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As the sacred cows set themselves up for slaughter each night at six, America cries out for a man with the aim, strength and style to swat the partisan political piñatas upside their heads. Will Durst is that man. Sweeping both sides of the aisle with a quiver full of barbs sharpened by a keen wit and dipped into the same ink as the day's headlines, Durst transcends political ties, performing at events featuring Vice President Al Gore and former President George H.W. Bush, also speaking at the Governors Conference and the Mayors Convention cementing his claim as the nation's ultimate equal opportunity offender. Outraged and outrageous, Durst may mock and scoff and taunt, but he does it with taste.

A Midwestern baby boomer with a media-induced identity crisis, Durst has been called "a modern day Will Rogers" by The L.A. Times while the S. F. Chronicle hails him as "heir apparent to Mort Sahl and Dick Gregory." The Chicago Tribune argues he's a "hysterical hybrid of Hunter Thompson and Charles Osgood," although The Washington Post portrays him as "the dark Prince of doubt." All agree Durst is America's premier political comic.

As American as a bottomless cup of coffee, this former Milwaukeean is cherished by critics and audiences alike for the common sense he brings to his surgical skewering of the hype and hypocrisies engulfing us on a daily basis. Busier than a blind squirrel neck deep in an almond sorting warehouse, Durst writes a weekly column, was a contributing editor to both National Lampoon and George magazines and continues to pen frequent contributions to various periodicals such as The New York Times and his hometown San Francisco Chronicle.

This five-time Emmy nominee and host/co-producer of the ongoing award winning PBS series "Livelyhood" is also a regular commentator on NPR and CNN, and has appeared on every comedy show featuring a brick wall including Letterman, Comedy Central, HBO and Showtime, receiving 7 consecutive nominations for the American Comedy Awards Stand Up of the Year. Hobbies include the never-ending search for the perfect cheeseburger, while his heroes remain the same from when he was twelve: Thomas Jefferson and Bugs Bunny.

Look for Will's new book "The All American Sport of Bipartisan Bashing" at bookstores and Amazon.com.

Will Durst's performances and columns are made possible by the First Amendment.

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3/19/2019 Rich Is As Rich Does
3/12/2019 America Stuck on a Rollercoaster of Spin
2/26/2019 A Plague of Dems
2/19/2019 Peaches, the Wall
2/11/2019 The State of the Donald Speech
2/4/2019 The State of the Donald Speech
1/3/2019 After Xmas Gift Wish List
12/20/2018 Turning Trump Around
12/11/2018 Top 10 Comedic News Stories of 2018
11/27/2018 Monetizing the White House
11/19/2018 Giving Thanks in 2018
10/30/2018 Why Halloween is so Monstrously Like Election Day
10/24/2018 Hugging Despots
10/17/2018 The Midterm Intervention
10/8/2018 Kavanaugh Huffs and Puffs His Way to the Supreme Court
9/25/2018 Harassing the Harassee
9/18/2018 The GOP Hokey Pokey
8/30/2018 Labor Day Gets No Respect
8/28/2018 All the President's Con Men
8/21/2018 Battle of the D.C. Network Stars
8/15/2018 Swamp Thing
8/8/2018 How to Survive Your Summer Vacation
7/23/2018 Putin's Puppet
7/17/2018 SCOTUS Nominee Brett Kavanaugh: Frequently Asked Questions
7/10/2018 The Resistance is a Failure
7/2/2018 The Loudest Holiday
6/26/2018 The Trump Administration: Absurdity, Normalized
6/13/2018 King Donald
6/5/2018 Oval Office Apprentice
5/29/2018 Trump's Hair: An Analysis
5/23/2018 A Few Choice Words About Mueller's Investigation
5/9/2018 Many, Many More Questions for Trump
5/1/2018 His Own Worst Enemy
4/24/2018 Trump Zombies
4/16/2018 Storm Warning
4/10/2018 Circus Trump
3/28/2018 The Rites of Spring
3/20/2018 March Madness in the White House
3/13/2018 Ways Democrats Could Screw Up the Midterms
3/5/2018 GOP Bridal Remorse Over Marrying Trump
2/26/2018 The Cafeteria Lady is Packing Heat
2/14/2018 Republican Cherry Picking
2/6/2018 From Bipartisan to Treasonous
1/24/2018 Reign of Error
1/9/2018 A Few Predictions for 2018
1/4/2018 Santa Should Have Left These Gifts
12/28/2017 Donald Trump as Robbing Hood
12/19/2017 A Democratic Pulse
12/12/2017 Top 10 Comedic News Stories of 2017
11/28/2017 No Means No
11/7/2017 It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Watergate...
10/24/2017 Trump Takes Aim at His Own Feet
10/17/2017 Rex Tillerson Shouldn't Have Gone Full 'Moron'
10/10/2017 Republican Logic on Guns Makes Me Twitch
10/2/2017 Trump Needs to Stop Ruining Sundays
9/27/2017 Typhoon Trump
9/11/2017 How They Spent Their Summer Vacation
9/1/2017 Boy, Labor Day Came Fast This Year
8/28/2017 What Trump Says vs. What Trump Means
8/21/2017 Hateful Haters Hating Hate
8/15/2017 Thermonuclear Chicken
8/1/2017 Apparently, Trump is a Winner Surrounded by Losers
7/25/2017 Trump's Fifth Avenue Requiem
7/18/2017 Fake Sons
7/10/2017 Trump Loves Executive Orders Even More Than Obama
7/3/2017 Eating Crow Now That America is Great Again
6/19/2017 Snowflakes Want Me To Be Nicer to Trump
6/12/2017 Comey Don't Play That
6/5/2017 Making America Jurassic Again
5/23/2017 Was Trump Bitten by a Radioactive Spider?
5/15/2017 President Braggadocio Fires a Showboat
5/9/2017 President Trump Stress Disorder
5/2/2017 Report Card on Trump's First 100 Days
4/24/2017 Bad Hair Wars Between Trump and North Korea
4/10/2017 A Covey of Political Caucuses
4/4/2017 Trump is Breaking (the) News
3/27/2017 The Head of Trump University Got Schooled
3/20/2017 Trump's March Madness
3/14/2017 Trump is the Picasso of Hogwash
3/7/2017 Russian Nesting Squalls
2/21/2017 The Fake News President
2/13/2017 The Trumpish Cabinet
2/6/2017 Democrats Are Completely Lost
1/31/2017 Partying Like It's 1939
1/23/2017 Trump's First 100 Days
1/18/2017 2017 Resolutions I Hope People Made
1/4/2017 Good Riddance to Bad Rubbish
12/28/2016 The Christmas Gifts You Totally Deserved
12/20/2016 Republicans Just Can't Let Go
12/2/2016 The Top 10 Comedic News Stories of 2016
11/28/2016 Presidential Apprentice
11/22/2016 Holiday Heartburn
11/15/2016 The Bright Side of a Donald Trump Presidency
11/7/2016 The Undecideds
11/1/2016 The Creepy Clown Apocalypse
10/25/2016 Donald, Leave Comedy to the Professionals
10/17/2016 The Gropage Report
10/4/2016 Trump Still Thinks He Won the Debate
9/23/2016 October Surprises
9/19/2016 Health Wars
9/13/2016 2016 Election: Crash, Burn and Repeat
9/2/2016 The Laborest of Days
8/30/2016 Assembling Trump's Dream Team
8/15/2016 Bizarre Similarities Between Trump and Clinton
8/8/2016 The American People Can't Be Trusted
8/1/2016 Hillary Clinton, Not Insane
7/28/2016 Don't Forget About That Insane RNC
7/18/2016 What I Brought With Me to the Republican National Convention
7/11/2016 Who Will Win the Hillary Clinton Veepstakes?
7/6/2016 Who will win the Donald Trump Veepstakes?
6/27/2016 Donald Trump, the Nigerian Prince of Politics
6/20/2016 A Bit of Common Sense on Guns
6/6/2016 Hard to Believe It's Come Down to Hillary or Trump
5/31/2016 Gorilla Politics and the GOP
5/9/2016 The Ugly, Ugly Presidential Campaign
5/2/2016 Lucifer in the House
4/25/2016 Turns Out Trump is Right a Lot
4/15/2016 Will Durst's 21st Annual Political Animal Awards
4/10/2016 Now it's the Dems that are Getting Nasty
4/4/2016 Is This the End of Trump?
3/28/2016 Trump's Mama Is So Fat...
3/22/2016 Plump Grumps Humping to Dump Trump
3/8/2016 Super Tuesday Coming Back to Bite the GOP
2/28/2016 We Can Trust the FBI, Right?
2/19/2016 Frequently Asked Questions: Scalia's Replacement
2/15/2016 Turns Out New Hampshire is for Losers
2/5/2016 Iowa, Where Everyone's a Winner
1/29/2016 Why Iowa and New Hampshire?
1/22/2016 New Yorkie Values
1/18/2016 The Real State of the Union
1/4/2016 Christie, ISIS and Other 2016 Predictions
12/28/2015 2016: What To Expect
12/21/2015 The Candidates' Holiday Traditions
12/14/2015 'Might Makes Right' is Wrong
12/7/2015 Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2015
12/1/2015 Trump's Game-Changing Candidacy
11/23/2015 How Many Turkeys Died for your Dinner?
11/16/2015 Anchor Baby Battle
11/1/2015 Who Wouldn't Want This Job?
10/26/2015 Frequently Asked Questions: Benghazi Hearings Edition
10/19/2015 Red Meat vs Creme Brulee
10/11/2015 TP'ing the Trans Pacific Partnership
9/28/2015 Papa Frankie is Right: Greed is Not Good
9/20/2015 The Zany Side of the GOP Debates
9/13/2015 How They Spent Their Summer Vacations
9/4/2015 Laborsome Days
8/30/2015 Brightsides to the Perpetual Campaign
8/23/2015 Marble Poisoning
8/16/2015 Don't Sneer at Trump's Chances
8/2/2015 A Republican Sweet Sixteen... Plus One
7/26/2015 More the Merrier
7/20/2015 Rumpus Chumpus Trumpus
7/5/2015 Dead Solid Summer
6/29/2015 Rebel Flag the Ultimate Dog Whistle
6/22/2015 Red Pope, Green Pope
6/15/2015 Googling the Fountain of Youth
6/8/2015 Frequently Asked Questions About the USA Freedom Act
6/1/2015 The Life of an Aging Baby Boomer
5/25/2015 Last Week in Poly Ticks
5/18/2015 Top 11 Reasons Being POTUS is So Darn Cool
5/4/2015 The Tsunami of Gender Transition
4/27/2015 The Heartbreak of Oversharing
4/19/2015 Bolting Colts and Wagging Nags
4/13/2015 Some Simple Solutions
4/5/2015 FAQ: Religious Freedom Restoration Act
3/30/2015 Crazy Ted Cruz
3/23/2015 A Bush vs Clinton Rematch
3/16/2015 The 'E' in Email Stands for Evidence
3/1/2015 Message. Message. Who's Got the Message?
2/22/2015 Up Is Down
2/13/2015 The New Republican Tar Pits
2/6/2015 Brian Williams Misremembering
2/2/2015 Affluence Apartheid in America
1/26/2015 The New Political Ice Age
1/20/2015 The Return of Satire
1/11/2015 Resolutions I'm Looking Forward To In 2015
12/28/2014 The Gifts They Should've Gotten
12/22/2014 Bushes 3, United States 0
12/15/2014 Squatting on the Flag
12/8/2014 Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2014
11/25/2014 Stuff to be Thankful For
11/16/2014 The True Holiday of Guilt
11/7/2014 Obama and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day
10/31/2014 The Funny Side of Ebola
10/26/2014 The Orange and Black
10/17/2014 One Man, One Vote
10/13/2014 Scary Masks
10/3/2014 Rocktober
9/27/2014 Daesh Bags
9/19/2014 Where's My iPony?
9/7/2014 How They Spent Their Summer Vacation
8/29/2014 The Two Tooth Advantage
8/22/2014 Smug Shots
8/17/2014 Tumbling Dumpsters
8/10/2014 The Slacker Congress
8/4/2014 Pandora's Box of Worms
7/25/2014 T-Minus 28 Months and Counting
7/21/2014 Republicans are Stuck on Stuck
7/11/2014 Digital Cheese, and We're the Rats
7/6/2014 Dead Solid Summer
6/27/2014 The Washington Treaty Breakers
6/20/2014 How to Watch the World Cup
6/13/2014 Crow Medium Rare
6/8/2014 Zombified
5/30/2014 The Kochocracy
5/23/2014 Welcome to the Real World
5/16/2014 The Benghazi Boogie
5/2/2014 Lazy Stupid Ham Butts
4/25/2014 Glasswipes
4/18/2014 Let's Get Lethaler
4/11/2014 Patronizing Paychecks
4/5/2014 Tina Turner, Mad Max, Al Gore and You
3/28/2014 Sawbucked to Death
3/21/2014 The Frigid Fracas
3/14/2014 50 Shades of Cool
2/28/2014 It's Not The Hate, It's The Stupidity
2/21/2014 2014 Political Animal Awards
2/14/2014 Green Rush Munchies
2/7/2014 Subway: Eat Fresh Plastic
1/31/2014 Guillotine Time
1/27/2014 The Barack H Obama 2014 State of the Union Drinking Game
1/24/2014 Streaming Hulu in the Womb
1/18/2014 Governor Juggernaut
1/11/2014 Ye Olde Preditions Piece Circa 2014
12/27/2013 WILL DUR$T'$ 2013 XMA$ GIFT WI$H LI$T
12/20/2013 Deep in the Bowels of Password Hell
12/14/2013 Enchant a Goblin Priest
12/6/2013 The Top 10 Comedic News Stories of 2013
11/27/2013 Thanksgiving 2013
11/15/2013 The Foggy Crystal Ball
11/8/2013 Zero Hero
11/1/2013 Blown, Burnt and Compromised
10/26/2013 Crashing Glitching Bores
10/18/2013 RINOs and AINOs
10/11/2013 Fukushima Sushi
10/4/2013 Showdown, Shutdown, Shakedown
9/28/2013 Senator Ahab is a Sneetch
9/13/2013 The World's Policeman Stops for a Donut
9/6/2013 Pied Piper of the Potomac
8/30/2013 The Least Laboring of Days
8/24/2013 Party Purity Pricks Pragmatism
8/16/2013 Let the Pantsuit Dance
8/9/2013 The Little Red Hen
8/2/2013 Totes Cray Cray
7/26/2013 7 Rows of 7 Stars
7/19/2013 Yellow Roses and Pink Sneakers
7/12/2013 The Wrongest Side of History
7/5/2013 Fireworks in the Fog
6/28/2013 Rainbow Babies
6/21/2013 Alien No More
6/15/2013 Your Ever-Vigilant Friends at the NSA
6/7/2013 Pardon My Cantonese
5/24/2013 The Tangled Tango
5/17/2013 Benghazi Smoke Screen
5/10/2013 The Batty Battalion
5/3/2013 Droning On
4/28/2013 Tail-Sucking Mobius Loop
4/20/2013 Yellow-Bellied Cowards
4/6/2013 Play Ball 2013
3/29/2013 Equal is as Equal Does
3/22/2013 The GOP Autopsy
3/15/2013 The Charmingly Offensive Road Tour
3/9/2013 The Bright Sides of Extreme Maturity
3/1/2013 FAQ Electing a New Pope
2/15/2013 The Red Rebs
2/8/2013 Barack Hussein Obama 2013 State of the Union Drinking Game
2/1/2013 Will Durst's 2013 Political Animal Awards
1/25/2013 Obama's Parallax Inauguration
1/18/2013 Knee-Deep in a Tattoo Boom
1/10/2013 2013 Shoulda Coulda Woulda Resolutions
12/29/2012 Ode 2 2012
12/21/2012 Guns, Guns and Guns
12/14/2012 Quadriplegic Platypuses
12/7/2012 The Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2012
11/30/2012 Fiscal Cliff Traffic Report
11/16/2012 Thanksgiving Blessings 2012
11/9/2012 Ten Females Who Cost Mitt Romney the Presidency
11/2/2012 Who Wins and Why
10/19/2012 Remojoed
10/12/2012 Ringside at the Undercard
10/5/2012 The Audacity of Mendacity
9/28/2012 October Surprises
9/21/2012 Worst Campaign Ever
9/14/2012 The Spinning Bounce
9/7/2012 High Atop the Deep Bench
8/31/2012 The Stealth Convention
8/24/2012 Oh My Akin Ideology
8/17/2012 The Bold Choice
8/10/2012 The Barack Obama Election-Year Decathlon
8/3/2012 A Staggeringly Stumbling Trip
7/28/2012 The Presumptive Tax Dodger
7/20/2012 The Bain of His Electoral Existence
7/13/2012 The Care Less Party
6/22/2012 Plenty of G-20
6/15/2012 Campaign Treasure Hunters
6/1/2012 The Potemkin Candidate
5/25/2012 Summer Day One 2012
5/18/2012 And Lukewarm Was His Name-O
5/11/2012 Evoluting Fabulously
5/5/2012 2012 Veepstakes
4/27/2012 Precisely Pivoting Polls
4/20/2012 Shaking the Fleas off the Dog
4/13/2012 Angrier Birds
3/30/2012 Obama Care Bears
3/23/2012 Romney Inc.
3/16/2012 We're All Muppets Here
3/9/2012 Not-So-Super Tuesday Report
3/2/2012 A Tale of Two Romneys
2/24/2012 The Ayatollah of Pennsylvania
2/17/2012 The 2012 Political Animal Awards
2/10/2012 Tone-Deaf Tin Ear
2/3/2012 The GOP Soap Opera
1/27/2012 High on the Mainstream Embankment
1/20/2012 Barack H Obama 2012 State of the Union Drinking Game
1/13/2012 Southern-Fried Vultures
12/31/2011 Frequently Asked Questions About the Iowa Caucuses
12/23/2011 WILL DUR$T'S 2011 XMA$ GIFT WI$H LI$T
12/16/2011 Weasel Boy vs. Plastic Man
12/9/2011 The Top-10 Comedic News Stories of 2011
12/2/2011 Whack-A-Pol
11/18/2011 Turkey Holocaust Day 2011
11/11/2011 Grope and Change
11/4/2011 The Delta of Denial
10/28/2011 I Don't Know Nothing
10/21/2011 Wearing My Debate Fatigues
10/14/2011 A Scoop of Non-Vanilla
10/7/2011 It's My Money
9/30/2011 Prom-Queen Anguish
9/23/2011 Trickle-Up Economics
9/16/2011 Hot-Dog Time
9/9/2011 Red-Meat Slam Dance
9/2/2011 GOP Pledge Drive
8/27/2011 Mister Muzzle and Nuzzle
8/19/2011 Super Duper Congress
8/5/2011 The Great Concessionaire
7/29/2011 Gibberish and Manure
7/22/2011 Back in the Fold
7/16/2011 Crouching Lurkers
7/8/2011 Pity the Poor Rich
6/24/2011 Killer Carnivorous Snails From France
6/17/2011 Dark Wizards Convene
6/10/2011 Weinergate
6/3/2011 Corroded Clockwork
5/27/2011 Summer: Day One
5/20/2011 Yes, Virginia, Some Men are Pigs
5/13/2011 Run, Newt, Run!
5/6/2011 Obama Gets Osama
4/29/2011 Birther Bozos Need a New Nose
4/22/2011 Hiccuping Volcanoes
4/15/2011 Armageddon at the D.C. Corral
4/1/2011 America: You're Fired!
3/25/2011 The No-Fly Guy
3/18/2011 Pitchforks and Rainbows
3/11/2011 Madness in Mad Town
3/4/2011 Democracy is the New Black
2/25/2011 Suit You
2/18/2011 The Sleeves of a Vest
2/12/2011 100 Years of Reagan
2/4/2011 Denial on de Nile
1/28/2011 Boffo Smash or Miserable Flop?
1/21/2011 The Barack Hussein Obama 2011 State of the Union Drinking Game!
12/31/2010 Will Durst’s Predictions for the Year 2011
12/24/2010 Will Dur$t’s 2010 Xma$ Wi$h Li$t
12/17/2010 The Top Ten Comedic News Stories of the First Decade of the 21st Century
12/10/2010 Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2010
12/4/2010 Top Ten Christmas Gifts for Your Wall Street Broker Buddies
11/26/2010 Don't Taze My Junk, Bro
11/19/2010 Thanksgivings of Yore
11/12/2010 Decisions Decided by the Deciding Decider
11/7/2010 Not a Post- Apocalyptic Wrap-Up
10/29/2010 Don't Vote
10/22/2010 Helen Keller's Mushrooms
10/15/2010 Don't Got Milk
10/8/2010 Best Generic Speech Ever
10/1/2010 The Pixie Dust Blues
9/24/2010 She's in the Attic
9/17/2010 Man, Oh Man, I'm Mad
9/10/2010 To Doom or not to Doom
9/3/2010 Happy Labor Day
8/27/2010 Creed Cred
8/20/2010 Mosquerade Party
8/13/2010 Swamp-Drainage Detritus
8/6/2010 Flag-Raising Robester
7/30/2010 Spa-Spangled Bog
7/17/2010 Screw You, Kiss Me
7/8/2010 World Cup Frenzyless
7/2/2010 Dead-Solid Summer
6/25/2010 Vampire Nation
6/20/2010 Politics as Usual, Exponential Factor Four
6/13/2010 Cowboy Down
6/5/2010 The Bright Side of the BP Oil Spill
5/29/2010 The Third Gulf War
5/20/2010 Secret Weapon
5/14/2010 Manhattan Flannel
5/8/2010 Brainless Pinheads
5/1/2010 Earth Attacks!
4/23/2010 Sloppy Pool of Tizzy in the Gobi Desert
4/18/2010 Loose Nukes
4/3/2010 Nice Miracle; May We Have Another?
3/26/2010 Watching Sausages
3/14/2010 Kooky Kabuki Terrain
3/4/2010 O Canada, Eh?
2/27/2010 What They Say vs. What They Mean: Health Care Reform
2/14/2010 The Original Palm Pilot
2/6/2010 My Two Cents
2/1/2010 Obama, Year One : A Report Card
1/22/2010 The Barack H Obama 2010 State of the Union Drinking Game
1/15/2010 The Two-Handed Wedgie
1/7/2010 2010 Predictions
12/23/2009 Will Dur$t's 2009 Xma$ Wish Li$t
12/16/2009 The Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2009
12/5/2009 The War-ette
11/20/2009 Turkey Holocaust Day '09
11/16/2009 Kid Activist vs the Beltway Octopus
11/9/2009 Breaking the Prenup
10/26/2009 Poking the Cobra
10/16/2009 Oslo's Calling
9/25/2009 How Not to Get the Swine Flu
9/19/2009 Proud to be Dim
9/4/2009 Happy Labor Day An Oxymoron
8/28/2009 Cash for Clunkers The Sequels
8/21/2009 Pulling Granny's Plug
8/14/2009 Hot Loud August
7/24/2009 While You Were Out
6/23/2009 Grading Democracy on a Curve
6/16/2009 DC Prius Minivan
6/8/2009 Saint Taxes
6/1/2009 Sonia from the Block
5/25/2009 Staycation Fun
5/19/2009 The Cheney Doctrine
5/11/2009 First 110 Days
5/1/2009 Not So Frequently Asked Questions About The Swine Flu
4/25/2009 I Hate Earth Day
4/17/2009 Arrgh Diplomacy
4/3/2009 A Little B-12 from the G-20
3/27/2009 Stuff A Sanitary Sock In It
3/13/2009 The Baby Steps Blues
3/6/2009 Bye American
2/27/2009 The Tomorrow Speech
2/21/2009 The Best Cabinet Money Can't Buy
2/13/2009 Tax Cut Zombies from the Planet No
2/6/2009 Triggering a Silent Scream
1/30/2009 The School for Scandal Version 2.1
1/25/2009 The Honeymo is Over
1/9/2009 Five Presidents
12/20/2008 If The Shoe Fits Hurl It
12/17/2008 The Top-Ten Comedic News Stories of 2008
12/12/2008 Giving Governors a Bad Name
11/7/2008 And They're Off
10/31/2008 Bipartisan Sleaze
10/26/2008 Worst Campaign Ever
10/17/2008 John the Candidate
10/10/2008 Bashful in Nashville
10/2/2008 Interesting Times
9/19/2008 Old Piranha Pants
9/15/2008 The Unkosher Candidate
9/6/2008 The Grand Old Party Line
8/30/2008 The Dems Do Denver
8/22/2008 Kvetching and Convening
8/14/2008 Too - Americas
8/8/2008 The Chinese Olympics
6/30/2008 Talking Veepstakes
6/10/2008 The End End
6/3/2008 McBush
5/23/2008 Top 20 Reasons Hillary Clinton Should Stay in the Race
5/16/2008 The Stamp of Upheaval
5/9/2008 It's Over
5/1/2008 Me ID You ID We ID
4/25/2008 Post- Pennsylvania Primary Punditry
4/15/2008 President Whatshisname
4/4/2008 The Puppy Party
3/30/2008 Politics Aren't Us
3/19/2008 10 Hints On How To Cover The Historic '08 Candidacies
3/13/2008 50 Suggestions for John McCain's Vice- Presidential Short List
3/7/2008 Hillary Clinton Undead
3/2/2008 32 Short Thoughts About Ralph Nader
2/29/2008 Shut Up
2/25/2008 Lumpy and Hucky
2/14/2008 Bill Clinton Threat or Menace
2/1/2008 Super Duper Fat Tuesday
1/4/2008 Iowa It's Winner-Tastic
12/24/2007 The Top Ten Comedic News Stories of 2007
12/12/2007 WMD-US Intelligence Not a Match
12/2/2007 Not-So-Almighty Dollar
11/18/2007 Nuclear Two-Step
10/21/2007 Al Gore and the Blue Sky Theory
10/16/2007 Our Offspring Fontanelle
10/5/2007 God's Only Party
9/29/2007 Free Speech Ain't Free Oh Wait A Minute Yeah It Is
9/15/2007 FAQ Petraeus' Testimony
9/1/2007 Republicans Gone Wild 2
8/24/2007 Rove Bye Bye
8/17/2007 Me Me Me Me Me
8/3/2007 The Center Left Right
7/15/2007 Skooter Skates
7/5/2007 Boss Dick
6/21/2007 Darting Squirters
6/12/2007 Paris Hilton Pays for George Bush's Sins
6/1/2007 Not Your Species Monkey Boy
5/26/2007 Hillary Campaign Theme Songs
5/19/2007 You Got To Love Dick
5/9/2007 George and Attila
5/3/2007 The Scourge of Mockolate
4/25/2007 The Curious Case of the Amnesiac Attorney General
4/3/2007 Presidential Spring Training
3/24/2007 Partisan Witch-hunts on Youtube
3/14/2007 The Department of Just Us
3/4/2007 Passenger Bill of Rights
2/16/2007 The 14th Annual “TGFTLSBIAC” Awards
2/9/2007 Executive Time-out or Phuket
2/1/2007 The Big Game
1/22/2007 George W Bush 2007 State of the Union Drinking Game
1/20/2007 Spanking the Diaper
1/14/2007 The World of Wrongevity
1/4/2007 2007 Resolutions
12/27/2006 Belated 2006 Xma Gift Wish List
12/19/2006 Crocodile Tears
12/12/2006 Reading Isn't Fundamental
12/4/2006 And They're Not Off
11/13/2006 San Francisco Values
10/28/2006 Don't Not Stay The Course
10/22/2006 Bring Back Saddam
10/15/2006 The Boogeyman
10/10/2006 Dennis Hastert's Crow Plate Special
9/24/2006 Compassionate Torturer
9/11/2006 9-11 Plus 5
8/27/2006 Terrorists Follow Us Home
8/21/2006 The Sissy Box
8/12/2006 Scarlett Service Threat
7/24/2006 The Fratlomat
7/19/2006 He's Back
6/24/2006 The Party of No Ideas vs The Party of Bad Ideas
6/19/2006 Good News Bad News
6/9/2006 The Bright Side of Global Warming
5/24/2006 Mr Majestic
5/10/2006 Gouging What Gouging
4/24/2006 Changing Of The Guard
4/18/2006 He Is The Leakingest
4/4/2006 Welcome Kneel
3/29/2006 Iraqi Good Stuff
2/27/2006 Cheney FAQ
2/22/2006 Simple Is As Simple Does
1/30/2006 The George W Bush 2006 State Of The Union Drinking Game
1/26/2006 That Ethical High Ground
1/9/2006 2006 Predictions
12/24/2005 The War On Xma$
12/19/2005 President Green Genes
12/14/2005 White House Report Card
12/5/2005 FAQ Plan For Victory
11/23/2005 Giving Thanks
11/4/2005 Libby On The Label
10/24/2005 Contract on America
10/17/2005 The Stealth Judge
10/1/2005 Put The Hammer Down
9/23/2005 Empty Promises Are The New Black
9/4/2005 A Speck In The Eye Of Katrina
8/29/2005 Cry Havoc and Let Slip The Gods of War
8/19/2005 Frequently Asked Questions Cindy Sheehan - Peace Mom
8/14/2005 Intelligent Is As Intelligence Doesn't
7/15/2005 Roving Target
7/6/2005 The Rare Double-Pronged Red-Footed Bushie
6/27/2005 Scoundrel Citry
6/8/2005 Deep Throat Whining
5/23/2005 Ring Around The Coercion
5/17/2005 Frequently Asked Questions About Social Security Reform
5/10/2005 This Little PETA Did Not Eat Roast Chad
4/28/2005 Leading The Pack Away From The Leader
4/14/2005 Cyclops Pink Eye
3/31/2005 Plug Me In
3/23/2005 Frog Soup

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