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Somebody On The Right Screwed Up And Gave The Left An Anti-War Issue To Exploit

Somebody on the Right Screwed Up and Gave the Left an Anti-War Issue to Exploit

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

What the President said during his State of the Union address has suddenly become a major problem for him, and while much of the criticism is nothing more than cheap partisan politics that can have a serious affects on America's future, the administration has got to admit that there have been some screw-ups.

The President had every right to do what he did. He did the right thing. However, there's no getting away from the fact that there were major gaffes by the FBI and CIA and administration staff. But whether the screw-ups involve 9/11, or Afghanistan, or Iraq, nobody has offered their resignation and said, "Excuse me, I screwed up."

The President didn't write the State of the Union address, his staff did. It's their job to dot the I s and cross the T s -- to make sure the President has the right information.

While his critics focus on that one single instance where the information was based on a falsified intelligence report, his own people who were responsible for using it are letting the president hang in the wind.

Whoever wrote that speech, whoever failed to exercise due diligence to use correct information and allowed the president to say that, really gave the left something to grab onto and chew on like mad dogs. If that isn't disconcerting enough, what's worse is that there is nobody in the administration willing to stand up and take the heat. Instead they are letting the President just hang out there all by himself and twist slowly in the wind.

It's about time that the President starts letting heads roll at the CIA and the FBI and even inside the White House. It's long past time for them to pay for their failures.

Tragically, this episode is having a serious effect on our troops in Iraq. We have people over there who are dying. And these liberals who are exploiting this issue here at home are encouraging their killers to keep shooting our men.

The left-wing media such as CNN, NBC, CBS, ABC and the New York Times, play up the political battle going on in the U.S. and the Iraqis who want to regain control and go back to the days of Saddam Hussein are using those battles here at home as a way to rejuvenate their cause in Iraq.

It's patently obvious that what the left is trying to do is to prove we shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place which gives the Ba'ath party members in Iraq and other pro-Saddam elements that are killing our troops the hope that the U.S. will cut and run and put them back in power.

In short, the liberal attacks on the president are nothing less than an invitation to the terrorist elements in Iraq to continue to kill Americans in the belief that if they keep at it long enough, the American people will get tired of the whole mess and demand that we bring our troops home.

They saw it happen in Vietnam, they saw it happen in Somalia and thanks to the anti-war liberals here at home, they have every reason to believe that it can happen in Iraq.

I promise you that if Howard Dean or John Kerry get the Democrat party's nomination, one of the planks in their platform will be "if you elect me I will bring the troops home from Iraq." And that will be all the terrorists in Iraq will need to hear -- that if they just hang in there long enough and keep killing Americans, sooner or later Americans will go home with our tails between our legs, we'll be gone, and they'll be back in power.

If that happens, then the whole world will be in turmoil and Armageddon will be right around the corner because the world will know America doesn't have the guts to finish what we start. And if that happens, we can blame it on the screw-up and those Democrats cynical enough to exploit it.

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