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The Endless Saga of Hillary Clinton

The Endless Saga of Hillary Clinton

Making Sense By Michael Reagan

She's never going to go away. Just when you think you've heard the last of her, she pops up like the proverbial bad penny. Christ told us that "the poor you will always have with you." I'm afraid the same is true of Hillary Clinton -- we will always have her with us.

During the Lincoln administration there was a man named Green who was drivin

g the president crazy, dogging his footsteps day in and day out, seeking a government job. In those days people could just walk into the White House and Green was a constant visitor, reaching out and intercepting Abe Lincoln as he went from one part of the mansion to another.

When someone asked Lincoln to describe his day, he went through his activities from the time he arose in the morning until we went to bed at night. Just before getting in bed, Lincoln said, he knelt down and looked under the bed, and then said a prayer thanking God that Green wasn't there.

Hillary Clinton may not be lurking under George Bush's bed, but she's everywhere else, on television hawking her book, popping into book stores signing her name for customers naive enough to want to read a book written by four ghost writers and promoted as Hillary's own work, or hogging the cameras outside the Senate chamber as she heads for the latest TV appearance or book signing.

She's out plugging her book, hoping to sell a million copies to justify the $8 million the publishers paid for the manuscript. She carefully chooses the people who interview her, making certain that none of them will ask inconvenient questions or press her about the flagrant inconsistencies or outright fabrications with which the book is peppered.

I see that is now selling a pack of cards it calls the "Deck of Hillary."

From what I've seen of her book, it should be called "a pack of lies."

Hillary Clinton is many things, but she is most of all what Bill Safire once called her, "a congenital and very skillful liar." She strains the reader's credulity when she tries to convince the world that she didn't know about Monicagate until her husband told her about his hijinks with the intern in the Oval Office. Nobody had better reason to know what kind of philanderer Bill Clinton is, and it's obvious that she long ago simply accepted his serial infidelities as a fact of life she had to live with if she wanted to ride his shooting star to her own future glory.

As she told Katie Couric, it was okay because she and her husband "share an abiding commitment to make the world a better place; " a world, perhaps, in which a husband is free to cheat on his wife?

Hillary Clinton is the adulterous husband's dream wife. Because of all the alleged good things her husband was doing for America she says it was okay if he played around and she just had to forgive him for the sake of the nation.

Every adulterer in the country should want Hillary for a wife -- he could go out and play around and expect the little woman to take it because he was doing a good job at work and bringing home a paycheck and providing her with what she wanted. He'd have a license to commit adultery whenever the opportunity arose as long as he kept his nose to the grindstone and paid her bills on time.

This is a never-ending saga. We're stuck with her and we're stuck with her husband. Like the mosquitoes that plague us every summer, they'll always be there waiting for another chance to feed on us.

Like Bill's philandering, it's a fact of life.


Mike Reagan, the eldest son of President Ronald Reagan, is heard on more than 200 talk radio stations nationally as part of the Premiere Radio Network. Comments to mereagan@hotmail.comfor Mike.

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