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Jimmy Carter Bane of US Presidents

Jimmy Carter, Bane of U.S. Presidents

By Michael Reagan

The New York Times recently carried an op-ed column by Jimmy Carter in which he announced that a U.S. war on Iraq fails utterly to meet his personal criteria as a just war.

In writing this ill-advised piece for a newspaper notorious for its contempt for the Bush administration, the former president continues to play his chosen role of being a swift pain in the backside of sitting U.S. presidents.

The man's sanctimonious castigation of the Bush administration for daring to put the interests of the American people above those of its sworn enemies is simply another example of his determination to set himself up as the nation's supreme moralist with some sort of Divine assignment to preach what he deems to be the path of righteousness America must follow.

Unfortunately, that delusion tends to put him in league with such unrighteous characters as Fidel Castro and North Korea's Kim il Jong. And while he describes Saddam Hussein as being less than wholesome, he doesn't seem to mind giving the Iraqi dictator all the room he needs to fend off his demise for as long as possible.

The dreary record of Jimmy Carter's serial flirtations with some of the world's least appetizing leaders and his studied contempt for the men who followed his disastrous presidency into the White House includes:

Attacking Clinton for his Haiti and North Korea policies.

Writing to members of the U.N. Security Council, including France and Communist China, and urging them to thwart the first Bush administration's effort in the Gulf War; this is something the administration only discovered when then-Canadian prime minister, Brian Mulroney, called defense secretary, Dick Cheney, and asked what in the world was going on with Mr. Carter. As National Review's Jay Nordlinger commented recently, "Some people actually allowed themselves to utter the word "treason."

He once told Yasser Arafat that the Reagan administration was not renowned for its record of keeping its promises, according to his biographer Douglas Brinkley.

While in the White House, Carter hailed Yugoslavia's dictator Josep Broz Tito as "a man who believes in human rights." Of Romania's murderous dictator Ceausescu he said "Our [his and the killer dictator's] goals are the same: to have a just system of economics and politics . . . We believe in enhancing human rights."

Nordlinger wrote that Carter praised Syria's late president Assad (killer of at least 20,000 in Hama) and the Ethiopian tyrant Mengistu (killer of many more than that). In Haiti, he told the dictator CÚdras that he was "ashamed of what my country has done to your country."

In North Korea, he praised the late Kim Il Sung, one of the worst and most brutal dictators in history. Said Carter of the "Great Leader," "I find him to be vigorous, intelligent, surprisingly well informed about the technical issues, and in charge of the decisions about this country." He also proclaimed "I don't see that they [the North Koreans] are an outlaw nation." Sounding like a latter day Jane Fonda, he also described Pyongyang, where the population has been on starvation rations for years as a "bustling city," where shoppers "pack the department stores," and said it reminded him of the "Wal-Mart in Americus, Georgia."

Finally, when George W. Bush identified the Axis of Evil after 9/11, Carter went ballistic, calling the statement "overly simplistic and counter-productive" and added "I think it will take years before we can repair the damage done by that statement."

So spoke the Reverend Jimmy Carter, self-appointed conscience of America.

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