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4/1/2019 Local Music At Risk from Trump Justice Department
2/21/2019 Trump Notches a Win Against Crony Capitalism
12/25/2018 Abandoning Principles to Please a Republican Billionaire?
12/4/2018 The Truth about Medicare For All
11/27/2018 Lame Duck Congress Should Roll Back Disastrous Health Tax
11/18/2018 Getting Things Done in a Divided Congress
4/5/2017 Border Wall in Urban Areas Makes Sense
1/11/2017 Why Rick Perry is Actually a Good Cabinet Pick
12/1/2016 What can Trump Deliver on Immigration?
6/22/2016 No, Hillary Won't Win Texas
5/16/2016 'Party of Science' Flouts Biology on Gender Identity
4/14/2016 There is No Constitutional Right to Illegally Vote
3/8/2016 Only Two Paths Remain to Stop Trump
2/15/2016 Supreme Court Ruling Could Have Huge Ramifications
10/6/2015 4 Things Planned Parenthood's President Admitted Under Oath
9/30/2015 Cruz Well-Positioned for the Long Haul
9/1/2015 How to Address Birthright Citizenship
7/21/2015 Conservatives Should Send Trump Packing
6/23/2015 Texas Economic Model a Proven Success
4/15/2015 Ted Cruz: Goldwater or Reagan?
4/1/2015 Border Security: Texas Leads While Feds Fail
3/18/2015 In Defense of the GOP's Iran Letter
2/18/2015 Obama's Failures Necessitate Netanyahu Speech
1/5/2015 The Texas Legacy of Rick Perry
12/16/2014 Is the Speedy Decline of Oil Prices a Good Thing
11/18/2014 What the Midterms in Texas Taught Us
8/26/2014 The Persecution of Rick Perry
7/28/2014 The Next Front in the Battle over Obamacare
7/23/2014 Rick Perry Surges with New National Platform
6/29/2014 Rick Perry or Ted Cruz for 2016?
5/28/2014 Julian Castro's Obama Cabinet mistake
5/13/2014 Favoring Teachers' Unions Over Students
4/28/2014 Wendy Davis has Some Explaining to do on Ethics
4/14/2014 Immigration Reform May Wait Until 2017
3/31/2014 No One is Against Equal Pay
3/21/2014 Even Government Agrees Head Start is a Failure
3/6/2014 Wendy Davis has a Problem
12/16/2013 The War on Christmas is Real
10/3/2013 Finally - the GOP is fighting
8/26/2013 Ted Cruz's Moment in Time
7/15/2013 Rick Perry's Texas Legacy is Secure
6/7/2013 Mexico Can Benefit by Tapping into its Shale Formations
5/28/2013 Dream on Liberals - Texas to Remain Red for a Long Time
5/23/2013 Scandals Combine to Form Perfect Storm
5/4/2013 Ted Cruz's Rocket Ride
3/19/2013 Without Reform, Medicaid Expansion Will Bankrupt Texas
3/12/2013 Jeb vs Marco Match-up in 2016 Unlikely
2/18/2013 What the Mainstream Media Don't Understand About Ted Cruz
1/29/2013 Immigration Offers Republicans an Opportunity
12/7/2012 Will Texas be Competitive in 2016?
8/14/2012 Paul Ryan: A VP With a Mandate
8/2/2012 How Ted Cruz did it
7/13/2012 Romney's Considerations for Vice President
2/17/2012 Rick Santorum's Willful Ascent
1/23/2012 Romney Feeling Deja Vu
1/3/2012 Virginia Debacle Could Seriously Hurt GOP Presidential Nominee
12/29/2011 The Political Winners of 2011
12/22/2011 Ron Paul Can't Be Allowed To Win Iowa
12/21/2011 Scenarios for the 2012 Republican Primary
12/8/2011 Why Mitt Romney Is Like Jan From 'The Brady Bunch'
12/1/2011 How Cain Destroyed His Campaign
11/29/2011 5 Ways the 2012 Election Has Changed Since the Super Committee's Failure
10/31/2011 Who to Blame for a Do-Nothing DC
10/26/2011 Angry Protesters Uncertain What They Want, Except For More
10/10/2011 Romney's Fundamental Problem
9/30/2011 Two Scandals Threaten Obama
9/19/2011 Speeches Are Less Effective When Americans Have Stopped Listening
9/13/2011 Is Perry More Electable Than Romney?
8/22/2011 In Search of the Perfect Candidate
8/15/2011 Clarity Comes to the 2012 Campaign
8/12/2011 Republicans' 2012 Advantage
8/5/2011 Rick Perry's Path
7/25/2011 2012 Could Be Another Wave Election
7/18/2011 Will Obama Win In 2012? Just Look at the Numbers
7/12/2011 Don't Count Pawlenty Out Yet

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