Tom Purcell Biography and Archive

How do you generate readership in a rapidly shrinking newspaper market? Engage Op/Ed readers with lively, entertaining columns – columns like Tom Purcell's.

In the tradition of Art Buchwald, Mike Royko, Lewis Grizzard and Dave Barry, Purcell's column is sometimes wry, sometimes poignant, but always original and compelling.

Purcell, author of the humorous memoir, “Misadventures of a 1970’s Childhood,” is a Pittsburgh Tribune-Review humor columnist and is nationally syndicated exclusively by Cagle Cartoons newspaper syndicate.

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3/18/2019 Erasing Capitalism? Consider the Pencil First
3/11/2019 Irish Stereotypes No Joking Matter
3/4/2019 Why 'Springing Forward' Takes My Dad Weeks
2/25/2019 Donations to Pay Down U.S. Debt Pointless
2/18/2019 Living the Cord-Cutting Dream
2/11/2019 Sunday Set to Remind: 'Be Kind'
2/5/2019 Time to Embrace Cursive Handwriting Again
1/28/2019 Tech Making 'Car Guys' Endangered Species
1/21/2019 Relax, People! They're Just Cookies!
1/14/2019 It's Up to Us to Realize Dr. King's Dream
1/7/2019 Alexa, Why Won't You Reply to My Father?
1/1/2019 Resolutions Our Politicians Won't Keep
12/21/2018 Joy, Wonder, Laughter Children's Christmas Gifts to Adults
12/17/2018 All Along, Google's Been Googling Me
12/10/2018 I'm Dreaming of a Debt-Free Christmas
12/3/2018 Good Grief! Critics Miss Christmas Specials' Points
11/26/2018 Concierge Doc Shows Way to Lower Health-Care Costs
11/19/2018 Give More Thanks - It's Good for You
11/12/2018 Effective Wit a Dying Art in Politics
11/5/2018 Smaller American Towns Connect in Ways Washingtonians Don't
10/29/2018 After Pittsburgh's Synagogue Tragedy, Start with Mister Rogers
10/22/2018 After Saudi Visit, 'Freedom' Just another Word for Home Sweet Home
10/15/2018 Dietary Scientists, Make up Your Minds!
10/8/2018 Failing U.S. Citizenship
10/1/2018 Jokes Abound, But Political Divide No Laughing Matter
9/24/2018 Spendthrift Idioms Define Congress
9/17/2018 Government Grounds for Gobbledygook
9/10/2018 Recalling 9/11: We're Not So Divided After All
9/3/2018 The Higher Tech Gets, the Ruder We Get
8/27/2018 School Lunch Bell Signals Another Round in Fight
8/20/2018 Why Homeownership Pressure Is Good
8/13/2018 Americans Too Worried to Vacation
8/6/2018 Home Alone No Way to Work
7/30/2018 D.C. vs Pittsburgh
7/23/2018 Wearing Out Longevity's Welcome
7/16/2018 Be Civil, by George!
7/9/2018 Summertime Dinner Calls Long Overdue
7/2/2018 Illuminating Independence
6/25/2018 Confusing Facts & Opinions
6/18/2018 We Need to Embrace the Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
6/13/2018 The Incredible Power of Fathers
6/11/2018 Skilled Trades Beat Degree Debt
6/4/2018 For Happiness, Head for the Hills
5/29/2018 Left Behind at the Drive-in Theater
5/24/2018 For Memorial Day - Serving Those Who Serve Us
5/21/2018 The Evolving American Prom
5/14/2018 Longing for the Old, Wooden Stereo Console
5/10/2018 For Mother's Day, Embracing Our Lost Sense of Humor
5/7/2018 An Apology to My Niece on Her College Graduation Day
4/30/2018 The Growing Art of American Cursing
4/22/2018 Facebook Knows What about Me?
4/16/2018 Tax-Time Q&A
4/9/2018 Cost Is What Ails Health Care
4/2/2018 Nuclear Fusion Is Federal Bloat's Silver Lining
3/26/2018 Narcissism & the Republic - 'Me the People?'
3/18/2018 Ready to Support Socialism - Come 2035
3/11/2018 Time to Nurture America's Irish-Inspired Sense of Humor
3/4/2018 Never Time for Daylight Saving
2/26/2018 So Long, Foods of My 1970s Childhood
2/15/2018 George Washington's History? It's Complicated
2/12/2018 For Valentine's Day - We Need to Relearn the Art of Romance
2/5/2018 Actually, Things Are Pretty Good and Getting Better
1/29/2018 Lighten up Critics, it's Groundhog Day
1/22/2018 Hey Feds, Take Your Ethanol Mandate and Shovel It!
1/16/2018 Washington is My Only Hope Against Girl Scout Cookies
1/8/2018 Frigid Winter SAD for Anti-Trumpers
1/1/2018 Why My Father Shuns Social Media
12/26/2017 Reformed, But Not Simplified
12/18/2017 A Christmas Dream Inspired by Irving & Bing
12/11/2017 Cheers to Lower Beer Taxes
12/4/2017 Charitable giving - It's an American Tradition
11/27/2017 Identify Theft Calling
11/13/2017 Some of the Devil's Best Work
11/8/2017 Veterans Day by the Numbers
11/6/2017 If We Can't Discuss Issues, How Can We Solve Them?
10/30/2017 GOP Congress Must Remember Why It Was Elected
10/23/2017 Inappropriate Halloween Costumes
10/16/2017 On Polio and Pulling Together
10/9/2017 My Dad, Hef & Real Wealth
10/2/2017 All Politics, All the Time?
9/25/2017 Spending Other People's Money
9/18/2017 20 Trillion Reasons to Address National Debt Right Now
9/11/2017 Desperate for Tax Reform that Simplifies
9/5/2017 Humbled by Harvey, Americans Help
8/28/2017 Free Speech in All its Peaceable Glory
8/21/2017 Vigils Welcome: Let Us Pray
8/14/2017 Money and the Pursuit of Happiness
8/7/2017 Living to 125 Too Much of a Good Thing?
7/31/2017 Why Washington DC Is Not as Livable as Pittsburgh
7/24/2017 Turn Off D.C.'s AC
7/17/2017 Credit-Card Debt Explained
7/10/2017 Americans in Need of a Vacation
7/3/2017 Today's Kids Need a Taste of Parents' 1970s Summertime
6/26/2017 For the Fourth of July, Let's Have Some Common Sense
6/20/2017 Politically Correct Summer Camp
6/14/2017 For Father's Day - Grateful for an Old-School Dad
6/12/2017 Teens' Summer Jobs Becoming Thing of the Past
6/5/2017 Ensuring High School Grads are Equipped for Citizenship
5/30/2017 Beware of Distracted Drivers this Summer
5/24/2017 Small Gestures Key to Honoring Their Sacrifice
5/22/2017 Missing the Old Neighbors
5/15/2017 Surviving the American Prom
5/11/2017 Mothers the Key to All That's Good & Great in This World
5/8/2017 Fake Dirty Jeans: Just $425 in Real Money
5/1/2017 Guys Don't Let 'Gender-Fluid' Fashion Leave You Holding the Bag
4/24/2017 Time to Make it 'Get To Work Daughters Sons' Day
4/13/2017 For Tax Day - Taxing Quotations
4/10/2017 Bugs for Dinner
4/3/2017 Rural Folks Living What 'Preppers' Seek
3/27/2017 With TSA, Indignity Security's Price
3/20/2017 Sharpening Health Care? Consider the Pencil.
3/12/2017 We Can Use a Little Irish Humor Now
3/7/2017 Needed This St Patrick's Day - Ronald Reagan
3/5/2017 Washington, D.C. Has Little in Common with Namesake
2/27/2017 All Our Stuff's No Key to Happiness
2/17/2017 Whose Day Is it Anyway?
2/9/2017 When There Was Romance
2/6/2017 Still Searching for a Diet Panacea
1/31/2017 Why Groundhog Day Must End
1/30/2017 The Sky's the Limit for Skilled Trades
1/23/2017 Your Gift Can Pay Down US Debt - Like Trump
1/16/2017 Millennials Need to Own Homes
1/9/2017 A Trillion Reasons US Debt Is Incomprehensible
1/2/2017 Why Minding Manners Matters
12/26/2016 End Heroin's Devastation in 2017
12/19/2016 If the Mainstream Media Covered Jesus' Birth
12/12/2016 Office-party Christmas Spirit Runs Afoul of Political Correctness
12/5/2016 If Virginia O'Hanlon Had Asked Fidel Castro about Santa Claus
11/28/2016 Wisdom the GOP Ignores at Its Peril
11/21/2016 How to Survive Thanksgiving- Dinner Politics
11/14/2016 Why 'Deplorables' Elected Trump
11/7/2016 The Worst Is Yet to Come
10/31/2016 ObamaCare Q&A for Dummies
10/24/2016 The Jerry Springer Election
10/17/2016 Dead People ARE Voting
10/10/2016 Suffering from Election Stress Disorder
9/26/2016 The Comeback of Cursive
9/19/2016 Hillary Summons the Dead for Advice
9/12/2016 Pondering the Regrettable History of Taxation
9/6/2016 Teaching the Young How to Vote
8/29/2016 America's Lost Love Affair with Cars
8/22/2016 Yet Another Regrettable Outcome of the 2016 Election: Divorce
8/15/2016 How to Get Americans to Watch the Olympics
8/8/2016 A Comatose Man Wakes to the 2016 Election
8/1/2016 When Parents Go Rogue at Sporting Events for Kids
7/27/2016 If Bill Clinton Becomes 'First Guy'
7/25/2016 How the Trivial & Entertaining Mask Real Issues
7/18/2016 Late-Night Comedians on Trump & Clinton
7/11/2016 Nostalgic for the Drive-in Theater
7/6/2016 Dinner Bells and Other Lost Sounds of Summer
7/5/2016 Beware of Distracted Drivers this Summer
6/27/2016 Remembering Our History One War Memorial at a Time
6/20/2016 Memories of a 1970s Dog
6/16/2016 For Father's Day – The Apple Core and the Toilet
6/13/2016 The Benefits of Not Working from Home
6/6/2016 The Right to Conceal & Carry in Washington D.C.
5/29/2016 Celebrating the Freedom to Picnic this Summer
5/25/2016 Why to Avoid Excessive Prom Spending
5/23/2016 The Little Sisters of the Poor & the Fight for Freedom
5/16/2016 Premium Handmade Cigars Go Up in Smoke
5/9/2016 Marriage Trends and My Mother
5/2/2016 Our Growing Rudeness and Incivility
4/25/2016 Needed: Some Will Rogers' Sanity
4/18/2016 Why Dirt Is Good for Kids
4/11/2016 Why I Snapped at a Bernie Supporter
4/4/2016 Needed: Another Earl Hamner
3/28/2016 The Only Move to Make if Trump Wins
3/21/2016 Transient Americans & My Parents' House
3/14/2016 St Patrick's Day Brings Needed Levity
3/8/2016 How Ronald Reagan Celebrated St Patrick's Day
3/7/2016 If Bill Clinton Becomes 'First Guy'
2/29/2016 Why We Want Our Politicians to Lie
2/22/2016 Hey Bernie, the Robots Are Coming
2/15/2016 How to Prevent Candidates from Spreading the Common Cold
2/8/2016 The Keys to Health and Happiness
2/1/2016 Immoral Girl Scout Cookies
1/25/2016 Surviving The Winter Blues
1/18/2016 Why Kids Need to Sled Alone
1/11/2016 Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution
1/4/2016 Modern Men Need to Embrace Their Dads and Granddads
12/28/2015 2016 Resolutions: Hey, Federal Government, You First
12/21/2015 Merriment, Generosity Define Christmas
12/14/2015 Open Season on Healthcare Consumers
12/7/2015 Civil Discourse Needed to Address Terrorist Threat
11/30/2015 Declining Religious Belief
11/23/2015 Lots to Be Thankful For
11/16/2015 Critical Thinking Needed
11/9/2015 Veterans Day By the Numbers
11/2/2015 What's the Beef?
10/26/2015 The Blessings of a Traditional Family
10/19/2015 Politically Correct Halloween Costumes
10/12/2015 Pampered College Nitwits
10/5/2015 The Decline of American Greatness
9/28/2015 Obama Confesses to Pope Francis
9/21/2015 The Cause of High College Tuition
9/14/2015 The Single Life
9/8/2015 To Revive America, Resuscitate the American Entrepreneur
8/31/2015 Preparing for the Worst
8/24/2015 America's Heroin Epidemic
8/18/2015 Facebook Fatigue
8/17/2015 Hot & Cold: Air Conditioning's Mixed Blessing
8/10/2015 Renting, the New American Dream
8/6/2015 Politically Correct Summer Camp
8/3/2015 Weak Recovery Has 'Staycations' Here to Stay
7/27/2015 Americana on a Bun
7/20/2015 How to Rack Up Debt
7/13/2015 The Consequences of Short Attention Spans
7/6/2015 Free-Range Parenting Getting Costly
6/29/2015 Independence Day's Importance
6/24/2015 Why Spy on France?
6/22/2015 Hairy Women, Hairless Men
6/17/2015 For Father's Day, Counting Our Blessings
6/15/2015 Defaulting on Personal Responsibility
6/8/2015 The Power of Plain Language
6/1/2015 Why Conservatives Give Better Graduation Speeches
5/25/2015 Journalism's Sorry State
5/18/2015 For Memorial Day - Special-Needs Students Honor Veterans
5/13/2015 Excessive Prom Spending
5/11/2015 Schooling Millennials
5/8/2015 For Mother's Day: Spreading the Art of Laughter
5/4/2015 Where's Dad?
4/27/2015 Legal Monkey Business
4/20/2015 Toasting a Long Life
4/14/2015 My Father's 1959 Tax Return
4/13/2015 Aging America Staying Put
4/6/2015 Tax-Time Misery
3/31/2015 Springtime in Washington
3/30/2015 Reasoning with Iran
3/23/2015 Lamenting Loss of Family-Owned Grocery
3/16/2015 No Way to Celebrate St Patrick's Day
3/9/2015 Food Intervention, Government Style
3/2/2015 Overreaching in Plain English
2/23/2015 Snow's Silver Lining
2/15/2015 Awaiting Our Next George Washington
2/11/2015 The Swimsuit Issue
2/9/2015 Valentine's Day Advice for Wary Women
2/2/2015 Why Unemployed Men Don't Do Housework
1/29/2015 For Groundhog's Day - An Interview with Punxsutawney Phil
1/26/2015 Millennials Buy into Homeownership
1/19/2015 Why We Need a Better Sense of Humor
1/15/2015 On Handwritten Letters
1/12/2015 A Slippery Slope
1/5/2015 In Praise of Big Families
12/29/2014 Thanks North Korea
12/22/2014 Healthy Job Performance Review
12/17/2014 Praying for a White Christmas
12/15/2014 The Downside of Living Alone
12/8/2014 A 2014 Gift of the Magi
12/1/2014 A Charlie Brown Christmas Miracle
11/24/2014 Merci America!
11/21/2014 For Thanksgiving - Pass the Civility
11/17/2014 I've Been Stupid, but Not THAT Stupid!
11/10/2014 Up in Smoke
11/7/2014 For Veterans Day -- Tomb of the Unknowns
11/3/2014 Why Millennials Hate Voice Mail
10/27/2014 Beat Ebola Like Polio
10/21/2014 A 1970s Halloween
10/20/2014 Needed: More Independent Contractors
10/13/2014 Obama Critics Too Late, Not Too Little
10/10/2014 Exploring Christopher Columbus
10/6/2014 What Women Want
9/29/2014 On Religion and Morality
9/22/2014 Home Cooking as a Burden Hard to Swallow
9/14/2014 Obama Learns of Pearl Harbor
9/8/2014 Hovering Over College Kids
9/1/2014 The Taste of Government Control
8/27/2014 On Window Fans and Air Conditioning
8/25/2014 It's Good to Have to Get Things Done
8/18/2014 When Government Teleworkers Don't Work from Home
8/10/2014 Expect Less, Be Happy
8/4/2014 Let Boy's Be Boys this Summer
7/28/2014 Teens Not Working Doesn't Work for America
7/23/2014 The Lost Sounds of Summer
7/21/2014 An Oath for Obama
7/14/2014 About Those Dirty Little Sisters of the Poor
7/7/2014 The Right to Paid Vacation
6/30/2014 Fourth of July Fast Facts
6/25/2014 Eddie & the Fourth of July
6/23/2014 A Defensive Response
6/18/2014 Why Americans Dislike Soccer
6/16/2014 When Government Runs Health Care
6/9/2014 How to Live with Your Parents
6/5/2014 For Father's Day: Why Dads Are Essential to Kids
6/2/2014 Dogs Can't Root Out Root Cause of Stress
5/28/2014 Speech to the Best Graduating Class Ever
5/26/2014 Why Spy, China?
5/20/2014 For Memorial Day - Tomb of the Unknowns
5/19/2014 Not Missing Out This Time
5/12/2014 On Rudeness and Incivility
5/5/2014 Home Ownership for the Birds
4/28/2014 Phone Addiction Not So Smart
4/22/2014 Exploiting the American Prom
4/21/2014 We Want Politicians to Lie
4/14/2014 Longing for Tax Freedom
4/9/2014 My Father’s 1959 Tax Return
4/7/2014 Privacy? Surely You Jest!
4/1/2014 Springtime in Washington
3/31/2014 Obama Confesses
3/24/2014 Obama Talks to Putin
3/17/2014 Government Advice on Affording ObamaCare
3/11/2014 For St. Patrick’s Day — The Value of Irish Humor
3/10/2014 Old-Fashioned Baby Names Make a Comeback
3/5/2014 FIRST Step Toward America's Future
3/3/2014 Men, Your Love Life Needs a Pickup (Truck)
2/24/2014 A Dieting Cookie Addict's Plea
2/18/2014 The Swimsuit Issue
2/17/2014 Losing Ourselves in Snow & Cold
2/12/2014 For Valentine's Day - a Return to Romance
2/10/2014 Discouraging Work
2/3/2014 Why Americans Want Smaller, Cozier Houses
1/31/2014 Why Groundhog Day Should Be Outlawed
1/27/2014 It's Later Than Men Think
1/20/2014 Forward and Back with the iPhone
1/13/2014 Little Sisters vs Goliath
1/6/2014 Elegy For The Incandescent Bulb
12/30/2013 Obama Channels Nixon
12/23/2013 The Key To New Year's Resolutions
12/16/2013 Looking Forward this Christmas
12/11/2013 A Christmas Toy Story - Back To The Basics
12/9/2013 Gender Differences Hard Wired
12/2/2013 Dog Days of Obamacare
11/25/2013 Why There's Lots to Celebrate this Thanksgiving
11/18/2013 Bill Clinton, First Guy
11/12/2013 Obamacare Backlash No Surprise
11/8/2013 Veterans Day -- Quiet Sacrifice
11/4/2013 Letter From Washington
10/28/2013 Satirical Halloween Costumes
10/22/2013 Why Spy on France?
10/21/2013 Does Obamacare Cover Sticker Shock?
10/14/2013 The Real Deficit's in Leadership
10/8/2013 The Perils of Nasty Netiquette
10/7/2013 Incomprehensible Sums
10/1/2013 Needed Blue-Collar Horse Sense
9/30/2013 Size Matters
9/24/2013 Ostentatious Baby Names
9/23/2013 Why Duck Dynasty Viewers Flock
9/16/2013 Health Really Is Everything
9/9/2013 A Pencil's Point
9/9/2013 It's (No Longer) A Jeep Thing
9/3/2013 A New Yorker's View of Gun Control
8/27/2013 Regulation Without Representation
8/26/2013 Why Obamacare Is Good For Me
8/20/2013 Good Old Neighbors
8/19/2013 Fidel Goes To Confession
8/14/2013 Rudeness And Miss Manners
8/12/2013 Why I Sometimes Long For The Cold War
8/7/2013 Great Minds on Government
8/6/2013 Marriage is Alive And Well - For Some
7/30/2013 Summer Camp
7/29/2013 Age(s) of Happiness
7/23/2013 My David Cassidy Hair
7/22/2013 Recess For Kids and Adults
7/16/2013 The Window Fans
7/15/2013 Rooting Out Government Leakers
7/9/2013 Lessons From The Photo Box
7/8/2013 An Education in Debt
7/1/2013 For The Fourth of July -- Declare Independence From Government
6/26/2013 Dinner Bells And The Other Lost Sounds of Summer
6/24/2013 Catholic School Incisive, Not Divisive
6/18/2013 He's Not a Hitter, He's a Baby Sitter
6/17/2013 Immaturity and the Modern Male
6/10/2013 Countering Government Intimidation
6/7/2013 For Father's Day
6/3/2013 The Games Behind the Olympic Games
5/28/2013 Demonstrate Loyalty and Support
5/21/2013 Man Bags For the Modern Male
5/20/2013 Scandal Advice From The Master
5/14/2013 Big Spenders
5/13/2013 Speech To The Best Graduating Class Ever
5/8/2013 100 Years is Enough For Me, Pal
5/6/2013 No-Fault Internet Addiction
4/30/2013 Why American Sensibility Is 'Distressed'
4/29/2013 Reverse Psychology vs The Nanny State
4/23/2013 Beware the American Prom
4/22/2013 That's America to Me
4/16/2013 The Wit and Wisdom of Will Rogers
4/15/2013 The Higher Our Tech The Ruder We Get
4/8/2013 Financial Responsibility, Obama Style
4/2/2013 Taxing Quotations
4/1/2013 A Political Dropout Confesses
3/25/2013 Springtime In Washington DC
3/25/2013 Not the Devil But Silver-Tongued
3/19/2013 Grocery Night
3/18/2013 Income Tax 101
3/12/2013 How NOT to Honor St. Patrick
3/11/2013 The Many Woes of Telecommuting
3/5/2013 Needed This St Patricks's Day : Ronald Reagan
3/4/2013 My Mother and Father School the Senate
2/28/2013 Navigating the Second Amendment
2/25/2013 Are Humans Getting Dumber?
2/19/2013 Facebook Fatigue
2/18/2013 Smoked By ObamaCare
2/12/2013 For Presidents Day - George Washington Makeover
2/11/2013 The Cut Is In The Mail
2/5/2013 Valentine's Day - When There Was Romance
2/4/2013 Say it Ain't Joe
1/28/2013 Privacy? What Privacy?
1/28/2013 Obvious Government Tips for Coping with Winter
1/22/2013 The Bike Jump
1/21/2013 Where Common Ground Begins
1/15/2013 The 70's Stereo Console
1/14/2013 Lessons From the 1940 Census
1/8/2013 New Year's Resolutions Fed-Style
1/7/2013 Cliff Not Our Real Crisis
1/2/2013 Fascinating, Not Famous
12/31/2012 Hurricane Sandy Pork
12/24/2012 Abner The Volunteer Dog
12/18/2012 How To Support The Troops Over The Holidays
12/17/2012 Making the Rich Flee
12/11/2012 Beware the Office Christmas Party
12/10/2012 Surviving the Fiscal Cliff
12/5/2012 The Joke's On Men
12/3/2012 Christmas Tree Shopping With Dad
11/26/2012 Why Spy on France?
11/19/2012 Our Money Factory
11/11/2012 C'est la vie America
11/8/2012 Left Behind at The Drive In
11/5/2012 It's a Jeep Thing
10/29/2012 Ahmadinejad Calls Obama
10/22/2012 Biden Confesses Ignorance
10/15/2012 An Interview With Big Bird
10/8/2012 Cyber Attacks to Monitor Investments?
10/1/2012 Timing the American Experience Just Right
9/24/2012 Economic Freedom Heads North
9/17/2012 Candidates' Signature Moment
9/10/2012 What about the War on Men?
9/3/2012 Why I'm a Republican
8/27/2012 My Trials and Tribulations As The Only Boy At An All Girls School
8/20/2012 Genetically Engineered Children
8/13/2012 In Europe, Prosperity on Vacation
8/6/2012 The Right To Go Topless
7/30/2012 Let Voting to Felons, Dogs, the Dead?
7/23/2012 How to Improve the Summer Olympics
7/16/2012 The Dying Art of Cursive
7/9/2012 Prognosis Not Good for HSAs
7/2/2012 Flushing Away Our Freedom
6/25/2012 Failing the U.S. Citizenship Test
6/18/2012 Cool, But Not For Spending
6/11/2012 Time to Police the Government
6/4/2012 If Obama Told the Grads the Truth
5/28/2012 Only Label That Counts
5/21/2012 The Life of JimboBob
5/14/2012 Easy Life in France Just a Dream
5/7/2012 What Are America's Pet Owners Thinking?
4/30/2012 Jackpot Win No Tax Win
4/23/2012 Discovery's Last Flight
4/16/2012 America's Most Desirable Jobs
4/9/2012 My Father's 1959 Tax Return
4/2/2012 President Obama's Healthcare Soliloquy
3/26/2012 No Shame in Moving Back Home With Mom and Dad
3/19/2012 Debt, Deficit Picture One Massive Downer
3/12/2012 Irish Humor to Prime the Pump
3/5/2012 Ask The Tax Prep Expert
2/27/2012 Baby Boomers Dying To Help the Economy
2/18/2012 What a Concept for US Automakers
2/13/2012 The Swimsuit Issue
2/6/2012 Sexes' Differences Good for Valentines Day
1/30/2012 Hey Canada, How About a Trade?
1/23/2012 A Hair Behind
1/16/2012 Digging For Dirt on Romney
1/9/2012 Confusion vs. My Nest Egg
1/2/2012 Tips for Government Teleworkers
12/26/2011 Why We Need Better BS
12/19/2011 Nuns Best Example For Teaching
12/12/2011 Toy Story - Back To The Basics
12/5/2011 Our Taxing Mess
11/28/2011 Me vs. Mother Nature
11/21/2011 Unfortunate Reality (TV)
11/14/2011 Circus of Family Values
11/7/2011 The Real American Dream
10/31/2011 Millionaire Myths
10/24/2011 The Way Halloween Should Be
10/17/2011 Craigslist Capitalism
10/10/2011 A Card For Every Lousy Occasion
10/3/2011 Making it Through The Rain
9/26/2011 What Took Them So Long?
9/19/2011 We Are Innovative Masters
9/12/2011 Taking Rural Refuge
9/5/2011 Anti-Bullying Bullies
8/29/2011 Mancession an Opportunity
8/22/2011 An Experience to Avoid
8/15/2011 Incivility Rising
8/8/2011 Fat Presidents, Lean Governent?
8/1/2011 A Man In Search Of His Mail
7/25/2011 Dog Days for Peta
7/18/2011 Are Cigars Endangered?
7/11/2011 Fidel : No, Virginia
7/3/2011 My Father's Flag
6/27/2011 Good Old Neighbors
6/20/2011 No Illusions about Country Living
6/14/2011 For Father's Day -- Blue Ribbon Dads
6/13/2011 Kids' Summer Ain't What It Used To Be
6/6/2011 Needed -- Washing Machine that Washes
5/30/2011 Vacation? What Vacation?
5/23/2011 Can't Fuhgeddaboud Christie
5/16/2011 Break Out The Bell Bottoms
5/9/2011 Say Your Prayers
5/2/2011 American Spirit Now from Abroad
4/25/2011 Take Your Middle Aged Kid to Retirement
4/18/2011 On The Government's Menu
4/11/2011 Tax-Time Miseries
4/4/2011 Dressed To Kill (Innocence)
3/28/2011 Why The Rich Don't Feel Rich
3/21/2011 A Cowboy Poem
3/14/2011 Irish Need Not Apply
3/7/2011 FIRST Step Towards America's Future
2/28/2011 Warming Causing Cooling?
2/21/2011 Watson for President
2/14/2011 Why We Need Romance
2/7/2011 Shedding My David Cassidy Hair
1/31/2011 Laughing Not To Cry
1/24/2011 Metaphor Madness
1/17/2011 Uncertain For Sure
1/10/2011 Earmarks Miss The Mark
1/3/2011 Fascinating Not Famous
12/27/2010 For New Year’s -- Partying Like It’s 1999
12/19/2010 Christmas Has Become Better Every Year
12/13/2010 Wikileaks Bad News For Humorists
12/6/2010 Our Snapshot of America
11/29/2010 Bad "Feelings" At The TSA
11/22/2010 The Best Thanksgiving Ever
11/15/2010 Ugly Truth About DC
11/8/2010 My Parents Rein in Government Spending
11/8/2010 For Veterans Day - Real Troop Support
11/1/2010 Too Good To Be True?
10/25/2010 Recession? Not in Washington DC
10/18/2010 For Halloween -- Dressing Up in Down Times
10/11/2010 Beltway Lessons
10/4/2010 Mom 1 Phone Scammer 0
9/27/2010 The American Dream
9/20/2010 Wary of The Technology Aware
9/13/2010 We Can Fix What Ails Us
9/6/2010 Beating Ourselves?
8/30/2010 One Born Every Minute
8/23/2010 Same-Sex Marriage
8/16/2010 Eat Easies -- Coming in 2050?
8/9/2010 Needed -- Plain English
8/2/2010 Spending Cuts? You First
7/26/2010 How To Mooch Off Your Parents In A Down Economy
7/19/2010 Needed Blue-Collar Horse Sense
7/12/2010 Navigating the Second Amendment in Washington DC
7/5/2010 The Case For Marriage
6/28/2010 Necessity Mother of Invention
6/21/2010 The Upside to Hiring Independent Contractors
6/15/2010 For Father's Day -- Saving for a Rainy Day
6/14/2010 Getting Americans Interested in the World Cup
6/7/2010 My Sisters Teach Equality to the Women of Afghanistan
5/30/2010 On Fixer-Uppers
5/24/2010 Sex Harassment for Kids
5/17/2010 Ban The Burger Month
5/10/2010 Hey Big Spenders
5/3/2010 For Mother's Day --Spreading the Art of Laughter
4/26/2010 Food Stamps for College Kids
4/19/2010 Pledge of Allegiance Revised
4/12/2010 Enough Chirping
4/5/2010 Springtime in Washington
3/29/2010 Tan and Tax
3/22/2010 Census 101
3/15/2010 Why We Need More Irish Spirit
3/8/2010 The Right to Cuss
3/1/2010 Expert Advice
2/22/2010 Fun Goes Downhill
2/13/2010 Needed More Snow in Washington DC
2/8/2010 Understanding Presidents Day
1/29/2010 For Groundhog's Day - Interview with Punxsutawney Phil
1/25/2010 Simplifying the Tax Code
1/18/2010 Government Work
1/11/2010 Risks and Frisks
1/4/2010 New Year's Resolutions Fed Style
12/28/2009 New Year's Day -- A Truly Wealthy Man
12/21/2009 Pollution a Solution?
12/14/2009 Praying for a White Christmas
12/7/2009 Soft on Manhood
11/30/2009 Socially Conscious Toys for Tots
11/21/2009 For Thanksgiving - Pass the Civility
11/16/2009 Organ Music
11/8/2009 For Veterans Day -- Real Troop Support
11/2/2009 Bad Idea on Tap
10/26/2009 Halloween Freedom
10/19/2009 Pet Deductions
10/12/2009 Driven to Distraction
10/5/2009 A Deadline Only Mom Could Set
9/28/2009 Walk the Walk? Not for Today's Kids
9/21/2009 Speaking of Lying
9/14/2009 An Over "FED" Mind
9/7/2009 Incivility's Origin
8/31/2009 Better BS Needed
8/24/2009 Menu for Reform
8/17/2009 Don't Go Postal
8/10/2009 Hair Would Be Fair
8/3/2009 Au Revoir USA
7/27/2009 Defending the Bureau of Public Debt
7/20/2009 A Bumper Crop for Barack
7/13/2009 The Bike Jump
7/6/2009 Playboy For Sale
6/29/2009 For The Fourth of July - Eddie Gabor's House
6/22/2009 A Real Clunker
6/15/2009 An End to Buffoonish Fathers
6/8/2009 A Pencil's Point
6/1/2009 Summer Musings
5/25/2009 Stimulus For The Dead
5/18/2009 Unhappiness Is What We Need
5/11/2009 Middle Aged and Annoyed
5/4/2009 For Mother's Day - Thankful for an Unenlightened Mom
4/27/2009 Driving Us to Drink
4/20/2009 Facebook Fatigue
4/13/2009 Pyramid Scheme
4/6/2009 Calling Government Motors
3/30/2009 Fried Green Liberalism
3/23/2009 The Unintended Successes of Big Government
3/16/2009 Religion's Virtue
3/9/2009 St Patrick's Day Sanity
3/2/2009 On Saving Detroit and Muscle Cars
2/23/2009 Botching the Digital Switchover
2/16/2009 Guilt Complex
2/9/2009 Stuck in a SAD State
2/2/2009 The Sister We Left Behind
1/26/2009 Going Deep on the Super Bowl
1/19/2009 Here Come The Food Police
1/12/2009 Dissecting The Obama Signature
1/5/2009 Red Ink Did Me Good
12/29/2008 Home Sweet Heart Home
12/22/2008 The Joke's On Men
12/15/2008 Christmas Memories and Greeting Cards
12/8/2008 Trouble at Sunset Acres
12/1/2008 The Gift of the Magi Revisited
11/24/2008 Giving Thanks
11/17/2008 The Truth about Government
11/6/2008 For Veterans Day -- Tomb of the Unknowns
11/3/2008 A New Investment Strategy
10/27/2008 It's All About the Candy Kids
10/20/2008 Blankity Blank Blanks
10/13/2008 Longing For The Clintons
10/6/2008 Taking Stock of Testosterone
9/29/2008 Government Failure as Usual
9/22/2008 Change We Can Spare
9/15/2008 Campaign Jokes Are Telling
9/8/2008 She's a Pittsburgh Girl
9/1/2008 Me For President
8/25/2008 Grateful For A Do-Nothing Congress
8/18/2008 School Lunch Dough
8/11/2008 Chinese Hot Dogs
8/4/2008 Regulation without Representation
7/28/2008 Shaping Up our Fat Kids
7/21/2008 Fannie Freddie and the Daybed
7/14/2008 Food and Gas Pains
7/7/2008 Gone to the Dogs
6/30/2008 Fourth of July -- A New Declaration of Independence
6/23/2008 Healthy Help Wanted
6/16/2008 Bugged By Global Warming
6/9/2008 For Father's Day - Son of a
6/2/2008 Winning the War on Fat Kids
5/26/2008 SUV For Sale
5/21/2008 For Memorial Day -- Quiet Sacrifice
5/19/2008 Grandpa Shacks Up
5/12/2008 Needed -- Will Rogers
5/7/2008 Mother's Day -- Don't Take Her For Granted
5/5/2008 Banking On Food
4/28/2008 Gross National Happiness
4/21/2008 American as Tag and Dodgeball
4/14/2008 Tortured By Taxes
4/7/2008 Male Alimony
3/31/2008 Old School Values
3/24/2008 Lessons From The Photo Box
3/17/2008 May the Easter Bunny Live
3/10/2008 How Not To Honor St Patrick
3/3/2008 Material Kids
2/25/2008 For The Love of Obama
2/18/2008 SI Gets Semi-Naked
2/11/2008 For Valentine's Day - Wooing The Modern Male
2/4/2008 It's Taxing Without Rudy
1/28/2008 Sub-Prime Illiteracy
1/21/2008 Edison's Dim Bulb
1/14/2008 Why Girl Scout Cookies Must Be Banned
1/9/2008 Moving In The Right Direction
1/7/2008 A Dog Named Abner
12/31/2007 Nature Lessons
12/26/2007 100 Years is Enough For Me Pal
12/24/2007 Cable News Covers the Birth of Christ
12/17/2007 Makeup For Men
12/10/2007 Bickering to Save the Earth
12/3/2007 Beware of the Office Christmas Party
11/26/2007 The Trial of Santa Claus
11/19/2007 A Thankful American
11/12/2007 What Does Hillary Want
11/5/2007 Soaking Taxpayers
10/29/2007 Mother Of All Landlord Taxes
10/22/2007 Contemporary Halloween
10/15/2007 Fred Thompson's Wife
10/8/2007 Tom Brady's Kid
10/1/2007 Health Savings Account Is A Beautiful Thing
9/24/2007 Bullies Technology and Bullets
9/17/2007 Men Women And The Housework Enigma
9/10/2007 Pampered College Kids
9/4/2007 On Rudeness and Miss Manners
8/27/2007 On Handwritten Letters
8/22/2007 On Picnics and Social Connectedness
8/20/2007 On Sailboats and Womens Equality Day
8/13/2007 How Ethanol is Ruining My Social Life
8/6/2007 On Big Families
7/30/2007 Baby Names
7/23/2007 Tapped Out On Bottled Water
7/16/2007 On Big Houses
7/9/2007 My Terrorist Doc
7/2/2007 If Washington Crossed The Delaware in 2007
6/25/2007 Will Rogers on Congress
6/18/2007 Summer Camp
6/13/2007 For Father's Day
6/11/2007 American Morality
6/4/2007 The Ugly Truth
5/29/2007 He's Not a Hitter He's a Baby Sitter
5/23/2007 For Memorial Day - A Veteran's Spirit
5/21/2007 Crying At Work
5/17/2007 If Osama Were to Speak to the Grads
5/14/2007 The Clinton Marriage
5/9/2007 For Mother's Day - A Mother's Determination
5/7/2007 Barbecue Sins
5/2/2007 Exploiting The American Prom
4/30/2007 Uninformed Americans
4/26/2007 The Waltons - Grocery Shopping and Thursday Night
4/23/2007 Distressed - American Sensibility
4/16/2007 Needed - Stereo Console
4/9/2007 Why Spring Taxes Me
4/2/2007 War Games
3/30/2007 Foreclosed Common Sense
3/26/2007 Year 2027 - Designer Babies
3/19/2007 Taxing Quotations
3/12/2007 Needed -- More Irish Humor
3/6/2007 Needed This St. Patrick's Day - Ronald Reagan
3/5/2007 Craving Fame
2/26/2007 Wild Woolly Affair
2/22/2007 Cold Hard Science
2/19/2007 A Clever Tax Scheme
2/12/2007 For Presidents Day - George Washington Makeover
2/7/2007 For Valentine's Day - When There Was Romance
2/5/2007 The Handwriting of Bush Reid and Pelosi
1/29/2007 No Respect No Respect at All
1/26/2007 Why Groundhog Day Should Be Outlawed
1/22/2007 Women Without Husbands
1/19/2007 Privacy What Privacy
1/15/2007 On Meter Maids and Democrats
1/8/2007 My Addiction To Trans Fats
12/31/2006 Another New Year Resolution - Tech Etiquette
12/27/2006 New Year's Resolution - Ownership Society
12/18/2006 Cupcake Ban
12/14/2006 What Kids Really Want For Christmas
12/11/2006 For The Contemporary American Male Man Bag
12/1/2006 Good Grief It's Christmas
11/17/2006 The Real Thanksgiving
11/6/2006 Veterans Day Column - The Veteran's Soul
10/23/2006 Ban On Halloween
10/3/2006 Columbus Day Oct 9th - Exploring Christopher Columbus
9/19/2006 Conspiracy Theory
8/30/2006 Labor Day - I Wish I Were French
8/8/2006 Dinner Bells
6/25/2006 The Fourth Of July - Hot Diggity Dog
6/14/2006 For Father's Day - The Apple Core And The Toilet
5/23/2006 For Memorial Day - Guards of Ageless Honor
5/8/2006 For Mother's Day - Hardest Job of Them All
3/13/2006 The Value Of Irish Humor

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