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No Conservatives May Apply

No Conservatives Need Apply

By Michael Reagan

By their disgraceful behavior in the fight over the nomination of Miguel Estrada to be a federal judge, Senate Democrats have once again shown that they simply refuse to admit that they lost both the November 5th election and control of the United States Senate.

No matter what they claim, their sole objection to Miguel Estrada, one of the most superbly qualified nominees ever to come before the Senate for confirmation, is that he is not a flaming liberal the only kind of judicial nominee they'll accept.

They'll stand up and give a speech favoring an Hispanic, or take out an ad, as Mary Landreau did when she was running for re-election, but when the chips are down, and the Hispanic turns out not to be a liberal, they'll turn against him just as Sen. Landreau did.

Landreau ran a radio commercial on a New Orleans radio station for almost two weeks, praising her outreach to Hispanics and specifically noting: "Mary Landrieu also supported the candidacy of the Honduran Miguel Estrada for the federal court of appeals."

But as soon as she got elected and got back to Washington, she promptly withdrew her support and said she was misunderstood, claiming her campaign ran an ad that was intended to convey only that she did not oppose his nomination. "Instead, it read as if I had already decided to support him. Unfortunately, some of my supporters in the Hispanic community who helped us to produce this commercial misinterpreted my neutrality as a statement of support," she said.

That's a bald faced lie. Mary Landreau is a liar.

As Sharon Castillo, a spokeswoman for the Republican National Committee said. "She lied to the [Hispanic] community, and now she's turning back on the community that helped elect her."

But Landreau isn't alone in speaking with a forked tongue.The whole Democratic party is a party of liars. They say they stand up for the little man, for Hispanics. No they don't; they stand up for Hispanics only if they are liberals. They say we stand up for African Americans, for blacks; no they don't. They stand up for blacks only if they are liberals.

They say they stand up for women and women's right to choose; no they don't. They stand up for liberal women.You cannot be a conservative woman in the Democrat Party, any more than you can be a conservative black in the Democrat party; especially in the Black Caucus which wouldn't allow J.C. Watts to join their ranks because he wasn't a liberal. And you cannot be a conservative Hispanic in the Democrat Party.

You have to be a liberal in everything. Have you ever heard a pro-life Democrat speak at a Democrat convention? No, and you never will. They wouldn't even let former Pennsylvania Governor Bob Casey, a life-long Democrat, speak at their National convention because he was pro-life.

If the shoe were on the other foot and Miguel Estrada was a liberal, and the Republicans were opposing him, the Democrat party would be playing the race card for all it's worth. They'd be marching Miguel Estrada in front of the media and telling America how racist the Republican Party is that they will not allow this fine Hispanic American to be a member of the D.C. Appellate Court.

Republicans don't play the race card because they look at people as Martin Luther King wanted us to look at people- at the content of their character. The Democrat Party is still stuck at looking at your color, your race, and if you are a liberal. That's all that matters to them. Which all goes to prove that the Democrat Party has no character.

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