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A Statue Came Down and Liberal Lies Along With It

A Statue Came Down, and Liberal Lies Along With it

Making Sense

By Michael Reagan

Like millions of my fellow Americans, I rejoiced as I watched United States Marines come to the aid of Iraqis trying to pull down a huge statue of Saddam Hussein. The Marines made short work of the statue to the delight of scores of Iraqis who vented their years of stored up anger at the Saddam dictatorship by beating on the fallen idol.

It was an historic moment reminiscent of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Decades of tyranny had ended, and along with it the lies and distortions of anti-Bush liberals, Democrats who predicted that all kinds of disasters would befall America if we went to war with Saddam Hussein's Iraq.

That statue was Iraq's Berlin Wall. And the naysayers, the Rangels and the Kerrys and the Conyers and the Pelosis and the Daschles and all of the American Baghdad Bobs who just a week ago were whining that we're wrong -- that the president was wrong and there was going to be body bag after body bag coming home -- that this is an unjust and illegal war, were the ones who have been proved wrong.

Instead, what we are seeing today, just a week later, is the beginning of freedom for the first time since Saddam's iron fist was clamped down on his people years ago.

Today Iraqis are jubilant - they're excited because for the first time in their lives they're able to do something they want to do without having to fear that somebody will shoot them, or torture them or rape their wives and mothers and kill their children.

Every day that's gone by, President Bush and Tony Blair look far wiser and brilliant than those who have been speaking out against. Think about it, the war started a mere 21 days ago -- today we're in Baghdad, the Saddam regime has been destroyed and the people of Iraq are free.

As Baghdad Bob has been spewing forth his fantasyland disinformation to the Iraqis and the Arab world, so have the Democrats who for so long said the same things and spread the same types of lies and propaganda about the Republicans and about Ronald Reagan and President Bush and his father before him. As the statue of Saddam come crashing down hopefully America will look at Washington and understand the statue of corrupt liberalism has begun to fall too.

Our people should understand that these scoundrels have been telling lie after lie after lie for so long, whether it be about communism, or Nicaragua or Fidel Castro or Social Security.

People are beginning to hear the truth thanks to talk radio and Fox Broadcasting and internet news services such as and the Drudge Report and are telling their friends and neighbors, that there is truth out there to be had, and they no longer need listen to liberalism's lies being trumpeted by the Democrats and their biased liberal media allies.

We have watched one of the most amazing and successful military campaigns in all history and it came about despite the liberal propaganda we were being fed by the media and the Democrats and some retired military soreheads. Propaganda that the strategy was flawed, that we had an insufficient number of troops on the ground, that we had to pause because of all of this, that we were facing a quagmire in Baghdad and guerilla warfare from an outraged Iraqi citizenry that was rallying around the Saddam regime.

They were all lies.

As I watched the overjoyed Iraqis dragging the statue's head through the streets, I couldn't help thinking how different things are under George Bush than they were under President Clinton. Under Clinton, it was the bodies of American soldiers being dragged though the streets of Mogadishu - an outrage Clinton allowed to go unpunished. His response was to cut and run. Today, thanks to George Bush's steely determination, it was Saddam's statue's head, pulled down by United States Marines, that was being dragged through the streets.

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