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The Axis of Idiocy

The Axis of Idiocy

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

If Iraq, Iran and North Korea are the Axis of Evil, Reps. Jim McDermott, and John Conyers and Ramsey Clark are the Axis of Idiocy.

Remember Washington State's Democrat Congressman McDermott, one of the two useful idiots who jetted off to Baghdad to sing the praises of Saddam Hussein while attacking President Bush? The same Jim McDermott who joined with John Conyers and four other House Democrats to file suit against the Bush administration claiming that Congress had not given its OK to attack Saddam Hussein?

On September 27, 2002, McDermott, and Rep. David Bonior, (D-Mich) went to Baghdad. Standing before a microphone there, McDermott insisted that Americans "have to take the Iraqis on their face value."

When ABC's George Stephanopoulos asked McDermott, "Before you left for Baghdad, you said the president of the United States will lie to the American people in order to get us into this war. Do you really believe that?" he replied "I think the president would mislead the American people." Remember, this was said not in the U.S., but in Baghdad.

According to Larry Elder, Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., a Vietnam POW, said that while Jane Fonda's support of the Viet Cong is one thing, in her case, you can write it up to her status as a misguided actress. But how to excuse the behavior of McDermott? A member of U.S. Congress on enemy soil, declaring greater trust and faith in the enemy than in his own president!

John Conyers has earned a place in the Axis of Idiocy by his legal attack on the President, as well as his long record of supporting extreme left wing, anti-American movements, notably in Latin America. When my father Ronald Reagan was getting ready to drive Cuban communists out of Grenada where they were in the process of digging in, he kept his plans secret from Congress because he knew they would be leaked to our enemies -- and he later said that he was particularly afraid of John Conyers in that regard.

Ramsey Clark certainly belongs in this Axis of Idiocy if only because he has for a long time sided openly with Saddam Hussein against his own nation.

In June 1980, he joined a forum on "Crimes of America" in Tehran where U.S. hostages were being held. Clark also represented PLO leaders in a suit brought by the family of Leon Klinghoffer, the wheelchair-bound man who was shot and thrown overboard from the hijacked Achille Lauro cruise-ship by PLO terrorists in 1986.

Clark's latest activity on behalf of the Axis of Idiocy was his intervention on behalf of Dan Rather and CBS when he arranged to have Rather interview Saddam.

It was an interview tightly controlled by Iraq that Saddam obviously relished. He even allowed it to be broadcast inside Iraq, something he would not have allowed if he hadn't viewed it as the favorable exercise in Iraqi propaganda which Rather allowed it to become. And it's also obvious that they picked Rather because they knew he wouldn't ask any hardball questions.

Does anybody believe that Saddam would have allowed talk show hosts or Fox News to interview him? Of course not. They knew we'd ask the tough questions.

The Axis of Idiocy has found their perfect spokesman -- Dan Rather, the most useful of all the useful idiots in the liberal media.

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