2/2011 You Have No Privacy
11/23/2011 Reflections on Thanksgiving
11/18/2011 Why We Want The Super Committee To Fail
11/11/2011 Media Diverts Attention from Obama Economic Cataclysm
11/4/2011 Obama Dreams of Euromerica
10/28/2011 Vicious Smear Campaign Against Clarence Thomas Turns Twenty
10/20/2011 Exciting GOP Presidential Ideas The Media Ignores
10/13/2011 Occupy Wall Street Is A Menace, Prepare For Violence
10/6/2011 Cain Proves Power of Ideas in Republican Race
9/22/2011 Conservative Icon is Under Assault
9/16/2011 Republican Fear Empowers a Corrupt Obama
9/8/2011 In Latest Republican Debate Moderators carry Obama's Message
8/30/2011 Strangers in Our Homeland
8/18/2011 Obama's EPA is Killing More Jobs than Economy Can Create
8/4/2011 Rebublicans Should Be Embarrassed By Debt Increase Vote
7/28/2011 Rebublicans Are Falling For Elites' Fear Mongering
7/21/2011 Gang of Six Deal is Antithesis of Reform
7/14/2011 The Profound Misunderstanding of America's Leaders
7/8/2011 Republican Deals With Obama Are Killing Us
7/1/2011 Manning The Barricades for Virtue and America
6/24/2011 Americans To Learn If Republicans Differ From Democrats
6/16/2011 Romney Is What's Wrong With The Republican Party
6/9/2011 Chicago Code
6/2/2011 Reflections on America's Blessings
5/26/2011 Obama Economy Worse Than 1970s
5/19/2011 Gov. Rick Perry Frightens DC Based Politicians
5/12/2011 With Obama Vulnerable Republicans Jockey in The Starting Gates
5/5/2011 Obama Economy is Making You Poor
4/29/2011 Obama Critics Win A Round
4/21/2011 Will it be Goodbye for John Boehner?
4/13/2011 Obama Invents A New Word :Tax Expenditures
4/8/2011 Don't Betray Us Mr. Boehner
3/31/2011 Corrupt Elections are Undermining Governance
3/17/2011 Boehner Strategy on Budget Will Rescue Obama
3/4/2011 Charlie Sheen, Obama, Republicans and Addiction
2/24/2011 Chaos Summer Ahead Wisconsin Is Only The Start
2/17/2011 George Who? What Happened to Washington's Birthday?
2/10/2011 Mike Huckabee's Unanswered Question
1/27/2011 Gay Group Tears Conservatives Apart
1/24/2011 Americans Poorer Than Last Year
1/13/2011 Obama and Cain Approach the Starting Gates
1/6/2011 Don't Raise Limit on Obama's Credit Card
12/23/2010 A New Year of Republican Mistakes
12/17/2010 New Stimulis Will Damage Recovery
12/10/2010 Faith is the Source of America's Greatness
12/3/2010 Why The Lame Duck Session of Congress is So Dangerous
11/26/2010 More Debt is Never the Solution to Debt Problems
11/18/2010 Election Glitches Expose a System Riddled with Fraud
11/11/2010 Al-Qaida Cleric Clarifies Meaning of Jihad for Obama
10/29/2010 NPR Chief's 'Psychiatrist' Remark on Juan Williams Breaks the Law
10/21/2010 The Rehabilitation of William Jefferson Clinton
10/14/2010 Will Obama Listen to Voters?
10/8/2010 Corporate Pawns for Obama
10/1/2010 Obama and Federal Reserve Courting Disaster
9/23/2010 Obama and GOP Spar Over God
9/16/2010 New Congress Will Consider Impeachment
9/9/2010 Burning of the Quran Would Embarrass Jesus
9/3/2010 Ann, We Won't Defend You This Time
8/26/2010 How Many Deaths Before Obama Takes Border Security Seriously?
8/20/2010 Obama: Is He a Muslim?
8/13/2010 Challenges to ObamaCare Build Momentum
8/6/2010 Obama's Fixes Keep Financial Crisis Going
7/30/2010 Obama Mismanagement of Afghan War Leads to Needless Deaths
7/23/2010 Obama Debt Commission Will Call for Trillions in Tax Hikes
7/15/2010 The Bitter Fruit of ObamaCare
7/8/2010 Castro Obama and the Rule of Law
7/1/2010 A Filibuster of Elena Kagan is Justified
6/17/2010 Could the Obama Administration be Blocking Gulf Clean-up Efforts Intentionally?
6/4/2010 White House Memo Creates More Questions
5/28/2010 Is the Impeachment of Barack Obama Moving Forward?
5/20/2010 Internet Freedom Challenged by Obama FCC
5/15/2010 Obama: Trust Only Me, America
5/7/2010 Obama: Civility for Thee but Not for Me
4/29/2010 Obama and Media Hyperventilate Over Immigration Law
4/22/2010 Judge Says National Day of Prayer is Wrong
4/15/2010 Barack Obama's Cowardly Foreign Policy
4/8/2010 Obama off the Deep End
4/2/2010 Who in the White House Authorized a Bribe
3/26/2010 The Fight Against ObamaCare Continues
3/19/2010 Sen. Reid Caught Red-Handed
3/11/2010 Obama's Wild Ride
3/4/2010 Barack Obama: Super Hero Falls to Earth
2/26/2010 ObamaCare Coming Over America's Objections
2/18/2010 Obama's Healthcare Summit Scam
2/11/2010 Disturbed by Beck, O'Reilly and Breitbart
2/5/2010 Watch Obama's Actions, Not His Words
1/28/2010 Get Real, Mr. Obama!
1/21/2010 New Paul Revere Rides in Boston
1/14/2010 Obama's Second Stimulus : A Looming Disaster
1/8/2010 Obama's War on Defense and Intelligence
12/31/2009 Obama Executive Order Alters Your Legal Protections
12/21/2009 President Reagan's Favorite Christmas Gift
12/17/2009 Barack Obama's Economic Illiteracy
12/11/2009 Duck-and-Run Obama
12/3/2009 Spinsters and Shysters Dressed as Do-Gooders
11/24/2009 The True Meaning of Thanksgiving
11/20/2009 Obama's Weakness on Display Around the World
11/12/2009 Obama Must Face Reality to Protect America
11/5/2009 The Conservative Resurgence Begins
10/29/2009 Obamacare: Startling New Revelations Scare Public
10/23/2009 Obama's Vindictive and Personal War on Unbiased News
10/15/2009 The Hidden Costs of ObamaCare
10/9/2009 Time to Discuss Impeachment?
10/2/2009 ObamaCare Shenanigans
9/25/2009 The Media Attack the Questions
9/18/2009 Are the News Media Scared of ACORN
9/11/2009 Trillions in Debt will Make America Poorer
9/4/2009 Scotland Isn't the Only Country Releasing Terrorists
8/26/2009 Why Americans are Up in Arms
8/19/2009 Are Churches Undermining the Abstinence Message
8/13/2009 Unamerican? Protests are as American as Apple Pie
8/6/2009 Muslim Principal Persecutes Christians
7/30/2009 Obama's Arrogance Seeping Through
7/23/2009 Obama's Insidious War on the Middle Class
7/17/2009 The Dirty Secret is Out
7/9/2009 Sotomayor's Selective Empathy
7/1/2009 Obama's Failed Iran Policy
6/24/2009 Obamas Health Care Plan Will Hurt You
6/18/2009 Media Bias
6/11/2009 Jon and Kate Failing their Eight Children
6/5/2009 Obama White House Extols His Muslim Background
5/28/2009 Time for Nancy Pelosi to Resign
5/22/2009 The Underdog Unexpectedly Triumphs
5/14/2009 Britain is now the Savage Nation
5/8/2009 Should Lady Justice Drop Her Blindfold
5/1/2009 Tolerance is Becoming Intolerant
4/24/2009 General Electric and Shareholders Clash over Tea Parties and Politics
4/15/2009 Obama's Wunderkind Falls on His Face
4/9/2009 Obama and Mob Rule
4/1/2009 The Real Reason Newspapers are on Life Support
3/26/2009 Obama's Enforcer
3/19/2009 Obama's Acid Tongue
3/12/2009 Even Celebrities are Bullied
3/5/2009 Media Malpractice Propaganda Replaces News
2/26/2009 Obama Enabler of the Irresponsible
2/20/2009 Will the Obama Team Manipulate Our Free Elections
2/15/2009 MSNBC is in Big Trouble Without Bush to Bash
2/5/2009 Get Ready for the Show Trials
1/29/2009 Beware Politicians Bearing Gifts
1/21/2009 Team Obama Has Serious Scandal Problems
1/15/2009 Obama to Push Gay Agenda on the Military
1/8/2009 Will the News Media be Neutered
1/2/2009 Environmentalists Disregard Public Safety
12/26/2008 What Did Barack Obama Know and When Did He Know it
12/18/2008 President Reagan's Favorite Christmas Gift
12/11/2008 Atheists Post Hateful Christmas Sign
12/4/2008 AIDS Money is Misspent While the Sick Die
11/21/2008 Obama Priority is to Remake America
11/13/2008 Palin Saboteurs Want to Kill Her Career Now
11/6/2008 Housecleaning Should Start with Republican Party Leaders
10/30/2008 If Obama Can't Win It He'll Steal It
10/22/2008 How to Deal with the National Panic
10/17/2008 Panic-Stricken Mother Facing Charges for Not Aborting Child
10/10/2008 Judge Rules Terrorist Prisoners be Released into Nation's Capital
10/2/2008 A Movement to Break the Silence of Churches in Political Campaigns
9/24/2008 McCain Should Say No to Bush and Senate Democrats on Wall Street Bailout
9/18/2008 How Low Will Obama Go to Win
9/11/2008 The Peace Symbol
9/4/2008 Obama Off-Balance from Palin Flip-Flops on O'Reilly
8/28/2008 Obama Is He Ready to be President
8/21/2008 Obama Patriotism and Worldview Declared Off-Limits
8/14/2008 Not All African Americans Starry-eyed for Obama
8/6/2008 Union Bosses Joyful Over Obama Lead
7/31/2008 The Real Victims of John Edwards' Adultery
7/24/2008 Daily Kos Founder Enjoys Celebrity Status while Helping Obama - update
7/17/2008 Poll Shows Americans Afraid of Obama as Commander- in-Chief
7/10/2008 What You Don't Know About Cindy McCain Will Surprise You
7/3/2008 Evolutionists Fear Academic Freedom
6/27/2008 Obama-Linked Minister Leads Attack on Dobson
6/19/2008 Mainstream Media Love for Obama Infects News Coverage
6/11/2008 Six Ways Obama Wants to Change America
6/5/2008 Obama Enjoys Support of New Generation of Christian Leaders
5/29/2008 The Internal Conflicts of Hollywood Good vs Evil and Disney
5/21/2008 Activist Judges Gone Wild
5/15/2008 Courageous Woman Dares to Reveal Democrats' Racist Past
5/8/2008 Wright's Tune Has a Familiar Ring
5/1/2008 Texting Taboos
4/24/2008 News Flash to Jimmy Carter You are No Longer President
4/17/2008 Obama's Critique of Small Towns Reveals Truths
4/10/2008 Self-Injury Cutter's Pain is More than Skin-Deep
4/4/2008 The Surprise Effect of Reverend Wright
3/27/2008 Horton Hears a Who But Can Hollywood Hear the Cash Register
3/13/2008 Oprah's Evolution
3/6/2008 Can Hillary or Obama Win
2/28/2008 John McCain's Best Choice for VP
2/22/2008 Obama's Africentric Ideas Need Further Examination
2/14/2008 Barack Obama Persuades America with Hope
2/7/2008 Are The Material Girls and Boys Happy in 2008?
1/30/2008 Who's Condi's Hero
1/24/2008 A Hollywood Version of History
1/17/2008 Condoleezza Rice Can Help the Republican Party
1/3/2008 Eight Predictions for 2008
12/27/2007 Huckabee shows Foreign Policy Naiveté in Policy Plans
12/19/2007 A Special Gift: President Reagan and the Spirit of Christmas
12/12/2007 Ronald Reagan's Quiet Right-Hand Man
12/4/2007 CNN and Dukakis Rewriting Willie Horton History
11/28/2007 Hollywood is Set to Assault America's Children
11/22/2007 Dirty Secret of Child Abuse Exposed
9/25/2007 Youth Gamble Away Future

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