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Media Attack Dogs Shocked, Shocked At Bennett's Gambling

Media Attack Dogs Shocked, Shocked, At Bennett's Gambling

By Michael Reagan

Bill Bennett gambles and that is an unforgivable sin according to the U.S. media which is in full cry, yapping at the heels of a man far and away the moral superior of the whole snarling pack of hypercritical liberals.

They gleefully report that Bennett, a stern moralist they feel obliged to emphasize, has lost over 8 million dollars in ten years of gambling in Las Vegas. Bennett says that's not true, that he's more or less broken even over that period of time.

"I play fairly high stakes," he told Newsweek's ultra-left-wing reporter Jonathan Alter, one of those leading the lynch mob. "I adhere to the law. I don't play the 'milk money.' I don't put my family at risk, and I don't owe anyone anything." The documents, Alter admits, "offer no reason to contradict Bennett on these points."

Nor do they offer anything to contradict Bennett's claim that he's beaten the odds, but Alter doesn't mention that, merely reporting without comment Bennett's claim that "Over 10 years, I'd say I've come out pretty close to even."

Across America the headlines in America's liberal-drenched media have trumpeted the story with the same enthusiasm they'd report a landslide defeat of Republicans at the polls.

The same media, which trumpets the virtues of homosexuality, the killing of babies in the womb, vigorously defended the outrageous immoral behavior of President Clinton, ignores the recent scandal, of Hillary's lies about her 9/11 behavior, and never manages to find anything wrong with gambling when it involves state lotteries have suddenly decided that Bennett's wagers violate some strict moral code. That despite the fact that Bennett's Catholic faith only condemns gambling when it robs people of the ability to pay essential bills such as for food and the rent, hardly the case with Bennett, a millionaire who can afford to bet large sums if he feels like it. It is, after all, his money.

Ask yourself, what has he done wrong? He hasn't hurt anybody; he hasn't inflicted pain on anybody so it's obvious that somebody -- in this case our wonderful, fault-free liberal-dominated media -- has it in for him.

There is a lesson here for every conservative the liberals in the media hate as they hate men like Bennett for condemning the moral outrages they defend or ignore: Look over your shoulder, Rush, be careful what you do, Sean. They're watching you. Spit on the sidewalk and they'll be on your back like a pack of hungry wolves going for the kill. If you're a liberal Democrat, however, you don't have to worry. With you anything goes. Ask Bill Clinton.

If gambling is the sin the media has now discovered it to be, every American who buys a lottery ticket is a grievous sinner. Gambling is gambling. Everybody who's ever bought a lottery ticket, everybody who's ever been to Vegas, anybody who's ever played bingo has no right to be angry with Bill Bennett.

If his gambling is wrong, their gambling is wrong too. Shun the church bingo parlor, don't buy lottery tickets. Just be a good little taxpayer and shell out your money so the schools can afford to buy condoms for your kiddies.

The media won't mention it, but the biggest gambling institution of all is government. Most states are utterly dependent upon lotteries to pay their bills and keep the schools open. It's okay for them, but wrong for Bill Bennett to make wagers even though he can afford it.

I think what bothers the media liberals most is the fact that Bennett had $8 million to bet -- it proves to them that people simply can't be trusted to spend their own money the way liberals think it should be spent, on idiot socialist schemes, and it therefore should be taken away from them by confiscatory taxation so government can spend it wisely.

Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network. Comments to Michael

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