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Matt Mackowiak is a Washington, DC and Austin, TX based political and communications consultant and the founder and President of Potomac Strategy Group, LLC, providing political consulting, media relations and crisis communications assistance to campaigns, companies, groups and individuals. Since he arrived in Washington, DC, he has served in senior roles for two U.S. Senators, a Governor, in the executive branch, in winning political campaigns, and in the private sector. Over his career Matt has developed deep relationships with national, state and local media and political figures.

Most recently Matt has worked with PSG client Gov. Sean Parnell (R-AK) as a senior communications adviser, providing counsel on strategy, speechwriting and media relations during the 90-day legislative session in Juneau.

In 2010 Matt served as Campaign Manager for Bill Flores, the Republican challenger in Texas’ 17th Congressional District. After winning a 5-way primary, Flores defeated 10-term incumbent Rep. Chet Edwards (D-TX) by 25% in November 2010, the largest margin of victory for a GOP challenger in 2010.

In addition to offering counsel to individuals and corporations, Matt provides political analysis for the Fox News Channel, MSNBC, ABC News, CBS News, BBC News, and radio stations throughout the country. Matt’s on-the-record political analysis has appeared in Politico, the Washington Times, the Los Angeles Times, Bloomberg News, The Hill, Congressional Quarterly, the Washington Examiner, the Dallas Morning News, the Houston Chronicle, and on He has had opinion columns published in the New York Daily News, Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer, Politico, Roll Call, Austin American-Statesman, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Des Moines Register, National Review online, Congressional Quarterly and on the popular blog sites The Daily Beast and The Huffington Post. Matt has guest lectured and spoken to audiences at the University of Illinois, the University of Texas, Texas Christian University, Georgetown University, Catholic University, the University of Denver, American University, the University of North Texas and the University of Texas at Arlington.

From 2005-2009 Matt served as Press Secretary to U.S. Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison (R-TX), the fourth ranking member of the Republican Leadership and three-term former U.S. Senator Conrad Burns (R-MT). Earlier in his career he was a political appointee at the U.S. Department of Homeland Security for Under Secretary Asa Hutchinson, managed the second largest county in Iowa on the Bush-Cheney re-election campaign, counseled corporate clients at the international PR firm Burson-Marsteller, and performed White House Presidential and Vice Presidential advance representation all over the country.

A native of Austin, Texas, Matt graduated with a B.S. in Communications Studies (Political Communication track) from the University of Texas in 2003. Aside from his professional work, he owns and manages the popular blog site, which the Washingtonian has called “one of the best political blogs.” In his free time, Matt enjoys sports, live music, reading biographies, and is an avid supporter of the Pittsburgh Steelers, the Pittsburgh Penguins and the University of Texas.

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2/21/2019 Trump Notches a Win Against Crony Capitalism
12/25/2018 Abandoning Principles to Please a Republican Billionaire?
12/4/2018 The Truth about Medicare For All
11/27/2018 Lame Duck Congress Should Roll Back Disastrous Health Tax
11/18/2018 Getting Things Done in a Divided Congress
4/5/2017 Border Wall in Urban Areas Makes Sense
1/11/2017 Why Rick Perry is Actually a Good Cabinet Pick
12/1/2016 What can Trump Deliver on Immigration?
6/22/2016 No, Hillary Won't Win Texas
5/16/2016 'Party of Science' Flouts Biology on Gender Identity
4/14/2016 There is No Constitutional Right to Illegally Vote
3/8/2016 Only Two Paths Remain to Stop Trump
2/15/2016 Supreme Court Ruling Could Have Huge Ramifications
10/6/2015 4 Things Planned Parenthood's President Admitted Under Oath
9/30/2015 Cruz Well-Positioned for the Long Haul
9/1/2015 How to Address Birthright Citizenship
7/21/2015 Conservatives Should Send Trump Packing
6/23/2015 Texas Economic Model a Proven Success
4/15/2015 Ted Cruz: Goldwater or Reagan?
4/1/2015 Border Security: Texas Leads While Feds Fail
3/18/2015 In Defense of the GOP's Iran Letter
2/18/2015 Obama's Failures Necessitate Netanyahu Speech
1/5/2015 The Texas Legacy of Rick Perry
12/16/2014 Is the Speedy Decline of Oil Prices a Good Thing
11/18/2014 What the Midterms in Texas Taught Us
8/26/2014 The Persecution of Rick Perry
7/28/2014 The Next Front in the Battle over Obamacare
7/23/2014 Rick Perry Surges with New National Platform
6/29/2014 Rick Perry or Ted Cruz for 2016?
5/28/2014 Julian Castro's Obama Cabinet mistake
5/13/2014 Favoring Teachers' Unions Over Students
4/28/2014 Wendy Davis has Some Explaining to do on Ethics
4/14/2014 Immigration Reform May Wait Until 2017
3/31/2014 No One is Against Equal Pay
3/21/2014 Even Government Agrees Head Start is a Failure
3/6/2014 Wendy Davis has a Problem
12/16/2013 The War on Christmas is Real
10/3/2013 Finally - the GOP is fighting
8/26/2013 Ted Cruz's Moment in Time
7/15/2013 Rick Perry's Texas Legacy is Secure
6/7/2013 Mexico Can Benefit by Tapping into its Shale Formations
5/28/2013 Dream on Liberals - Texas to Remain Red for a Long Time
5/23/2013 Scandals Combine to Form Perfect Storm
5/4/2013 Ted Cruz's Rocket Ride
3/19/2013 Without Reform, Medicaid Expansion Will Bankrupt Texas
3/12/2013 Jeb vs Marco Match-up in 2016 Unlikely
2/18/2013 What the Mainstream Media Don't Understand About Ted Cruz
1/29/2013 Immigration Offers Republicans an Opportunity
12/7/2012 Will Texas be Competitive in 2016?
8/14/2012 Paul Ryan: A VP With a Mandate
8/2/2012 How Ted Cruz did it
7/13/2012 Romney's Considerations for Vice President
2/17/2012 Rick Santorum's Willful Ascent
1/23/2012 Romney Feeling Deja Vu
1/3/2012 Virginia Debacle Could Seriously Hurt GOP Presidential Nominee
12/29/2011 The Political Winners of 2011
12/22/2011 Ron Paul Can't Be Allowed To Win Iowa
12/21/2011 Scenarios for the 2012 Republican Primary
12/8/2011 Why Mitt Romney Is Like Jan From 'The Brady Bunch'
12/1/2011 How Cain Destroyed His Campaign
11/29/2011 5 Ways the 2012 Election Has Changed Since the Super Committee's Failure
10/31/2011 Who to Blame for a Do-Nothing DC
10/26/2011 Angry Protesters Uncertain What They Want, Except For More
10/10/2011 Romney's Fundamental Problem
9/30/2011 Two Scandals Threaten Obama
9/19/2011 Speeches Are Less Effective When Americans Have Stopped Listening
9/13/2011 Is Perry More Electable Than Romney?
8/22/2011 In Search of the Perfect Candidate
8/15/2011 Clarity Comes to the 2012 Campaign
8/12/2011 Republicans' 2012 Advantage
8/5/2011 Rick Perry's Path
7/25/2011 2012 Could Be Another Wave Election
7/18/2011 Will Obama Win In 2012? Just Look at the Numbers
7/12/2011 Don't Count Pawlenty Out Yet

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