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What More Proof Do They Want

What really irks me about the media is their refusal to report the facts about the Deadly threat posed to the U.S. and our allies by Saddam Hussein.

Instead of reporting facts, they report whatever Tom Daschle and the Democrats say as if it is fact. So you see the president's poll numbers going down over the question of war with Iraq. As I go out and talk to people, what I hear is "well they haven't found any weapons of mass destruction so why are we going to go to war when there's no proof that he has them?"

Even Tom Daschle was saying that yesterday at the same time Hans Blix was warning that Saddam won't account for what we know he had back in 1998.

What people don't understand is that this is exactly what the issue is. We know, because of 1998, that he indeed has such weapons. He has a nuclear program, he has 360 tons of chemical weapons, including one and a half tons of lethal VX nerve agents, he has 3000 tons of precursor chemicals which are unique to the production of VX. He has 30,000 special warheads and other equipment for delivering chemical and biological weapons, and growth media for the production of biological weapons - enough to make more than three times the 8,500 liters of anthrax spores that Iraq admits to having manufactured but refuses to account for.

We know he has that arsenal of deadly weapons. It's always been about Saddam refusing to tell the world where all that stuff is now.

That's what has really angers me -- I've talked about this on my radio show. The media has done such a disservice to the president and the public by not making the public aware that in fact Saddam has these weapons, we've long known he's had them, and that these are the weapons we're looking for. He's either destroyed them or he has them hidden and he's unwilling to tell us which.

These biological weapons are easy to hide, and he's had months to hide them even deeper while we were arguing the point about getting UN resolution 1441, and getting the approval of the Congress. It's as if I planned to break into my neighbor's house and rob him, and for five months continued to leave him notes telling him on what day I'm going to do it. The possibility is that when I break in there will be nothing to steal. He would have gotten everything out of harm's way.

If Saddam hasn't got these weapons why is he giving his army hazmat suits to protect them against chemical and biological weapons he knows we'd never use? But the media continues to play the some old "we-haven't-found-anything" tune and now the public is buying into the canard that we haven't found anything as if we need to find something in order to go to war.

The fact is NOT finding something is a reason to go to war because we know he has it and has it hidden and he plans to sell it, use it, or what he is doing now: training al Qaeda operatives in the use of it against us and our allies in the future.

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