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Democrats' Panic Getting Out of Hand

Democrats' Panic Getting Out of Hand

Making Sense

By Michael Reagan

Watching the Democrats' frantic pursuit of an issue -- any issue -- that will allow them to find a breach in George Bush's armor reminds me of the antics of a chicken after its head has been chopped off -- they're running around aimlessly in circles.

The latest sign of Democrat dementia was the trotting out of two of their more bizarre champions, Sen. Byrd, formerly of the West Virginia branch of the KKK and the ridiculous little Rep. Henry Waxman, to attack the Commander in Chief of the Armed forces of the United States for acting like -- a Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces of the United States. Horrors.

Sen. Byrd is shocked -- shocked, that President Bush arrived aboard the USS Abraham Lincoln after a jet flight during which this former jet pilot actually piloted the aircraft clad in .. gasp -- a flight suit.

Note to Senator Byrd: people who fly jet aircraft are well advised to wear flight suits -- that's what they're for -- flying jets. The President used to wear them when he flew jets in the Air National Guard, just as you, Senator, used to wear your hooded white sheets when you were burning crosses in the Klan. It's a nostalgia thing.

Mr. Waxman, his silly little mustache all a twitter, is horrified at the supposed cost of the President's visit which, as has been pointed out, was far less than the investigation little Henry wants to launch to uncover the fiscal details of the flight and the visit.

The Democrats are appalled -- not because of the alleged extra cost of the visit, or the propriety of a Commander in Chief visiting the returning warriors, but because the visit was certain to pay political dividends bound to help him defeat Hillary or any of the other hapless would-be presidential candidates in 2004. Imagine that -- a president doing his job of honoring servicemen and women back from the front while also doing things that make good political sense. Shocking!

The poor fools were really taken aback by the reception those returning warriors gave the president. They treated him as a hero president, a man they love and admire because they know that, unlike most Democrats, he loves and admires them.

The panic among the Democrats is occasioned by their inability to portray George W. Bush as a racist who would enjoy dragging a black victim behind his pickup, or a skinflint determined to drive the poor into deeper poverty while giving tax breaks to the filthy rich -- you know, rich people like Ketchup Kerry who struck it rich at the altar, or Hillary, who struck it rich at the book publishers peddling an alleged tell-all book that, to their dismay, will be a tell-nothing but hogwash book.

They're really angry at the President for looking and acting presidential while they're running around in circles trying to convince voters he's the bogey man who'll frighten little children and deprive seniors of their social security. He's a moving target they can't get in their sights and it's just driving them crazy -- and that, as it is said, is not really a drive, but just a short putt.

Just imagine their advertising experts trying to figure out how they can get away with attacking the President the way they did back in 2000, painting him as stupid, racist, inept -- as just another rich playboy kid who would never have gotten nominated if his name wasn't Bush.

They know that this time around they can't convince voters that re-electing George Bush will mean more black churches will burn to the ground, the absolute destruction of the environment, and the beggaring of the American people. As a matter of fact, these fools are even running a TV commercial showing teachers allegedly selling their blood to raise enough money to pay for educating their students.

It is said that those whom the gods would destroy, they first drive mad. It looks like the gods have it in for the Democrats -- they've been scared out of their wits.

Next stop: the funny farm.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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