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Rich Manieri is a journalism professor at Asbury University in Kentucky. He spent some 30 years as a television and print journalist, speech writer, government spokesman, communications consultant, essayist and columnist. Rich’s first book, “We Burn on Friday: A Memoir of My Father and Me,” was published in 2015. He has won both Associated Press and Emmy awards for television news reporting as well as a Keystone Award in Pennsylvania for column writing.

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3/21/2019 New Zealand and Our Social Media Conundrum
3/13/2019 College Cheating Scandal Reveals Bad Parenting at its Worst
3/7/2019 The Media is Playing into Trump's Hands
2/28/2019 The Politics of Infanticide
2/21/2019 Fake Hate Crimes, False Narratives
2/13/2019 Anti-Vaxxers are a Threat to All of Us
2/7/2019 No Apology Necessary From Trump Nominee
1/30/2019 Republicans and Democrats Really Do Agree on Immigration
1/23/2019 Journalism's Credibility Takes Yet Another Hit
1/16/2019 These Are the Salad Days
1/9/2019 Guess Who's the Socialist
12/19/2018 The Airing of Grievances
12/12/2018 Why the Pushback Against Christmas?
12/6/2018 The Media's Revisionist History of Republican Presidents
11/29/2018 'Bah Humbug' to Social Media Trolls
11/21/2018 From the Ashes, a Lesson in Love and Empathy
11/14/2018 CNN vs President Trump: They're Both Wrong
11/7/2018 Another Election Has Come and Gone. Now What?
10/31/2018 Maybe We Should Try Listening, For a Change
10/25/2018 Democrats Rediscover a Losing Formula
10/18/2018 A Civics Test to Graduate High School? Absolutely
10/10/2018 The Selfie Destruction of Our Country
10/3/2018 The Democrats' Real Problem With Kavanaugh
9/26/2018 So Much For 'Getting It Right'
9/19/2018 Of Course Democrats Are Playing Politics on Kavanaugh Nomination

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