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Democrat’s Secret Plan Exposed: Undermine America

Democrat's Secret Plan Exposed: Undermine America (780 wds)

By Michael Reagan

The secret is out -- the Democrat party leadership has been caught red-handed promoting a strategy designed to destroy George Bush by undermining America.

That's how 'Capitol Hill Blue' (CHB) describes the aims set forth in a memorandum prepared by the likes of DNC national chairman Terry McAuliffe,the odious James Carville, Tom Daschle and Dick Gephardt.

'Democrats plan to undermine public confidence in President George W. Bush by challenging his credibility and raising doubts about America,' sources within the party told the feisty web-based daily which got its hands on the incriminating document.

'A multi-pronged attack against Republicans and the President will focus not only on economic issues, but question American values, raise doubts about how this country is viewed by other nations, and question the patriotism of Bush and his party,' CHB reported.

If you listen to what's coming out of Washington, the Democrats are already following the strategy outlined in that memo. For example, they are already questioning if the president is doing everything he can to protect America even though we haven't been attacked since September 11, 2001.

What they're doing is setting themselves up to be able to blame the president if we are ever attacked again. I hate to say this, but I think there are Democrats on Capitol Hill who are praying for another September 11 so they can blame George Bush, the Republicans, and those of us in talk radio, just as they blamed Rush Limbaugh for inciting the Oklahoma City bombing.

Says CHB'In coming weeks, Democratic elected officials will question the President's intentions on the pending war with Iraq.' The Democrats' ever helpful media allies have already been given talking points suggesting the war is about oil, not terrorism.

Among the propaganda points:

  • Thewar is about oil and will be fought to benefit oil companies that have long supported Bush and the Republican party;

  • Going towar is the only way the administration can revive the country's sluggish economy.

  • America is unprepared for another terrorist attack because of White House preoccupation with Iraq

  • A war will increase the country's economic woes, and Bush will be forced to raise taxes to finance the war.

    Bush is controlled by oil? The truth is the Democrats make that outrageous charge because they want to use it to obfuscate such increasingly obvious facts that they are, for example, controlled by the trial lawyers who, with their bogus class action suits are bankrupting American companies putting Americans out of work, driving the cost of living andeverything else up, and now driving doctors out of medicine.

    That seems to be O.K. with these people. It's the evil oil companies who keep our cars and our economy running who they want to blame for the kind of economic problems their trial lawyer bosses have created.

    Theyclaim that George Bush is going to be forced to raise taxes because of the war when they are the ones who always want to raise our taxes because they think our hard-earned money belongs to them.

    Their real aim, unspoken in the memo, but obvious in everything they do and say, is to undermine the economy. That's why they don't want George Bush's economic revival plan to go through. They know that history has proven that this kind of plan works, as demonstrated by the tax reform policies of John F. Kennedy and my father, Ronald Reagan.

    Watch where they filibuster, watch where they fight the hardest and complain the loudest. It will be in those areas where they can sabotagethe economy, and if they can undermine the economy -- that's your job and my job -- between now and the 2004 elections, they can use the 'economy stupid'line to win an election against George Bush.

    In order to get there they have to do everything they can to sabotage the economy and push America into a recession they'll then blame on George Bush. You can bet that there are lot of Democrats praying that the economy will go into the tank because they are not there to make it better for Americans, they are there to make it better for themselves. They are the most selfish human beings on the face of the planet.

    Fortunately, Americans are beginning to catch on to the Democrat scams. They are beginning to realize that these people lack any ideas except for name calling, and pointing fingers at people, and setting Americans against Americans in an endless class war.

    The truth is, the only people who were left out the 'axis of evil' speech who truly belonged there are the Democrats on Capitol Hill.

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