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Listen To Tim Robbins Whine

Listen to Tim Robbins Whine

Making Sense

By Michael Reagan

Poor Tim Robbins. He thinks his rights are being stripped away-- that he can no longer speak out, that he's being gagged by a president he despises- yet he managed to cry about this assault on his rights to free speech in front of the nation's media, which gleefully broadcast his views.

He's talking about his first amendment rights being violated, but where does he make this complaint that he's being prevented from stating his views publicly? Why before the National Press Club in Washington, about the most public forum around. Moreover, that speech last Tuesday has been rebroadcast and rebroadcast all across the nation. Some gag.

He keeps whining about Clear Channel and talk radio spewing out hatred and the dangers of limiting free speech at the very time he's threatening a correspondent from the Washington Post for having reported accurately that his live-in girlfriend's mother had said that he and her daughter, Susan Sarandon, were brainwashing her grandchild.

Free speech is seems does not apply to Washington Post reporters who write stories he doesn't like.

Robbins rails against the Iraq war -- a war that was waged against a socialist regime. Could it be that he objected to an attack on fellow socialists?

Robbins' main complaint is not that he's being gagged -- he can't claim that when just about every word he speaks gets reported by the liberal media -- but that the American people can't be forced to pay attention to his ranting.

He's angered because the Baseball Hall of Fame had cancelled a joint appearance with Sarandon to celebrate the anniversary of the movie "Bull Durham." He can't understand that it is the right of any group to decide to whom they want to provide a forum -- he is so blinded by his unique conviction that everybody everywhere must be forced to listen to his socialist drivel, that he denies that right to the Hall of Fame and other venues which have shown the good sense to shun him.

You can stand on my doorstep and spew hatred about my father, but I'm not going to invite you into my house to attack my dad. It's my house. He's complaining because baseball said he can't come back to Cooperstown because he's so political that they are fully aware that he will use the occasion for more of his vicious anti-American ranting.

He insists that America is bitterly divided on the Iraq war, implying that more than half the nation is opposed to it -- but his arithmetic is somewhat faulty -- fully 73 percent of Americans support President Bush and his decision to oust Saddam Hussein and his brutal socialist regime from power.

To listen to him you would think that Americans are cringing in fear, desperately afraid to speak out. It doesn't occur to him that they are speaking out, and what they are saying is not what he wants to hear -- that in overwhelming numbers they approve of the war and applaud the President's deft handling of it.

He also rants about talk radio. He simmers with hatred for the one channel that gives the American people views opposed to those espoused by the dominant mainstream media awash in liberalism.

The American people listen to talk radio, to Rush and Sean Hannity and me because we discuss the values that unite most Americans. The reason why liberals can't succeed in talk radio is that their twisted values are not only not shared by the majority of Americans, but are anathema to them.

If Tim Robbins can't get his demented views across, it's not because he's being gagged, but because his fellow Americans don't want to listen to him spewing out his hatred for George Bush and all the values they hold dear.

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