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Joseph Ford Cotto, 1st Baron Cotto, GCCCR is the editor-in-chief of The San Francisco Review of Books. In the past, he covered current events and style for The Washington Times's Communities section, where he interviewed personalities ranging from Fmr. Ambassador John Bolton to Dionne Warwick. Cotto was also a writer for Blogcritics Magazine and Yahoo's contributor network, among other publications. In 2014, H.M. King Kigeli V of Rwanda bestowed a hereditary knighthood upon him, which was followed by a barony the next year.

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4/2/2017 Britain Takes a Stand for the Idea of Self-Governance
3/15/2017 How a 1960 Paul Newman Film is Relevant to the Refugee Crisis
3/1/2017 Your Right to Burn the Flag
2/22/2017 Washington's Enduring Corruption
2/15/2017 What's Wrong With Teddy Roosevelt's America?
2/7/2017 Leave it to Lovecraft to Explain America
1/31/2017 Donald Trump and the Post-Christian Right
1/23/2017 Race Relations Bogged Down by the Left
1/17/2017 The Quiet Death of an Exiled King
1/10/2017 Time to Revive 1927 Supreme Court Decision
1/3/2017 One Lingering Question Heading into 2017
12/27/2016 For Millions, Christmas Goes On Through January
12/21/2016 A Taboo Christmas Topic: The Historicity of Jesus
12/14/2016 Putting the Zoroaster Back into Christmas
12/6/2016 Would it Matter if Jesus Wasn't Real?
11/29/2016 Is December 25 Really the Birthday of Jesus?
11/23/2016 Land of the Free, Home of the Believers
11/15/2016 Sarah Palin Was Smarter Than the Pollsters
11/9/2016 Trump Win a Crushing Defeat of Globalism
11/1/2016 Hillary's 'Wise Judgment' Claims Reduced to Dust
10/25/2016 Clinton's Tangled Webs in Manhattan and Morocco
10/18/2016 Hillary's Words Don't Match Her Actions
10/11/2016 When Lewd Talk Washes Away Meaningful Facts
10/4/2016 Clinton's Bad Character on Display With Miss Universe
9/28/2016 Hillary's Done Her Fair Share of Lying, Too
9/20/2016 It Seems No One is 'Ready for Hillary'
9/13/2016 The Evolution of Obama's Thoughts on Clinton
9/7/2016 Clinton Wants Voters to Ignore the Facts
8/30/2016 Will Hillary Talk About What Happened in Haiti?
8/23/2016 Why the Media is Biased Against Donald Trump
8/17/2016 Are Hillary Clinton's Policies Patriotic?
8/9/2016 The Rigged Process that Gave Us Hillary
8/2/2016 DNC Hack Reveals a Disdain for Atheism
7/26/2016 Hispanics Don't Back the GOP, but the Reason is Surprising
7/19/2016 Another Week, Another Islamist Terror Attack
7/12/2016 USA Network's Programming Reflects America's Gloom
7/6/2016 America's 14th and 15th Colonies
6/28/2016 'Brexit': What a Real Revolution Looks Like
6/21/2016 Speak the Truth About Militant Islam
6/14/2016 The Long History of Militant Islam
6/7/2016 Is It So Hard To Just Bring People Together?
6/1/2016 William John Howey: A Forgotten American Story
5/24/2016 For Today's Youth, an 1980s Film has the Answers
5/16/2016 Trump, Confederate Flags and Truthfulness
5/10/2016 Militant Fatalism and the 2nd Amendment
5/3/2016 Whatever Happened to Due Process?
4/26/2016 13 Years Later, Reassessing 'Mission Accomplished'
4/20/2016 A Common Misperception About Gun Control
4/12/2016 'Three Generations of Imbeciles are Enough'
4/5/2016 The Big Problem with Generation Y
3/30/2016 A North Virginia House Unfit for a King
3/22/2016 Trump and the Death of Reaganomics
3/15/2016 Ted Cruz Just In It For Himself
3/8/2016 Self-Interest is Ted Cruz's Only Interest
3/1/2016 In Defense of Trump University
2/23/2016 Not Very Christian of Pope Francis
2/16/2016 Scalia's Passing Creates a Quagmire
2/9/2016 Beware the Angry Social Media Mob
2/2/2016 We Could Use Ed Koch Right About Now
1/26/2016 I Like Trump, and So Should You
1/19/2016 Cruz Abandoning His Own Constitutional Values
1/12/2016 The Constitution and Ted Cruz
1/5/2016 Cruz and the Decline of Christian Conservatism
12/29/2015 Time for the GOP to Divorce the Christian Right
12/22/2015 Paul Ryan Needs to Go
12/15/2015 Why Trump's Success Makes Sense
12/8/2015 Christmas No Longer a Religious Holiday
12/1/2015 Romney was Right About Obama Voters
11/24/2015 What Happened to Politicians Like Arlen Specter?
11/17/2015 The Dysfunctional Iowa Caucuses
11/10/2015 Poverty From a Different Point of View
11/3/2015 Socially Radical Republicans Cannot Win
10/27/2015 No Sugarcoating Paul Ryan's History on Immigration
10/20/2015 Could Medicare be Obamacare's Savior?
10/13/2015 Who Exactly is a 'Real' American?
10/6/2015 The Lingering Problem of Race Relations
9/30/2015 Victimhood Takes Hold
9/22/2015 Could Australia Abandon the British Monarchy
9/15/2015 What Happens When Church and State Get Mixed
9/7/2015 Race and the Civil War
9/1/2015 Is Anybody Still Talking About the Tea Party?
8/25/2015 Social Issues Weighing Down Republicans
8/18/2015 A Defense of Stand Your Ground
8/11/2015 Conservatives Are From Mars, Liberals Are From Venus
8/4/2015 Why is Trayvon Still Considered a Hero?
7/28/2015 Manti Te'o and the Threat of Online Relationships
7/24/2015 Intelligence in 21st Century America
7/15/2015 Fight Over Confederate Flag Light on Facts
7/7/2015 Finding a Balance on Legal Abortion
6/30/2015 Political Correctness and the Confederate Flag
6/22/2015 Time to Reconsider Going to College?
6/16/2015 Past the Left-Right Divide, Real Issues Persist
6/8/2015 Congress Should Focus on Contracting Reform
6/2/2015 Seeking a New Normal on Abortion
5/27/2015 Preventing Amnesty Gone Wild
5/20/2015 Abortion as an Issue in 2016
5/12/2015 Remember Kermit Gosnell? Probably Not
5/5/2015 Tough Times for Christian Conservatives
4/28/2015 Will GOP Learn a 'Legitimate Rape' Lesson?
4/21/2015 Hillary Voters Should Remember the 'B' Word
4/14/2015 For Republicans Lessons from 2012
4/7/2015 Marco Rubio: Style Over Substance
3/31/2015 Zimmerman Prosecutor Feeling the Heat in Florida
3/24/2015 Science and Political Correctness
3/17/2015 Taking a Second Look at Marco Rubio
3/10/2015 The Immortality of Andrew Breitbart
3/4/2015 The Legacy of Hugo Chavez
2/24/2015 Altruism No Substitute for Helping Yourself
2/17/2015 Who Was Joe Paterno?
2/10/2015 Southern Inhospitality: HIV in Dixie
2/3/2015 Thinking Conservatively on School Choice
1/27/2015 On Race, the Left Should Look in the Mirror
1/20/2015 How Neocons Hacked the Conservative Movement
1/13/2015 America is Becoming a Welfare State
1/6/2015 Discrimination Alive and Well in Academia
12/30/2014 Should Politicians Be Sworn in on the Bible?
12/24/2014 Who Cares About America?
12/16/2014 Few People Truly Understand Hanukkah
12/11/2014 Is Being Selfish Really Such a Bad Thing?
12/1/2014 Judgements on Race and Fashion
11/25/2014 Death of a President
11/18/2014 Midterm Elections and The Great Gatsby
11/11/2014 Party of the 99 Percent Undone by Limousine Liberals
11/4/2014 Right, Left and Today's Political Parties
10/28/2014 GOP's Biggest Problem? Multiculturalism
10/21/2014 Is Gay Marriage Good or Bad for America?
10/14/2014 The Only Color that Matters is Green
10/7/2014 Human Intelligence: Nature vs Nurture
9/30/2014 Gun Control has Vanished Without a Trace
9/23/2014 China's One-Child Policy is Destroying America
9/16/2014 A Rational (and Conservative) View of Abortion
9/9/2014 Proof 'Hip Hop Conservatism' is a Loser
9/2/2014 Ferguson and 'A Clockwork Orange' America
8/26/2014 Labor Day: A Historical Perspective
8/19/2014 White vs. Black is Too Simple
8/12/2014 Many American Jews Don't Support Israel
8/5/2014 Americans Love Downton Abbey but Not Real Monarchy
7/29/2014 Religious Bigotry is a Big Problem in the Military
7/22/2014 Catholic Charities Taking Money from Obama to Help Illegal Aliens
7/16/2014 Americans are Losing Their Faith in Religion
7/8/2014 America Suddenly Dreaming Small
7/1/2014 Shattering the American Dream
6/24/2014 The Republican Party is in Serious Trouble
6/17/2014 Will Republicans Learn the Real Lesson of Cantor's Loss
6/10/2014 It's Hard to Find Honor in American Politics
6/4/2014 Social Conservatism Lost in 2012 and Will Lose in November

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