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Where Are America's Churches

Where Are America's Churches?

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

Along with Western Europe, America is sinking deeper and deeper into the secular slime, yet aside from the Roman Catholic Church no other mainline churches have joined together to utter word against this destructive trend.

Think about it:

       Babies are being aborted because ultrasound images reveal they have even the most minor of birth defects;

       Men and women whose lifestyles are defined by their same-sex sodomite relationships seek official sanction to marry and find wide acceptance of the idea from liberals;

       A large chain of movie houses says it will allow teenagers to watch R-rated movies if they get their parent's or guardian's permission to wallow in smut.

       Los Angeles commissioners have agreed to remove the tiny cross from the county seal, but allow the image of a pagan goddess to remain on it.

These are all symptoms of the moral rot that is dragging America down into the slime pit. Pope John Paul II calls it the result of a "soulless vision of life." His church in America has stood as a bulwark against the evils of abortion, of so-called gay marriage and the widespread availability of pornography.

Tragically, only his church has taken a unified stand against these many destructive evils -- none of the other mainstream churches have taken a united stand, and unless and until they do, the nation's headlong plunge into the abyss will continue. America's religious leaders must speak out in one voice.

London's Daily Mail has just revealed that abortions are soaring in England, mainly because parents are now seeking "designer" babies free of all defects, and are aborting anything other than perfect babies. And you can be certain that if this shocking practice is happening in England, it is also happening here.

According to the newspaper, the latest available figures from Britain's Office for National Statistics show more women than ever are choosing to terminate babies with potential handicaps, with such abortions rising 8 percent in a year.

       In 2002 five babies were aborted because they had deformed feet, and a sixth because of a cleft lip and palate.

       In 2000 and 2001, nine babies were aborted due to cleft lip and palate, while a further two were aborted for cleft lip alone.

Church of England curate Joanna Jepson told the Daily Mail 'These statistics are horrifying and show the highly consumerist attitude which is now pervading human relationships. I don't think anyone had any idea that so many babies had been aborted for cleft lip and palate. The fact that two were aborted for cleft lip alone is a slur on people with the condition."

Parents today are responsible for the rise of a materialist mentality. Parents decide to be best friends to their children instead of being what parents are meant to be, teachers and role models and dispensers of discipline when it is needed, and try to give their offspring whatever they want in the hope that they won't act up and be angry.

And it's not just parents who are contributing to the moral decay.

In Peoria, Ill. for example, the GKC theaters which serve 24 cities in the Midwest allow kids 17 and under to view R-rated movies without being accompanied by a parent. According to ABC News, a child can get an R-card as long as an adult guardian has approved. Notice the word 'guardian' and not 'adult parent,' which can result in a child denied parental permission to obtain a card going to another adult and having that person pose as his or her guardian to get one.

Here in Los Angeles the L. A. Board of Supervisors has surrendered to the ACLU and agreed to remove the cross which represents the Catholic missions from which the city grew, from the city seal, but they allowed the image of Pomona, the pagan Roman goddess of fruit to remain.

All of this is going on. Today you have the Pope and the Catholic Church almost alone fighting to hold back this assault against morality. It's about time for other churches to stand up, join them and take the same kind of stand instead of giving into this ongoing destruction of all that is good and decent and moral.

We are at war with evil and we need all the allies we can get.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Radio America Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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