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Gore Read The Handwriting on the Wall – It said “Go”

Al Gore's drive to the presidency began with a kiss and ended with a kiss.


Anybody watching the former vice president's performance on

Saturday Night Live, which began with a two and a half-minute kissing marathon

with his wife, had to have sensed that it was his swan song. The terminally

stiff Al Gore suddenly loosened his grip on himself and had a little fun ­

in public, no less. It was a prologue of what was to come the next day ­ his

withdrawal from contention for the 2004 presidential race.


It was

as if a great weight he's been carrying for years had suddenly been lifted from

his shoulders and he was publicly reveling in the incredible lightness of his

new being.


There should be no mystery about his reasons for pulling

out of the race ­ Al Gore withdrew because it had become painfully obvious

that he could not win. Polls show that a majority of voters did not want him to

run again, Democrat king makers were turning away from him in droves, and, most

convincing, his prospects for raising the vast amounts of money his candidacy

would require were poor to non existent.


As he and Tipper made the

rounds relentlessly touting their book on countless TV shows across the nation,

he was less interested in selling the book than he was in testing the waters for

his potential candidacy. He found them icy. The book, despite a barrage of

publicity, did not sell, that fact itself a grim omen for his presidential

hopes. People greeted the couple warmly, but the smiles and the handshakes and

the hearty welcomes came without any promises of support for his candidacy. Gore

had to have recognized his appeal was that of a visiting celebrity rather than a

potential president of the United States.


It may not have been

obvious to the public, but Gore is painfully aware of the fact that always

lurking in the background is Hillary Rodham Clinton, who is what he claimed to

be but never was - the true heir to the Clinton legacy, such as it



In the eight years of the Clinton administration, Vice

President Gore had little or no influence whatsoever on policy matters. The same

cannot be said for Hillary. What she said mattered. In truth, it was the

Clinton/Clinton administration far more than it was the Clinton/Gore



With her husband, and their stooge DNC chairman

Terry McAuliffe, Hillary has the key to the money raising vault, and Gore knows

that they have no intention of handing it to him. They have other fish to



Gore's realization that he could not win in 2004 is not a

reflection of any belief that George W. Bush cannot be beaten. On the contrary,

last week he told's Chris Ruddy that he is fully convinced that

Bush's current sky high popularity will have plunged by the time the next

election rolls around ­ and Bush will be beatable. But not, he knows, by



Al Gore's withdrawal is the end of the Clinton/Gore era and

the beginning of the Hillary Clinton ascendancy.


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